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3 October 2008 Sarah Michelle Gellar vs Christina Ricci

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Posted by Simguy on 10/3/2008, 7:31 am.

Before: Ricci in the best shape of her life, brawny little tyro having fun posing muscular for photo shoots--aggressively chesting into Sarah and causing sparks throughout preflight. “I can’t wait,: Christina enthuses at the podium/ “Sarah’s a banged up old hag who’s basically here to get me to the next level. No disrespect, but Gellar’s body has been through the wringer in the last few years: mine is all retooled, reconditioned and rarin’ to go, Chris Ricci’s back fellahs: I’m diggin’ my way top the top!” Gellar non-plussed--she’s been hearing about demise ever since Kristen Bell first showed up on “Veronica Mars”. “Ricci’s always had tremendous potential,” Sarah admits, “potential that somehow never seems to make it out of training camp, She’ll get in with me and freeze--then I’ll take her part. She’s looking strong and beefy--which is good. Hopefully she can hang around for a few rounds, maybe she’ll learn something.” Ricci in midnight blue bikini; small white workout gloves; short blonde ponytail very slick and tight. Sarah in white bikini; dark tan; small black workout gloves; slick ponytail.

During R1: Ricci scoots to midring, engaging Sarah as Gellar’s forming up. Brisk two-way tic-tac-toe--girls taking turns bouncing leather off toned bodies in rousing early trade. Same approach--girls bobbing on the spot--weaving in close to get off snappy--covering up and bobbing ass her opponent answers. Ricci getting much the better of it--digging brawny double hooks in under Sarah’s ribs; scoring with stubby, straight combinations to Gellar’s head. Sarah wobbling away from a hook to her chin at the minute mark. Down the stretch--an exchange of furious body and head shots sees Sarah’s knees dip, then straighten: she steps away, taking a dizzy knee as Ricci stoops forward, shouting “YAH!”

R2: Similar, high-octane, crowd-pleasing trade, Girls bobbing in close, digging and snatching away brisk: once again Ricci’s heavy little hands clearly getting the better of exchanges. After a minute of pummeling give and take--Sarah’s starting to step out, circle around: little mouse already forming under her left eye. Ricci walking Sarah down with a little smile--Chrissy’s only thought is to close and work. Sarah craftier down the stretch--introducing Ricci to a pesky little jab: sidestepping Ricci to turn her. Chris still dominant, bnut main force blunted as Sarah become elusive late.

R3: Sarah using her legs--she’s patting Ricci down with jabs, rotating left--keeping Chris off balance, Ricci loading up, trying to hurt Sarah, but punching while out of position: Sarah scoring with nimble little straight rights or crisp one-twos up the middle. Gellar’s punching brisk, accurate--overall volume for both girls is down as Sarah picks her spots to antagonize Ricci rather than lathering away with her toe to toe.

R4: Ricci dipping forward behind her gloves: Sarah finds her with a licking right uppercut, bingo on the chin. Chrissy’s hurt--stumbling forward momentarily buzzed: Sarah sidesteps to her right, then edges in to hook Ricci’s breasts--forcing her to ropes. Sarah pounces: flurries briskly to jug, then pushes in with her left shoulder/open right hand to smother the receipts. Gellar pushes off, flurries--then pushes in left shoulder/right hand--pressing Ricci to ropes. Chris dumbfounded--not getting off: she’s a different girl when she’s not coming forward. Sarah in and out--lathering briskly about Christina’s noggin and jugs, then smothering her: canny Gellar offense puts hurt on Chris while keeping Sarah relatively safe.

R5: Christina undaunted: she spits her own stubby jab, renegotiates midring, fights Sarah to s standstill. Resumption of that crisp-smacking tic-tac-toe as the girls dip in close, dig at each other then cover up to receive. Furious stuff--small mitts bouncing off taut little bods; the occasional penetrative chin-check knocking either head back at times. Final minute--Sarah starts to give--stepping back from Ricci’s blunt little punches. Chris walks Sarah down--hands at her chest as she bobs and crouches, then smiles as she tucks tough hooks into Sarah’s quivering belly.

R6: Gellar walks Ricci into that pinpoint counter right uppercut early--sidestepping as a stunned Christina stumbles face-first to ropes. Surprisingly tentative follow up for Gellar: she attempts to flurry upon Chrissy’s breasts, but eats a ringing hook--Sarah backs off gets on her bicycle,. Stunned, Ricci nevertheless goes over to offense--walking Sarah down as Gellar keeps her distance, content with the points.

R7: Ricci closes aggressively, outjabs Gellar with that stubby poke, then engages her. Sarah grimacing--rolling shots with her fists at her temples: Ricci’s digging, chopping assault to the body starting to visibly impair Sarah’s movement. Gellar standing in front of Chris, bobbing and waving on the spot: Ricci dipping in close, ripping either hand to her toe’s tanned ribs, firm tummy, juicy jugs, Sarah pawing or slapping back--not doing much to discourage Chris: it’s a heartfelt beating, Ricci to Sarah. Final moments--Sarah eases herself to her right knee--face flushed, lips pursed as she breathes hard. Ricci brightens, struts to neutral corner well pleased with herself.

R8: Sarah plays bait-and-switch--luring Ricci forward, potshot ting her, then sidestepping her--all over the ring, Christina crouching forward, getting pre-empted, vexed, then turned--she’s a willing accomplice--just following Sarah around the ring, Gellar pinging away--cute lead right hands off the front (left) foot, or check hooks off the back (right) foot--then nimble escapes: she breezes to am much needed shutout round.

R9, 10: Gellar on her hobbyhorse--legs the ring, feints, shimmies--uses every trick in her boxing book to shake Christina’s pursuit, Ricci frustrated time and again--unable to get position, get close and get off the way she wants. Sarah pinpricking with jabs; potshotting lead rights and hooks; countering sneaky right uppercuts, Gellar scoring, then scooting--never letting Ricci set up comfortable. Chris never hurt, but rarely effective--she can’t cut off the ring, can’t engage Sarah consistently: Gellar floats to breezy shutout heats to close out the fight, Comes back a Tractorpull Special: Draw!

After: Gellar comes off the canvas twice to paint a minor defensive masterpiece--painting the black on Ricci to answer Christina’s brisk, jolting sock. Christina fuming, pacing her corner, hands on hips--frustrating to be the stronger vixen and get yourself bamboozled. Gellar renews her lapsed “Sorceress” credentials; she’s been involved in so many donnybrooks that people tend to forget she’s a slick little boxer when she wants to be.

Reposted by Archer 10/4/10.

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