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3 October 2008 Neve Campbell vs Jennie Garth

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Posted by Simguy on 10/3/2008, 7:32 am.

Before: Hard feelings between these two, with Jennie having won their last encounter. “I beat Neve,” Jennie reminds the press in preflight. “DECISIVELY--AGAIN--yet when she somehow becam3e champ--I couldn’t get a call through to her; It was all ‘Neve doesn’t fight gatekeepers’, or ‘Neve’s only interested in big fights’--as though I don’t draw. You’re dam right I didn’t get a title shot. All because Neve couldn’t get over her anxiety about me.” Campbell ill-amused: antipathy towards Jennie well documented--Garth just isn’t a name on Neve’s wish list. “I need to answer a loss,” Neve shrugs by way of explanation, “that’s the only reason I’d give Jennie Garth two seconds of my time. She got by me--it happens--it needs to be addressed, but when I take care of business this time? I don’t want to hear from her again. I haven’t fought the wars I have to get bogged down with a Jennie Garth at this stage of my career. I’ll just say it: she’s second tier; I’m elite class, and she’s going to learn the difference in this fight.” Jennie in purple bikini; sporty ponytail with messy bangs; black gloves. Neve in black bikini; black gloves; hair in ponytail with bangs framing face.

During R1: Neve sets a bruising pace--quickly at Jennie and working her. Garth assuming V guard: hands either side her face, elbows together beneath her breast--fronting up on Neve, absorbing blows. Campbell getting off smoothly--triggering abrupt one-twos up top, finishing the delay-action hook thick in Jennie’s waist. Neve unable to penetrate the V up top, but punishing Jennie’s biceps, and the hook is bouncing off ribs and waist clean. Bell to bell Neve, punching a sturdy Jennie ‘round the ring: questionable strategy for Garth early.

R2: Garth more active, engaging Neve midring. Neither girl any cuter than she has to be: it’s all about closing, setting feet, getting off hefty. Both girls show dukes-up guard--bumping forearms together as they take urns. Tummies are there for both girls; both snatching at paunch via swiping hooks. Both adept at blocking shots up top--not a lot  getting through clean--both but having partial success with little mitt-splitting uppercuts shrugged in close. Pleasing toe-top-toe, hard working round: Neve’s heavier hands, louder body shots probably enough to secure it for her.

R3: Jennie the first ton introduce a little lateral movement, sliding ‘round Neve’s right shoulder after pumping jabs up the middle: Campbell dukes-at-brows blocks, turns patiently. Garth exploring Neve with short left uppercuts inside, scraping at the guard--then looking for quick hook/right hand chopping combos in close. Garth sidestepping after deploying, showing angles: Neve unhurt, but output dropping: it’s  the first round in which she’s outworked.

R4: Persistence pays off for Jennie--she’s getting off on Neve midring, finally prying apart Campbell’s sturdy guard, picking up her chin a hard left uppercut, then hook/crossing brunette onto her heels. Neve rocked--eyes wide: she ducks low as jennie swishes away side to side, buffeting Campbell’s head and shoulders. Garth marching forward, digging hooks underneath as Neve;s stooped forward: Campbell absorbs, then erupts from her crouch, HOOKING JENNIE’S CHIN! Big clapping blast--head-swivel Jennie: GARTH GOES DOWN! Spluttering knockdown--chin-shocked Jennie stumbling forward before clattering to all fours: Neve with a quick glance down before walking businesslike to neutral corner. Resume--neither lass over-eager as both are rocked: methodical block-and-bang punching resumes midring. Garth keeping the jab on Neve’s guard--Campbell covered up, trying to crouch forward, but getting picked over as Jennie maintains distance, extending on one-twos to bell. Garth able to convert a 10-8 to 10-9 by virtue of having Campbell hurt and hesitate before and after the knockdown.

R5: Neve bobbing her way forward. Fists at temples: Jennie hanging back, pumping stick, sidestepping left. Garth initiating the exchanges--diligently hammering away one-two at prepared defences; mopping up delay-action hooks thick in Neve’ paunch. Left uppercut continues to be there for Jennie--she leans in close to get it snug, just shrugging it in, picking Neve up, then pivoting left around the chin-check. Campbell falling off the pace: Jennie doing a nice job working either side of Neve’s ribcage and both arms with numbing wallop. Garth not the heaviest hitter Neve’s faced--but there’s a smartness, a business to her work that’s having an effect.

R6: Neve out-bangs Jennie--girls more or less toe-to-toe throughout, bumping guards and getting off. Neve busier, more aggressive, taking he fight to Jennie. Blonde backing up now, frowning: Neve’s punishing Garth’s biceps and flanks, stepping in with hearty behind that rigid guard: she’s taking canvas away from Jennie, walking her down, steadily beating her up through 6.

R7: Neve with HUGE body shots--popping her hips-right, batting in straight-arm hooks against Jennie’s waist: big, thumping blasts; Neve’s arms shivering on contact as grunting Jennie stoops forward behind her mitts, taking. Campbell loving the wallop, but gets a little careless with her right hand: it’s down around her chest when Jennie erupts from her crouch, hooking the taste out of Campbell’s mouth. Neve stunned, stampin’ in fence post holes when Jennie reloads, clips the bright uppercut/left hook combo, swiveling Neve’s head and PUTTING NEVE DOWN! Campbell stumbling to a seat, shaking her head in wonder--crafty Jennie stalks past all smoky-eyed, assessing Neve’s remaining reserves. Campbell beats the count blinking--she covers up, eases herself back into ropes; Jennie moves in big-girl. Little does of a poor-man’s Lilly here: Jennie strong on her girl--palming Neve’s broad shoulders to stabilize, then digging up into her with rising lefts and rights. Campbell’s lungs drummed, breasts humbled as Jennie dips-n’-digs effectively. Not enough to get Neve off her feet, but at the bell, Campbell’s mouth breathing, grimacing from good solid Jennie. “That fee; like a second tier beating to you?” Garth asks as she’s pushing off her foe--ref moving in quickly as Neve’s cheeks get hot.

R8: Garth changing tactics: she’s been playing hit-and-scoot to some extent; switches to punch-n’-clutch to run out the clock. Jennie in behind her jab, then reaching to tie up: Neve in there squirming, wrestling Jennie off her stance--two very strong-legged girls jostling for position. Campbell looking for a swatting decoy left hand on Jennie’s ear, followed promptly by the savage ripping left hook to the liver. Garth absorbing several of these cruel strokes--blonde’s lips curling off her teeth as he grimaces, ties up. Jennie’s output dropping as she attempts to bog Neve down: Campbell depositing several blockbuster left hands in Jennie’s liver region, has blonde backing up in the clinches.

R9: Same again--Jennie jabbing Neve, then reaching to tie up behind her elbows; reaching in under Neve’s arms to hug. Campbell pushing into blonde swamp, but struggling effectively for punching room. Neve always very difficult to control in the grasp--she’s muscling Jennie around, bumping her off, tucking in hooks downstairs. Garth tiring, getting used up by the constant grind of her own choosing-she’s too tired now to resume her effective lateral movement of the earlier rounds. Down the stretch, with Jennie already drained--Neve cuffs a left to the ear, buries the left downstairs and JENNIE GOES DOWN!! Garth crumpling upon receipt of the liver shot--face twisted in agony: she backs away, hugging herself and sinks to her right knee, tears welling. Crowd roaring to its feet as Neve d digs for a hardworking late knockdown--former champ breathing heard herself glaring down as she measures what’s left of Jennie.

R10: Jennie back off the canvas like a champ herself--still no lateral movement, but she’s moving her hands, out hustling Neve early. Campbell ear muffed up, tilting into Jennie’s cuffs and clouts about head and shoulder: Campbell buffeted, then answering--usually via hooks to ribs. waist, Jennie teeth bared in exhaustion, but she’s working hard: middle minute sees her tidy up Neve’s breasts, then dig reprisal hooks into Neve’s waist, backing Campbell up. Jennie stepping-with, continuing to fight off Neve’s chest: she’s clipping Campbell little left uppercuts, picking up brunette chin. Neve firms in third minute--refusing to retreat one more step: she edges her left shoulder into Jennie, nudges her off with the extended left elbow, hooks her without pity about jugs and waist. Hammer and tongs to the bell--Garth digging in, fighting Neve shoulder to shoulder and probably scrounging out the 10th. Comes back UD10...Neve Campbell.

After: Drained vixens standing either side of red as Neve’s hand is raised. Jennie hollow-eyed, face grimly expressionless: she may well have lost this fight down the stretch, going to war tummy to tummy with Neve. Campbell weary, but very happy--very important for former champ to come back from the Lilly beating with a win over credible comp. “Believe it or not, there was a ton of pressure on me tonight,” Neve says in post fight. “If I’d lost again, I’d be down huge against Garth, and more or less committed to campaign against her or admit that she had my number. You guys (indicating the press) would’ve been all over me, saying I was shot after Lilly--I know a lot of you already had those stories penciled in. Well, I handled Jennie’s business--on legs that absorbed everything Evangeline had to throw at me--so I’m pretty happy with my effort tonight.”

Reposted by Archer 10/8/10.

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