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1 January 2000 Brooke Langton vs Michelle Pfeiffer

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Posted by Simguy on Saturday, 01-Jan-2000 17:42:27

Before: Brooke opens defense of her crown against a blonde institution--Pfeiffer a nice big name, but more beatable now than ever. Michelle still a slick, technical boxer with a magpie’s mean streak, but Brooke younger, faster, and better conditioned at this point/ Brooke in red spaghetti strap aerobics top and high cut bottoms. Michelle in black jockey 2 piece, shoulder length hair in ponytail w/forelocks.

R1,2: Tactical opening stanzas--both girls using them to test her opponent and probe for weakness. Michelle takes the first, Brooke the second in close, very sharp action, bioth girls choosing to hook off the jab with very precise movements. Little to choose through 2 rounds of tough give and take.

R3: Brooke stuns Michelle with the first solid punch of the fight--a jolting straight right cross on the chin. Pfeiffer staggered, clearly rattled after the punch and Brooke works the blonde over with ripping one-twos to the waist and jaw line. Michelle’s defense ragged--she takes a lot of punches this round and looks a little glassy-eyed at the bell/

R4: Brooks consolidates with more keen boxing, letting her quicker reflexes, younger legs take control of the fight. Michelle  trying to jab with the brunette, starting to get tagged by the second and third punch in combination as Brooke wears her down physically and mentally. Langton loosening up with the right hand, whipping it wide to Michelle’s jaw to cap of blistering flurries in the final minute.

R5: Michelle with a solid comeback round, firing lead right hands and coming back with hooks to slap Brooke’s face to the side. Wheels fall off as Langton, bouncing backwards, laces a cool left-right off Michelle’s jaw, leaving her floundering and hurt. Langton immediately follows up to the body, bouncing fists off Michelle’s bony ribcage to buckle the blonde’s knees at the bell. Langton steals a Pfeiffer round with late power, and s pulling away on all cards at this point.

R6: Shutout Brooke Langton as she punishes Michelle along the ropes this round. Pfeiffer fighting like a beaten woman, afraid to trade with Brooke, and Langton turning her body into wide lefts and rights across the waist and chin of the blonde. Brooke likes to throw a few wide lefts and rights, then regroup behind a pawing jaw before stepping in sgain, Pfeiffer wilt, and looks grateful when the bell sounds.

R7: Little possum perhaps as Michelle fades meekly to the ropes, then puts on a brilliant counterpunching display to undo Brooke this round. Leighton wading in like she’s a  heavyweight, soon gets chopped to pieces as Michelle works behind a tight guard, rolling with the punches, and coming back with shifty little hacking left hooks and right uppercuts, always returning her fists to her face after slugging Brooke a little staggery, finally backs off after being soundly thrashed in her attempts to finish, an Michelle comes off the ropes swinging. A series of desperate right hand caroms off Brooke’s jaw, chasing her across the ring as Michelle steps with her, Langton hitting the ropes is disoriented and Michelle plows in with running right hand to the face, catching Brooke on the bounce and Langton is HURT! Brooke topples face forward to the canvas as Michelle steps back and the champ cannot continue! KO7 Michelle Pfeiffer as she finds a way to come all the way back.

After: Disastrous ending to what had been a wonderful outing for Brooke--she wakes up to discovers she’s an ex-champ for the first time in her life. Michelle getting thoroughly beaten down, but retaining her composure, took advantage of the only opening to get the job done. Pfeiffer takes the Fox flyweight title, and rejuvenates a career that many had figured to be winding down at this point.

Reposted by Archer 10/23/10.

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