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10 September 2001 Rachael Leigh Cook vs Parker Posey

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“Little but B.A.D.”




Posted by Simguy on 9/.10/2001, 5:48 pm.

Before: Posey agreeing to a lot just to get Rachael in the ring--Cook not just a veteran inside the ring--she and her people know how to write a contract as well. Parker looking to take the RLC route to success, traveling a well-worn road, but Rachael Leigh’s never gone down easy, and a same day weigh-in sees Parker struggle to make the contracted weight on her third attempt. White pale blue bikini, hot pink bikini for taller Posey.

During R1: Posey runs into a buzz-saw early as cook flails away with mostly slapping, but sometimes stinging wide lefts and rights. Parker p can’t handle the pace--she’s getting buffed up, frozen on her heels as gloves spank away at her stunned face--bigger girl unhurt, but not quite sure how to get off--breezy first round shutout Cook.

R2: RLC’s plan is obvious--keep something on Posey at all times--bigger redhead can’t get off and can’t get away from the powder-puff beating. Midway through, Cook starting to get closer, shorten up her swings and label jaw with her body behind some clubbing right hands--Posey forced to step back in shock as Rachael tunes her up. Posey moving her hands without a plan late, but gets on bard at least as the girls stand and trade like a couple of wafer-thin tough women at the bell.

R3: More of the same--Cook coming out with dark eyes flashing, taking it to Posey with every bit of sock in that little brunette frame, blustering and bluffing Posey to the ropes as the redhead covers and waits for openings. Towards the end of the round, Cook’s arms start to drag--Posey can trade whenever Rachael’s frenetic pace ebbs, but it’s too little to win the round.

R4: Rachael slapping and cuffing her foe, but setting down on hard right hands in close that have Posey staggered o occasion. Parker without the sense to clinch or use her size properly--she stands in front of Rachael, covered up and letting the pint-sized slugger lather away to steal these rounds, Again, some offense late from Posey, but her left eye’s starting to look angry and she’s been shaken up on occasion by Cook’s determined overhand right.

R5: Cook a house on fire, backing Posey up with flailing overhand lefts and rights, then chopping at the body with shorter, straighter lefts and rights, palms down as Rachael pumps’em in. Posey seated on the ropes baring her teeth in frustration--every time she opens up, her face takes a pushing, slapping, clapping fusillade from the pulsing brunette.

R6: Rachael pushing her foe downhill, stampeding Posey psychologically with the nonstop, whirling assault. More chopping straight rights o the breasts and body seem to finally have Parker hurting and Rachael’s able to step in with that short right hand, bending her body into the punch to set double P reeling along the ropes, Furious flurry late, Rachael’s gloves bouncing off her huddled foes arms, gloves and body, force Posey to take a knee under the sheer volume of abuse.. Cook howling in derision, steps forward to press her thighs against Parker’s face, pushing the redhead to her backside as the ref steps in.

R7: Posey fades to the ropes, still gritting her teeth, look like she WANTS to punch,  but doesn’t have the skills to time the busy cook. Rachael having her way, now turning over her punches to go underhanded at her  girl’s body, crumpling Posey forward and leaving her exposed to hammer fist blows to her back--Cook fouling hard with the sides of her hands as Posey continues to break down.

R8: Cook finally showing signs of fatigue, clearly brushed after an insane tempo through 8. Parker able to get some things done. A rudimentary jab, looking like she just learned the punch, makes an appearance, pushing Rachael’s head to the side and forcing the brunette outside. Parker coming forward for the first time in the bout, following the jab with an awkward pitching right hand, but Cook is clinching after solid connects. Round to Posey.

R9: More tired circling with tactical clinching from Cook--more sporadic one-twos from Posey as Rachael finds herself in the end of the taller girl’s punches more often. Cook able to sail in with the overhand right to ring Parker up--round goes as a draw,

R10: Cook scoring with a series of wind up and hurl overhand rights, drives parker senseless to the ropes and the beat down is on. Little brunette has enough for a finishing kick--she lays into Posey with all her weight forward, chugging and churning away as the redhead lolls helplessly against the ropes. Final moments some of the best of  Rachael Leigh’s career--Posey frozen, hands down, stares blankly at her tormentress as Cook belts away with lefts and rights, stroking either jaw line. Posey vibrating at the bell, beaten into a stupor by Rachael’s stubborn ferocity at the bell. Comes back a wide UD10 Rachael Leigh Cook.

After: Bit of an upset--Cook’s never done well against bigger girls, but allowed to be the aggressor, she put enough pressure on parker to control the novice in her FCBA debut. Posey stunned in defeated--she had widely predicted victory in glorious fashion after claiming the farcical “Josie and the Pussycats” catfight was due to the fact that Rachael couldn’t handle anything more physical in rehearsal. Resounding drubbing probably the highwater mark of Cook’s career--she can’t wipe the beaming smile off her face in the ring afterwards.

Reposted by Archer 9/21/10.

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