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3 March 2001 Title Ch Dani Fishel vs Kelly Hu

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Posted by Simguy on 3/3/2001, 11:37 am.

Before: No love lost between Dani and challenger Kelly--Hu outspoken about Fishel being her personal route to the title. “It’s my job toe relive Dani of the burden of championship,” Hu reportedly retaining Alyssa Milano to mimic Dani is sparring--Alyssa attending pre-fight conferences, weigh in and will be at ringside to add her psychological talents to the fray. Dani in tough against the slick boxing Asian, but a successful defense against Electra has Fishel on an all-time high--she can’t wait for the chance o put Kelly down. Kelly in black sports bra, red high cut aerobics trunks--Dani in teal sports bra, grey high cut aerobics trunks.

During R1: Rough start for Dani--Kelly with that Floyd Mayweather look, left shoulder pointed at Dani as she scoots to the left, hooking against Fishel’s right ear, pivoting around to keep the champ turning. Midway through, Hu reverses field and nails Dani a savage short hook on the jaw, stepping right on follow-through and clipping Fishel a curling right hand off the face to leave the champ wobbly butt/ Hu finishing out the round with sweet lateral movement, picking Dani apart with belly and face jab for the shutout.

R2: Dani bobbing, crossing her arms and redoubling her effort, puts leather on belly early, but once again Hu’s legs take over the fight. Kelly wheeling, keeping her stance closed, occasionally snapping off the odd lead right, but doing most of her damage with pesky jabs, clipping hooks to the head..

R3: Hu continues t dance, fight pretty--she’s stopping and popping very fast 3 punch combos as Fishel crouches low--Dani walking through the arm punching unhurt. Down the stretch, Fishel wiggles her way inside, gets work done to the waist--big booming lefts and rights to Hu’s obliques that have the Asian grimacing at the bell, Dani steals a Hu round with lusty body shots and sends a message in the process.

R4: Dani cutting off the ring, using her own, stubby jab to the chest to get inside, then cudgeling ribcage with that Frazier left hook--Hu repeatedly backed into the ropes this round as Dani lands heavy, Kelly still fighting in spots, snapping at Fishel’s face, spinning away, but judges aren’t fooled by the flash--Dani the effective aggressor as she continuous to work Kelly’s body.

R5, : Kelly uptempos and it’s beautiful stuff. Back to back shutouts, Hu working out of the closed stance, right hand at her chin--she reaches in to jab Dani’s belly, straightens to catch Dani coming in with clipping little hooks, pivots to the left to escape any response, Fishel getting turned and when she does square up--Hu bathes her in swarming quick-mitted combinations that leave Dani covering up and crouching, allowing Kelly to escape. Ju hitting her stride, starting to grin somel taint a little--Dani huffing and puffing but just can’t blow that door in.

R7: Hu fading to the ropes, guard up high, gives up her body ala Roy Jones to let Dani spend some energy. Fishel dutifully digging in, chugging lefts and rights to the waist as Kelly calmly turns her torso into the punches. Midway through, Hu launches devastating counter attacks, Off the ropes, she clouts Dani sweet along the jaw with  a sharp left hook, sending Fishel stumbling backwards. Moments later, Hu jumps in a twisting lead right hand--closed stance screening the punch and allowing it to blast back Dani’s head with dramatic force. Hu punching Dani allowing it to blast back Dani’s head with dramatic force. Hu punching Dani dangerously close to extinction this round, but again retreating to the ropes in the final minute to let Fishel get off. Round to Kelly as Dani wanders back to her corner dazed, cut over that left eye.

R8: Kelly in cruise mode, dancing around Dani, backhanding the jab just to keep Fishel defensive. Midway through the round, Fishel steps to her right, cuts off the ring, buries a vicious right to Hu’s body, doubles it up top to the ear, then bends to the right, pulling a sweeping left up and across Kelly’s face and HU GOES DOWN! Kelly propped up at the ropes, absolutely shell-shocked--she beats the count, but sags to a seat on the ropes as Fishel charges in. Classic Dani pressure as she plows into Asian midriff without restraint, little body vibrating as short powerful arms drive and pump back and forth, bashing up torso, arms and sides with withering non-stop abuse. Hu left humming at the bell as Dani comes up grinning, nodding at the slack jawed, pale look of pain on Kelly’s face.

R9: Kelly Hu’s not right and Dani piles on to finish. Fishel with her head hard under Kelly’s chin--Dani muscling and heaving Hun into the ropes, then pitching I harmful left hooks to the midsection, hacking right hands on the chin. Kelly seated ropeside, right hands at her cheek, left across her body--she gives Dani the occasional shoulder to back her off, but Hu; not going anywhere--she stands in and takes a beating this round as Dani POUNDS away. don’t look now--this fights even after 9.

R10: Dani can’t wipe the smile off her face--she rampages across the ring, catching Kelly sliding along the ropes and Hu desperately covers up, twisting side to side to blunt the awful force of Hurricane Dani’s body attack. Fishel shoving and slugging, powerful legs keeping her height in Kelly’s chest--Hu with her elbows in, trying to slip, use her shoulder to nudge Dani back. Midway through, Hu times a perfect short left hook, all shoulder, beating Dani’s wide hook and putting Fishel wobbly butt, on her heels. Kelly spinning off the ropes, cuts Dani up with a triple left hook--Fishel swooning face first into the ropes and righting herself awkwardly as Kelly’s punches splash down. Crowd screaming as Fishel falls apart--Kelly’s teeth bared, face twisted hatefully as she POURS on the punishment. Milano on her feet, jumping up and down cheering as Dan starts to stare, taking murderous punches off her face and offering no resistance, members of Team Fishel ringside sit with eyes wide, hands over their mouths as Dani is torn apart before their very eyes. it’s a vicious a beat down as Kelly Hu has ever handed out--Ref casually looking on as Fishel is hammered senseless. Hu continues pelting away at her defenceless foe after the bell--ref finally tackles the Asian away--Dani seated on the ropes, face awash I red--it’s over. Kelly Hu rips the belt from Dani Fishel’s waist by narrow UD10.

After: Kelly parading the ring with the belt--crowd in shock--sudden turnabout leaves DanI shaken and badly beaten, sheer pride preventing her from going out as Hu unleashed 2 minutes of hell to close the night, Fishel numb from the beating, weaving badly in her corner as physicians check her out--so close and yet so far. Hu ascends the throne once again as bantam round robin continues--talent rich division a land mine for champions seeking long title reigns.

Reposted by Archer 10/22/10,

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