3 October 2008 Kim Kardashian vs Allison Mack



Posted by Simguy on 10/4/2008, 7:26 am.

Before: “I just want a quick, clean knockout,” Allison says, Laying out her objectives for Kim. “I’m not looking for rounds--I wan precision and focus fro myself. There’s no reason why Kim should last with me, and I’m determined not to let her.” Kardashian unconcerned, blowing off Allison’s fearsome rep at bantam. “I’ll blow this girl ionto her back,” Kim predicts with a grin. “Nobody in this division punches like I do--including Allison. One hit and I’ll be moving on to bigger and better while blondie will be wondering where her so-called career went!” Kim in mauve bikini; black gloves, Allison in black cotton jockey two piece; black gloves.

During R1: Kim right hand at hip, left hand up like she’s holding a hammer--pawing out her jab in amateurish fashion. Mack right at chin, left at shoulder--scooting around the ring as she circles flat footed Kim. Mack in with the jab: stiff, rifling poke off the shoulder--thumping into the thick if Kim’s cleavage--doubling it up while pivoting left. Kim grunting, turning, taking two more rigid jug-jabs as Allison ranges in. Mack spends a minute on Kim’s breasts--jabbing tough, stepping ‘round--blonde methodically touching brunette into compliance as Kim grudgingly starts to cover up. With Kimmie’s hands up--Allison starts working that cushy paunch: muscular rights and lefts cuff ar the mound, cramping Kim up. With Kardashian immobile--Allison works up-torso--smashing at flanks and biceps with short, pulverizing combinations, Kim backing up as Mack’s getting healthy: final minute sees blonde bull brunette to ropes. All Allison to the bell: she square away on Kim, gets to work on her arms in earnest, systematically beating down the guard, Final moments see Allison land her first clean right hands short n’ crisp to chin: Kardashian gobbling--hands out-thrust to ward off punishment--head turned to the side, eyes closed as she squeals in protest. Shutout Alli Mack: blonde hard-eyed, all business stomping back to her corner.

R2: Allison scoot-steppin’ early, very quick and nimble about her business, Mack working jug via stiff-pump jabs--also dipping down to jab plush stomach. Allison hooking ribs off the jab--pivoting left ‘round the hook: everything humming along until Kimmie unleashes a crazy right roundhouse halfway through. Mack clapped to the jaw as she’s moving to her left: legs spasm--she staggers out of it, righting herself to earmuff as Kardashian comes jiggling in. Kimmie splashing onto Mack, bodying her to ropes:: brunette smothering her own attack in her exuberance to pile on. Girls wrestle in close--stunned Mack with the presence of mind to tie up head-and-left-arm on Kim: Kardashian teeth bared as she slaps right hands against Allison’s firm ribcage until ref’s break. Resume--Allison buzzed, wide-eyed--she gets to steppin’--spitting out stubby poke straight from the shoulder as she backpedals/sidesteps. Kim charging forward--jugs a-jumpin’: she’s too reckless and wild--easily out maneuvered as Allison gets her legs back.

R3: Allison recovers: she scoots-to, immediately wins initiative with that stubby, stiff banging jab. Allison humbling Kardashian’s rack with pounding poke--blonde doubling it up, sidestepping left as Kardashian gnashes teeth in frustration. Minute mark--Kim in with a WILD over hand right: Allison ducks it, slips inside, hook to the midsection shakes Kim up--Alli getting it of the front foot, Alli shifts weight to back (right) foot, pulling the hook across Kimmie’s chin, swiveling brunette head. Kardashian in swoon--hands out from her body, eyelashes fluttering. Allison reloads, leans in a gorgeous right cross off her left foot; steps forward onto right foot and leans into a left cross--pounding her fists off Kim’s drowsy face. Kardashian instantly limp--sprawls to her back, hands up above her head as her jugs slosh to a stop moments thereafter. KO3 in shattering fashion--Allison Mack.

After: Mission accomplished: Mack feels Kim’s stroke, shakes it off and gets the job done crisp-n’-quick. “I didn’t want to beat her down,” Allison reveals in post fight. “Normally, my strategy is to break girls down systematically, take away first their ability to resist, then their will--but that wasn’t necessary in Kim’s case. We saw how wide open and unschooled she is, and my guys all insisted that I push to excuse her as quickly as possible. I did, and I’m glad: stopping tramps is FUN!”

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