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10 November 2001 Natalie Portman vs Parker Posey

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Posted by Simguy on 11/10/2001, 10:14 am.

Before: Portman bold in preflight, “I’m never getting punked out again,” her familiar refrain. Nevertheless Posey being careful after a rude introduction to professional celebrity prize fighting--no doubt Natalie’s been chosen for the express purpose of putting a W on parker’s chart. Posey edgy in fishnet stockings to black panties, black push up bra, Portman in purple bra and panties, white lace trim, hair wet and back.

During R1: Parker feeling Natalie put with intermittent jabs early, grows increasingly confident to the point where she’s leaning in with her chin, wailing away wide to the body as Portman covers up and takes, Posey just banging out the shutout, beating Portman along the ropes--big smile parker as she bounces to her corner after 3 breezy minutes of fighting.

R2: Posey wading in, slinging her mitts out wide, hacking at Natalie’s slender sides while keeping her face inches away from the brunette’s. Portman tightly covered up, wilting under the assault, but occasionally able to nudge or slap at Parker’s available jaw with little counter uppercuts or hooks out of her guard. Down the stretch, Posey’s wailing attack pays off as Natalie opens up and catches a clocking left clean on the mouth-Portman reeling into the ropes and Posey finishes with a brutal flurry--wide left hooks, straight right hands on the button to the bell.

R3: Posey free and easy--letting her hands go, rampaging up and down Portman’s frame--wide punching breaking little Nat down, beating her n a wandering path around the ring., Natalie punching back, but her timings off--once again Posey nails Portman a hook as Nat loads up and DOWN GOES NATALIE! Portman rolling to her back as Posey grins down, gives a little yelp of pleasure at the sight. Portman takes 8, trembling, but game to continue. Nat digs in at the ropes to receive Posey’s charge--redhead obliges by squaring up, putting her face against Natalie’s guard and slamming away wide lefts and rights to the waist and trunks. Portman cringing, busted up at the bell as Parker  takes a moment to appreciate her handiwork.

R4: Funny thing happens on the way to the beat down--Portman catches a second wind as Parker starts to blow, and Natalie turns the fight around. Face on face--Posey not using her height and Natalie is able to wail at the waist with the same batting, lashing lefts and rights that Parker had used. Posey moving ground and midway through the round, parker pulls back, hands down and catches a seeping Portman hook hard across the chops. POSEY’S HURT! Parker draped helplessly at the ropes, eyes wide, hands low as Portman steps in and helps herself to face with huge, gob smacking swings. Parker’s legs quiver but don’t give--she stumbles sideways to a corner, covers up and survives the round as Natalie’s fists splash recklessly against shoulders and gloves at the bell. Portman fused with blood lust, bumps chest and gets “big” on Parker,l forcing eye contact as the ref takes a hand.

R5: Natalie taking a page out of Rachael Leigh’s book, crumpling Posey with tough trunk punching with both hands--Parker sinking into the ropes ashen-faced as Portman plunders down low. Natalie stepping with her girl an clocking away, practically leaving her feet to pull wild punches into the starry-eyed redhead. Posey numb, shaken up--takes a bludgeoning shutout and once again suffers Portman taunting at the bell.

R6: Portman’s ferocity starts to abate--two tired little sluggers lay in close and start to get choosy--each working out of the clinch, taking turns wide to the hips, hugging up, occasionally jamming the odd uppercut in close. Girls trade liberally south of the border--each hunching up in tired hurt, then issuing pay back in kind as they continue to loll about in one another’s arms.

R7: More of the increasingly exhausted, hamfisted slugging, sweaty clinching, staggering waltzing around the ring. Posey refusing to box or use her natural advantages--Portman laying in with a slightly bigger woman--both women paying the proce for fighting difficult fights. Portman’s back touches the ropes in the final minute--Posey probably pulls it pout with late chugging punches, wide lefts and rights to the body at the bell.

R8: Portman seems to crawl back on top as the girls continue to lay in face to face, eyes closed, mouths pouted open--each just licking an slinging away blind downstairs, or jamming infrequent uppercuts to slack chins inside. Legs are trembling as the girls tumble along the ropes, neither wanting to part long enough to explore an angle or technique--it’s just agonizing, in your trunks brawling as elbows, subtle head butting and rubbing join low-blowing on the menu.

R9: More senseless brawling--girls thinking nothing of punching each other in headlocks, lacing each other in the clinch--ref constantly pushing the girls apart only see them fall back in like they have no other choice but to savage one another. Almost impossible to score--girls burble along the ropes, twisting each other into the strands, struggling and mugging from corner to corner.

R10: Parker breaks Natalie’s heart at last with an exhausted series of batting left hands to the trunks--Portman gives a weepy sob and sinks into the ropes, finally just covering up and letting Parker get off. Posey snarling, summoning enough reserves to slap and clang away--sloppy wide lefts and rights splatter against Natalie’s back as she leans too far forward. Or beat the girl straight back into the ropes when she leans too far back. Posey’s breath coming in ragged gasps as she works away--bell comes as a relief to both participants in what turns out to be a wild, life and death struggle Comes back UD10 Park Posey as Natalie Portman’s face twists in bitter disappointment.

After: Posey takes a shocked and resentful Natalie Portman for a walk of shame,  then makes a show of “banishing” the princess from the ring after a fight that saw Portman arguably give her finest performance. Posey’s inexperience shines through as she takes her early superiority for granted and simply looked to roll Natalie up with mindless punching; “I got excited,” Parker explains in the ring, “I was hurting her with everything and I really wanted to knock her out, and I got careless. I have to use my jab, use my legs, and use my savvy in there: most of these girls are halfwits, lets face it, I don’t need to sink to their level.” All talk of Posey/Danes quietly backburnered for the nonce--Parker really needs wallop a junior flyweight name first.

Reposted by Archer 9/21/10.

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