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26 September 2010 Jessica Biel vs Jennifer Garner

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Special Boxing on the Beach: (Hawaii)




Posted by simguy on 9/26/2010, 4:23 pm


BEFORE: Sunny Hawaii the site of this beach epic: rare A-list vacation battle under a tropical sun. "Ah, Jennifer," Jessica shakes her head in amusement. "I love that I was the girl who came in and stopped Jen's forward momentum at the height of her career. I described the limits to Jen's ambition: she knew that Biel was as far as she could go, which turned Theron/Garner into a battle of also-rans. And that was when she was at her peak - NOW, I'm just revisiting old stomping grounds. Gonna be fun!" Garner well aware of Jessica's very public opinion: Jen looking to throw the shackles off. "Biel's always been cocky," Jen says in prefight, "TOO cocky for her own good. She likes to think that she came along and cut me down to size, but I don't remember it that way. If she's so good, she won't mind reminding me." Jen in conservative black bra style bikini; black gloves; hair tied back off her face with little crown braid. Jess in electric blue Stealth bikini; white gloves. Ring posts set up directly on sand; showers in either corner to keep the girls cool between rounds (clever wooden drainage grates in the corners prevent too much mud from being showered up). Both fighters take a good dousing to enter the fight wet. CAMP NOTE: Bit of a role-reversal as Laura V's the experienced sand battler, Garner not so much - Laura jogging the beach with Jen under sweltering temps; playing outdoor posts and La Conquista with Jen to get her acclimated. By the third week, Jen's dominating the exercises, but it's a rude transition to heat/humidity as Laura has her way until then!

During R1: Girls swish together on sand, start whacking away shoulder-to-shoulder. Leather smacking out loud on wet, toned bodies: girls in fighting crouches, taking turns on each other's flanks/tummies. Biel getting the better of it - bouncing her hands off left flank/tummy in rapid right/lefts - shouldering Jen back a step - walking her down. Garner eventually pushed into ropes: she covers up earmuff, sponging as Jess cleans up thick n' methodical. Bell: Biel with a wink and a smirk, sends Jen back to her corner well trounced. Girls shower up during the break, their hands on top ropes in the corner, heads bowed to take water on backs of necks.

R2: Girls swish together, but Jen sets the table with a stiff jab in Jessi's mouth, getting her to cover up: Garner tart to body right/left. Jen using her left shoulder in Jessi's tits, nudging her back, hooking her waist/clouting her ear right hands. Jen muscles Jess to ropes, pays back every single punch owed as Biel covers up earmuff, suffering to the body. Bell: Garner pushes up off all big girl - Jess takes exception, pushing Jen - ref intervenes as tempers flare.

R3: Pendulum swings back the other way: now it's all Biel. Right/lefts bouncing off Jen's sturdy/wet flank/tummy - tuff shoulder-bump gets Jen backpedalling, Jess walking her down. Ropes: Jen covers up, stoops forward off ropes behind her mitts - lips parted as she sponges another thudding beat down. Biel's back shredding up muscular under the sun - she's in there snug - bumping Jen shoulders, working her stomach, punishing her breasts, bossing her around. Bell: Biel smug, pursing lips and making faces; Jen palms Jessi's face to push her away - ref rushes in as wildcat brawling ensues. Showers all around for the break - girls muttering curses as they cool down.

R4: Same again - all Biel getting off, bossing Jen around, owning her against ropes. Tuff minutes for Jen: she's covered up earmuff, lips parted, eyes wincing - Biel tuning up the Garner ribcage and belly - getting into those jugs with hooks - starting to saw away short right uppercuts in close. Pure brawny shove and slug from Jen - muscular buttocks ringing as she stands her ground and gets brawny on listless Jen. "I'm gonna start calling you 'meat'" Jess chirps happily after pushing off: Jen glaring, sullen, punished through 4.

R5: Same again: all Biel. Jen groaning as she's muscled into ropes, pushed into compliance, then worked over. Jessica getting off robusto - happy in her work: she's all wet as an otter, shining in the sun, tanned body strong and energetic as she punishes her foe. Biel using the left shoulder to prop and bump - sometimes bracing Jen with the chickenwing left elbow before clouting her tart right/left combos. Comprehensive beating hips to temples on Jen - Jessica systematically working on waistline, both flanks, biceps, skull as poor Jen maintains cringing earmuff. "Thanks meat - that was great!" Jess crows, pushing off throbbing Garner at bell.

R6: Jen walks Jess into a sudden right uppercut: Biel's knees buckle - she pitches into Jen to hold on - Garner walks Biel to ropes for payback. All one way - this time it's Jen to Jess - Biel just covering up and squealing as Garner beats her like a bitter stepmother. Jen tightlipped, hard-eyed - pushing Jess in her shoulders, dipping side to side to dig in harm behind either elbow: pushing in to stack Jess up, then working her tummy. Thick, pounding lefts and rights clap gainst Jessi's wet breasts - beating apart her guard: Jen leaves Jessica trembling at the bell.

R7: Biel glaring, wading back into Jen walking her to ropes, muscling her down: it's all one way again, this time Biel to Garner. Poor Jen! She's gritting her teeth, sitting in ropes, covering up best she can as Jessi POURS in the hurt. Thick, thumping right hands beat in ribs behind the left elbow; reefing hooks take Jen in behind right elbow, or carve across her belly. Shoving Jen upright - Biel's writhing her arms in to pull apart Garner's guard, then pounding away palm-down stamping rights and lefts to exposed breasts, sleepy face. Garner wilting, forming her guard again and again: she's dazed from sun, sand and punishment through 7. Bell: Biel's chest heaving, hands on her hips as she stands in front of slumping Jen, murmuring: "What's it gonna take, Meat? Huh? Do I have to get into your rack, or what? You know you're beat. You know you want to quit - just give it to me." Ref easing Jess back, reminding her "round's over Jessica". During her shower Jen's head bowed, lips parted, eyes closed - Laura V looking on in concern: Biel facing up into the water stream, smoothing out her hair, looking like a girl in a shampoo ad.

R8: Biel crowds Jen to ropes - gets belly to belly on her - pushing on her while cramming in righty to body. Jen groaning, turrrrning Jess into ropes: Garner plowing back right hands while her left rides in behind Jessica's right elbow. Jessica grunts, taking: then she reaches under Jen's arms, muscle-reverses her into ropes, feeds her righty...it's brutal, thudding stuff under the sun. Final minute, Jen's on top: Jessica tries but can no longer reverse...Garner crowding in, plowing righty to breadbasket while her left hand tucks in behind Jessi's right tricep, holding her steady. Bell: little extra insurance pumped in - Jen on mindless autopilot, has to be pulled off by ref. Biel sits on ropes for a moment, hugging her body, face blank with hurt.

R9: Girls embrace - wet bodies slick together - Jen walks Jess back into her own corner. Garner's feet dig into sand as she stacks Jess up: left hand tucks in behind Jessi's right tricep; right hand starts plowing up into Jessica's breadbasket, punching her breathless. Jessica jolting in alarm - crying out "GUH-OH!" curling herself around Jen's greedy right arm. Sick, wet, leather-on-meat noises: Jen cramming it in, pushing up to stack, keeping Jessica's butt propped on Biel's own corner turnbuckles. Thick, nasty, deliberate: Jen just pumping it in, breathing hot through pursed lips. When Jess slumps forward, Jen's right hand takes the girl by the throat - or just pushes flat on her face, stacking her upright against turnbuckles before getting back to the salt mines downstairs. Minute and a half - poor Jessica's composure cracks: she blurts out in pain, starts to blubber all woozy and out of it - mouth piece dribbling down her chest. Jen stays on the stomach, but turns the odd right hand into Jessica's hanging jugs, or slackened jaw. No resistance from Biel - she's just sitting in the corner, taking right hands under a hot tropical sun while fans cheer from the bleachers. Down the stretch, Biel's legs give way: Jen lowers the girl to her haunches with that helpful left hand at Jessica's elbow. Biel fast asleep - all beat to stupor: she sits slumping against her corner ropes, lips parted in KO'd slumber. Jen stands hands on hips, gathering herself, removing her mitts, then she reaches to adjust Jessica's shower nozzle - turning the water on and walking away. Stream pelts against Jessica's tanned flash and soaked scalp as she sits there hands in her lap, body slumped, limp against ropes. KO9 Jennifer Garner.

After: Jen a battered wreck - propped up on her left side by Laura Vandervoort under Jen's left arm...drained veteran out of it, but managing a curt: "I beat her to sleep," in postfight. "Tell her that when she comes-to: she needs to hear it."


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