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3 October 2008 Title Ch Kristin Kreuk vs Rachael Leigh Cook

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Posted by Simguy on 10/3/2008, 6:44 pm.

Before: The evolution of Kristin Kreuk: she’s every inch the champ now, everywhere she goes--flanked by a huge HISC entourage and dominating pre-fight venues, Kristin VERY aggressive with Rachael during conferences--frequently slapping Rachael as the girls pose face to face--startling Cook, keeping her on edge, Kreuk adapting very well o the HISC over-arching policy of intimidation in and out of the ring. “It’s been fabulous,” Kreuk says of her time at the top. “I’m fighting the way I always knew I could, and HISC has rolled out the red carpet for me everywhere I go. Rachael’s a ‘reward’ fight for mr--a chance to strue my stuff, I’ve gone out and neaten the best girls out there--now it’s time to showcase, savour the moment, and get busy on HISC’s favourite dishrag!” Cook trying to stay composed despite the size of the force arrayed against her, She’s not just dealing with Kris: HISC insisting that cook lose 20 pounds for this fight; cut and dye her hair to match the “classic” RLC look; bring the slutty cashmeres out of mothballs: Rachael very aware she’s being shaped and molded for a Kreuk promenade.” It’s up to me spoil the party,” Rachael shrugs. “it’s a huge opportunity, and I know Kristin is totally looking pasted me, but you know what? I’m tuff, and I’m not pushover for HISC women--never have been. Krissy’s going to know she was in a fight with me, and if she’s not careful, the big clue will be when they take her belts away and give them to me afterwards>“ Rachael in tawdry baby blue cashmere top and bottoms; small white workout gloves. Kristin in bright purple bikini; small black workout gloves.

During R1: Kreuk immediately stuffed back into her corner by a savage tummy-pummeling: Cook lowering her head, pumping away at Krissy’s flat midriff moments in. grunting--Krissy absorbs, then spins clear--loping to her right, turning Cook, stroking her come-along left hooks under the chin, Girls lean in, trade right hands to chins: THERE GO COOK’S LEGS! Rachael staggering out of her stance, eyes suddenly glassy: Kreuk in on her with wide-swinging lefts and rights, Rache hunkers down, taking punches won her flanks, then digs a firm hook to Krissy’s midsection, doubling up with the left uppercuts to chin--PUTTING KREUK WOBBLY BUTT! Krissy staring, lips parting: she faces into a short right hand, takes a chin-toggling hooks as she’s tipping back over her heels and KRISTIN GOES DOWN! Huge roar from the crowd as Kreuk sits up pretty, her back to ropes, eyes blinking in astonishment. Cooks bats mitts together, smoldering in satisfaction as she stomps to neutral corner. Kris up at 8, swaying: Rachael quickly upon her, digging amidships. Kreuk grimacing, lips curling back off her teeth as her body gets bumped: little Cook in there digging, giving Kris no rest. Kreuk lowering her left shoulder, picking Cook up a left uppercut in the tits--trying to punch the challenger off her; Rachael grimly stands ground, staying on champ’s slender chassis, that’s the way of it--Kreuk a little buzzed--dipping and hoisting the odd shot into Cook, but unable to back her up: Rachael in top position, bumpin’-n’-bruisin’ on Kris, bangin’ her up. Kris warned for open-hand slapping of Rachael’s ears as the girls brawl at close quarters: Cook not waiting for the ref, answering back with thumping barrages against Krissy’s modest tits in reprisal. Final moments--Kreuk mouth breathing, starting to swing from the hips, turning herself side to side and tilting forward with her punching. Cook timing the swings, punching-with: her shorter, choppier blasts find Krissy’s chin tic-toc and KREUK GOES DOWN! Krissy’s slender legs give way, spilling her to all fours, Rachael crowing, hopping away bat the bell: HISC corner men rush to pull their fighter up, get her seated, then scramble to revive her during the break.

R2: Cook burrowing into Kristin’s gut--head down, shoulders rotating, fists chugging hup-hup-hup to pale ribs/fat tummy. Kristin’s eyes frowned shut, lips pursed in hurt, hands reaching down Rachael’s back--Kreuk just getting bunched up against the turnbuckle, getting the breath beaten from her body until she finally ties up. Ref’s break--Kristin walking away to her right with a worried expression: Rachael dukes up, eyes blazing as she walks her foe down. New corner, same action: cook lowering her, driving on Kristin, pumping her amidships--bossing her around with well-thrown shoulder bumps and body-ups. Kreuk gasping--dips her left shoulder, her right hand dangling as she lifts left uppercuts into Rachael’s midsection, then leans back into ropes to pull a limber left hook across Rachael’s mouth. COOK GETS SHOOK! Rachael stutter-stepping, torso whip-sawing slightly on her hips: she stops punching and KRIS comes forward! Kreuk lift’s the right off her thigh, clouts Rachael across jaw; sidesteps-right ‘round Rachael’s left flank; lifts the left off thigh to smite Rache across the mouth, startling her anew. Cook turning, stunned--she hooks off balance, easting a left uppercut in trade, then stares into a chopping right hand and DOWN GOES RACHAEL! HISC suits up off their chairs along with the hoi polloi. Kris staggering, glaring down all groggy--she stomps to a neutral corner, pulling herself together, Rachael up at 8, pounding her mitts together in answer to ref’s query: ON COMES KRISSY! Kreuk in with a sweeping right to gut; long left hook tic-toc up top--rocking Cook again. Kreuk squaring away to hustle home the leather--punches coming up off her hips and pushing into Rachael’s breasts and mouthy, Rachael sagging against ropes, slopping back in kind--SHE starts tagging Kris to chin and KREUK GOES DOWN! Crazy melee sees Kristin jolted, then she staggers away to neutral corner. Kristin up shabby--reeling--she stumbles to her right as cook’s trying to navigate on in--both girls tragically wobbly butt. Kris flat footed, roaming counterclockwise-she leans away from a cook right hand, taking it on the left shoulder; answers back a licking right uppercut to the pit of Rachael’s stomach, punching a shout of agony from her tormentress. Girls trade sloppy left hooks from the hip--both girls leg-rocked--then Kris in over the top with a bandy-limbed right hand. Cook’s face spanked aside--she stumbles, rights herself, staggers to her right--her left hand extended to ward off Krissy’s blundering pursuit. Cook edges into ropes with her right side: Krissy reaches her left hand in to palm left side of Rachael’s head, turning her face aside; Kreuk bends in, deploying the buggy whip right hand in a savage chop atop Rachael’s left hip. Cook sobbing out, sagging to a seat on ropes via her right hip. Kreuk’s left hand still pushing Rachael’s face aside, turning brunette, exposing her flank: another buggy whip hacks home…another. Cruel, hollow thump of small mitts bouncing off taut flyweight chassis and RACHAEL GOES DOWN! Sliding, wilting collapse--Cook clutching at her back with her left hand as she sinks to her knees and IT’S OVER! Withering KO2 in seesaw fashion--Kristin Kreuk.

After: Kreuk reeling--crown very nearly slipping off her head tonight as a determined Rachael Leigh Cook came to slug. Rachael broken, cringing and crying out as she’s helped to her feet, guided to her corner: oh those lashing buggy whip right hands--nastiest punch in Kristin’s arsenal. Pack gathers ‘round the champ, helping steady her: once she’s composed, the entire troop matches in poor, quivering Rachael who’s been here before.

Kreuk mounting up, left fist clenched in damp mop of Rachael’s defeated locks--right hand pointing skyward. When she comes down--Kris takes a moment to wallow in cashmere--rubbing against Rachael, turning around 360 against that tawdry two-piece: poor Cook’s face punched, staring off into the middle distance, trying to wish it all away. Rest of the Pack mounts up, then each takes a moment in turn to appreciate softness of cashmere--pressing in on Rache, leaving the scent of triumph all over her. So close for Rachael Leigh Cook tonight, yet ending so bitterly.

Reposted by Archer 10/10/10.

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