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6 March 2006 Gisele Bundchen vs Elle MacPherson

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Posted by Simguy on 3/6/2006, 5:17 pm.

Before: Elle fit and limber at 40+ years: modeling establishment isn’t happy to see her and MacPherson doesn’t care. “There are no new supermodels,” Elle brazenly proclaims, “Gisele certainly isn’t fit to wear the same mantle. Cindy, Kathy, Tyra, myself--we’re the crème de la crème: pretenders like this Brazilian trollop need to bow their heads and kneel when we strut by.” Gisele forcibly restrained throughout Elle’s blustery speech--lanky Victoria’s secret model did well in a losing effort against Stacy Keibler, but the jury’s still out: MacPherson  representing a formidable challenge to any young model looking to fight their way out of the long shadows of the past Mac in white SI bikini, ring connections at jug and hip: Gisele in sporty brown cotton under things, spaghetti straps. White gloves both vixens: models refusing to touch ‘em up after ring instructions.

During R1: Elle flat footed, pointing the left shoulder at Gisele, right hand stacked atop her left, chest and tummy. G eyes flashing, nostrils flaring--wearing her heart her sleeve--she’s the aggressor early as MacPherson tries to roll shots and fit counters. Gisele snarling, hurling her punches: great sweeping right round punches to the body; lanky, licking hooks swept up top with exaggerated hip action. MacPherson turning her torso, taking blows on her shoulders, soaking up the odd loud right against her ribs. Gisele’s jab a long, pushy thing, but finding the mark--Elle frequently buffeted out of her stance as Brazilian beauty applies lanky pressure. Mac rotating counterclockwise: she’s leaning into lead right hands, stepping right and pulling the lanky hook across. Late the round, Gisele shrugs off several licking hooks across the chin to crowd Elle to the ropes: long Aussie cringes behind her mitts, presenting her left side as she turns into the ropes., Gisele leaning forward, drawing her elbows back and plugging punches into Elle’s glorious body with furious pumping action, None too accurate, but crowd wildly appreciative of Gisele’s shoving efforts: she gallops to ribs, back, buttock, hip and belly as Elle MacPherson cowers at the belly Gisele pulled out, hair wild in face, in her mouth, chest heaving with exertion.

R2: Gisele all fire: Elle loping to her right with new respect for Brazilian ardor. Mac with that lead right setting up slinging hooks: Gisele chin hanging out there like a lantern in the wind a pretty tempting target. Brazilian beauty pouring herself at Elle, quickly overwhelming Mac’s attempted slickness: Aussie pushed awkwardly to ropes, covering up face-in-gloves, stooping forward as Gisele gallops to body, long arms a-lappin’--G getting the most out of long, limber arms--snarling as she whips right hand after right hand in underneath; baring her teeth as she hoists lanky lefts and rights up and in. It’s all too much--traumatized Elle swoons to all fours, badly rattled: Gisele looms above shrieking in exultation until ref pushes her back. Veteran supermodel up for trembling 8, but getting herself together: she lifts snappy up-jabs off her hip while rotating clockwise to get back to midring. Elle frowning in concentration--pawing her jab, backhanding it: Gisele stalking, looking for a spot where she can pin her ears back an go at the ageless Aussie, Elle lunging in, carrying a low-slung right into Gisele’s body as Brazilian, bends forward to receive the punch: MacPherson able to sidestep ‘round the side, pushing Gisele in her shoulders to re-establish distance. Mac stepping right; poking the lead right; cranking the hook and OH, she lights Gisele up PERFECT! Brazilian lass SMOKED to chin--head tossing in  a blur of disheveled blonde locks--long legs pathetically stamping, buttocks panicking in their cotton bottoms. RIGHT HAND ELLE MACPHERSON! Aussie striding into the punch, bending forward with the left down at her thigh--sweeping right ploughs across Brazilian jaw--tossing hat beautiful head hard to starboard and GISELLE GOES DOWN! Torrid blast altogether too much--G sprawling on her back SO out cold--KO2 in trumpeting fashion, Elle Mac.

After: MacPherson strutting, beating her chest--old-guard supermodel flattens the best of the new breed to send a chill through a fashion hierarchy that HAD been hoping Elle to be retired tonight. Gisele brought around in stages--shaky as a newborn fawn as she’s left to her stool--Elle demanding that the Victoria’s Secret Body Saddle be brought into the ring. Sniveling, resigned to her fate, Gisele submits to the saddling--shouting out in humiliation as Elle cinches the belly strap with extra vigor. Going down to one knee so Elle can assume a jockey’s kneeling position on her back--Gisele can barely stand again--long legs rickety under Aussie weight. Elle BEAMING, her hands in Gisele’s long hair for reins: staggering into ropes and holding on for balance at times: awful to watch for those not used to the cruelty and excess inherent amongst supermodel combatants.

Reposted by Archer 10/26/10.

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