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6 March 2006 Brittany Daniel vs Cobie Smulders

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Posted by Simguy on 3/6/2006, 5:19 pm.

Before: Daniel in a familiar spot; posing as top-shelf blonde while denying her role a stepping stone for ambitious brunettes like Cobie. “Honestly, I don’t see anything special about her,” blonde sniffs at the dais. “This kid isn’t offering anything--she’s blah even by brunette standards; I haven’t seen her show but I doubt she can act any better than she can fight. She’s never seen anything like Brittany Daniel, I can tell you that: she’s easy pickings for me.” Smulders won’t be baited--brunette handled herself well pitted against Jessica Biel--Cobie calm, cool and professional in prefight. “Brittany’s a poor man’s version of Jessica Biel: they’re both explosive but Biel’s much stronger and tougher. I have no doubt that Brittany’s a quality opponent, but her attitude sucks. If she wants to talk trash about me, she should wait till after the fight, when I’ve given her good reason to b###h.” Cobie in Canadian flag motif sports bra, solid red high cut aerobics trunks, white aerobics shoes/socks, white gloves; hair in puncher’s ponytail, two log bangs framing her face. Brittany in UFC octagon-girl costume: black sports bra with the word HURT across the jugs in block caps; low-rise boycut trunks,. Thin white belt; white aerobics shoes and socks; white gloves.

During R1: Cobie adjusting to Brittany’s speed--brunette a little tentative as Daniel uptempos from the get go, Darting in and out-=-Brittany using her legs to scoot in low, touching up tummy and torso TUP! TUP! TUP! Cashing in jug a hook on the way out. Daniel grinning, licking her lips, taunting as she circles: Cobie turning, dukes up., chi tucked, sturdily soaking everything up but badly outclassed in an E-Z breezy Daniel first.

R2: Cobie loosens up, starts to work her plan. Stiff, resolute jabbing--Smulders keeping the right at her temple as she steps into hard poke--Brittany bumped hard on her face and forehead, rejected and forced to step out to regroup. Cobie hopping forward--balance very good, feet always in position beneath her--she doesn’t reach for Brittany as Daniel tries to stretch out distance. Smulders throwing hard right hands at Brittany’s head--not connecting, but Cobie bringing a stout left hook follow up into Brittany’s golden brown ribs wipes the cocky smiles off blonde lips. Cobie coming forward, walking Brittany down, banging her body with good single shots as Smulders evens up the cards.

R3: Brittany snarling darting in and staying in, she wants to test newcomer on the inside. Smulders up for it--she lays in shoulder to shoulder--hot swapping body blows tuck back and forth as a result. Both girls holding hands low--stacked chest and tummy--both using shoulders to nudge each other around. Brittany getting off in rapid hup-hup--bouncing her mitts off Cobie’s taut stomach, bumping up that sports bra: Cobie not as quick-mitted, but setting down on her shots, rolling her shoulders to get digging leverage into Brittany. Tummies worked, jugs mugged, flanks tanned: busy banging two-way goes to the heavier handed brunette bas Cobie consistently steps Brittany back, finishes the round strong with Daniel against the ropes.

R4: Brittany proving rugged tonight--knows Cobie got the best of her in the third, responds like a competitor to get after Smulders in the fourth. Daniel still laying in shoulder to shoulder, shoeshining furiously at Cobie’s waist, but now Brit’s hopping to the right inside getting an angle for a tight hook on Cobie’s left eye. Smulders protecting body, blocking a lot of shots, but she not getting off and Brittany’s scoring with tight-biting hooks, clipping right uppercuts up top,. Daniel using her left shoulder/extended left elbow to press on Cobie while scooting ‘round brunette left flank : Brittany breaking into her veteran trick bag to put a pounding on Smulders bell to bell.

R5: Cobie lumping up, shiny faced, but resolute--she walks Brittany down with that harsh step-in jab for right cross chasers. Daniel fading in good order--Cobie’s coming up short on her right hands, exposing herself snap-snatching hooks and right hands as Daniel  swats away from her hips, Brittany smug-lifting circus swat from her waist to Cobie’s face then hopping to either side: Daniel making good use of her world class legs through 5.

R6: Cobie hard to discourage--Brittany’s faster and flashier, but brunette sticks to sound fundamentals, walking Daniel down behind that hard, meanspirited stick, patiently cutting off the ring, Brittany doesn’t like the taste of that jab: pouting after contact, looking confused. Smulders leaning in close, thump-thumping that waist thick right/lefts--Brittany frowning as brunette treats herself to blonde midriff. Shoulder to shoulder at Cobie’s insistence--girls in there tousle-rubbing,

R7: Brittany redoubling her efforts--punching her way inside, then staying there to work. More shoulder to shoulder, ring-a-ding-dong punching: Brittany’s bursting hup-hup answered by Cobie’s thudding amidships. Daniel that little hop-and-hit maneuver to the side the side separates herself: Smulders a little flat footed, getting caught and that left eye starting to swell up nicely under Brittany’s tender mercies.

R8: Cobie so strong behind her jab--Brittany can’t slip past it and she can’t get out of the way of it. Smulders making a smart adjustment--doubling up the jab as Daniel tries to fade--blonde unable to walk brunette into those slick counters as a result. Smulders hounding Daniel to ropes and putting work on her: Cobie leaning into short rights, then bumping Brit stout left hands behind the elbow--Daniel starting to grimace with hurt. Shoulder to shoulder, hard working stuff--Cobie propping and nudging with her left elbow, then busting Daniel’s flanks and waist robust, clubbing shots. Cobie coming off the body nicely, picking Daniel’s face up off her gloves with short-clipping uppercuts; catching Brittany’s cheek right crosses as blonde goes cross-armed, head tossing hard to starboard. Daniel’s curvy legs soaking up a good she ‘s beaten a little woozy this round, but refusing to go down to her brunette-come-lately.

R9: Brittany flashing her hands inside, sampling the Smulders tummy and tits, then hopping to the side, nifty footwork giving Brittany the extra second, the extra punch as she continually gets hooks from outside Smulders’ left shoulder, Cobie taking a good shot--earmuffs up and turns, constantly looking to crowd and bang, Brittany  too nimble this round, never letting Cobie set her feet--blonde puts mitts on meat, posts another shutout as Smulders takes it tuff to the midsection.

R10: First round jabbing from Cobie--Brittany’s head bumped back as she scoots the perimeter, trying to lose the pursuit. Second minute, Brittany rolls under a Smulders right; launches her into a circus right hand from the knees; reloads ad pokes another right hand to Cobie’s mouth as started brunette staggers back on her heels. Smulders hurt for the first time tonight; she covers up earmuff at the ropes and DANIEL ROMPS TO JUG! Glorious, chugging assault--Brittany D in her element, standing up in the stirrups and shrugging away at Cobie’s jumping jugs--crowd roaring in frenzy a the sudden blistering assault COBIE WON’T PUNK! Smulders ripped to the rack, soaks it up, times Brittany and chops a short, blunt right hand to the mouth, knocking Daniel back a few steps in astonishment. Cobie off the ropes: right at her temple, stepping in with that jab--she pounds back Brit’s head the poke, follows up with a crashing right cross and  DANIEL’S ROCKED! Brittany jerked a quarter turn to her right, rotating as thumping body blows are lugged home: poor Brittany slouching forward, giving up her back and flanks. Smulders snarling, baring her teeth as she pumps hard-digging lefts and rights to the bell--ref has to pull mindless brunette back as poor Brittany sits helpless in the ropes. Comes back 10 round draw.

After: Smulders visibly tormented by the decision: hands on hips, shaking her pony tailed head in denial--she had Brittany all but out at the final bell, “I had her--she was going,” insists Cobie in post fight. “She rocked me, but I soaked it up and came right back at her and I could see it on her eyes tonight: she just couldn’t believe I was rolling her up!” Daniel dismissing Cobie’s efforts wholesale--blonde refusing to acknowledge she was in a real fight tonight. “Look at her face,” scuffed up blonde says, “she’s all red and puffy because I couldn’t miss her big stupid head. Listen--I bossed this chick tonight, ok? I bullied her, I had my way with her, Why didn’t I take her out? Because it pleased me not--that’s why, I was having fun punishing her and carrying her, but awarding her a draw means the judges totally missed what was going on. I swear to God, she was making these little Katie Holmes noises when I went to her body, and in the tenth? If I hadn’t let up on her, she would have gone out right then and there.”

Reposted by Archer 10/26/10.

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