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21 October 2010 Angelina Jolie vs Hannah Spearritt

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Santa Monica Beach Boxing



Posted by vulcan - results by simguy on 10/21/2010, 5:23 pm


Before: Both fighters eying each other angrily with Winona heating up Hannah. "So you can't stand against me so you send your toy-thing?" hisses Angelina at Winona. "We'll who will be the toy here today!" snaps Hannah back, smacking her fists into each other. Angelina comes close and glares into Hannah's eyes who isn't standing down. "Then lets fight!" hisses Angelina and pushes Hannah hard. Hannah slowly turning - and suddenly BANG her right foot brings the surprised and stunned Angelina down into the sand. Angelina soothing her aching cheek and sjaking her tingling head as Hannah enters the ring, jumping around eagerly.

R1: Angelina trying to keep the speed low from the start, circling her opponent slowly with her left hand ready to jab. Hannah tries to go in low but Anglina able to keep her away with left jabs. Hannah not pressing the issue and has her guard well so Angelina's left shots not really harming her.

R2: Hannah now more aggressive trying to get into Angelina, from time to time scoring some blows into Angelina's lower belly and sides. But Angelina agile on her legs dancing away and jabbing with wide left shots to keep Hannah away from her. As Hannah gets closer Angelina is able to hit Hannah's head with precise jabs more than once. Hannah's head snapping back but not without landing blows herself into Angelina's lean body.

R3: Hannah working in her way again and again. Agnelina at first able to outdance her vicious opponent. Hannah finally comming in from the sides, getting hard compact blows into Angelina's kidneys. Angelina yelps and as her guard is down for a second Hannah gets her chance to work Angelina's lean body and breasts with hard blows. Angelina jabbing weakened trying to get Hannah away from her. But Hannah not buying it finally ramming her fist up into Angelina's

R4: Jolie more careful and agile on her legs she enters the round, determined to not let Hannah come close again. From the distance working Hannah's head with hard precise jabs again. Hannah trying to get into Angelina's perimeter but this time Angelina has her heads up and molests Hannah's head with jabs, Hannah's gamble to paying off this round.

R5: Angelina agile and dancing around Hannah. Hannah bides her time and waits for her way in as Angelina is suddenly able to deliver a hard uppercut into Hannah's chin. Hannah shaken but standing and uselessly trying to slug back while Angelina icily delivers her precise combinations into Hannah's body and head.

R6: Angelina breathing a little hard after last round and trying to control Hannah. But Hannah now slowly getting her way in and while Angelina's jabs to keep her opponent distant don't find their target Hannah gets some nice perky shots into Angelina's head. Angelina taking a step or two back but Hannah
on her tail keeping Angelina off balance and finally delivering a hard left-right into Angelina's belly. As Angelina crouches over Hannah eagerly rams her fists into Angelina's quite small boobs. Angelina now staggering back into the ropes and saved by the bell before Hannah could do more damage.

R7: Angelina now desperate not wanting to loose and giving up her tactic of keeping Hannah away and molesting her opponents head with wide lefts. Instead Angelina engages Hannah directly. Angelina pounding but having the wrong opponent for this kind of combat facing her. Both girls lashing out but while Hannah takes Angelina blows without much Angelina on her side brawls with more and more pain-stricken face. Finally Hannah's right comes up as Angelina
head moving towards her. The impact rocks Hannah's petite figure but Angelina lets out a weird yelp and finds herself on her ass sitting in the sand. To the bell Anegline just runs from Hannah.

R8: Angelina shaken running away from her opponent. Hannah trying to charge her and gesticulating at the ref and judges. Head judge Simguy just pointing Hannah to solve it her way. Hannah finally stopping Angelina, working her blows into Angelina's body, who's just trying to get away. Now Hannah getting Angelina more and more, forcing the fight onto her. Angelina just covering behind her guard and trying to run while Hannah just works her already throbbing body.

R9: Hannah comming in eagerly prepared to do more angie-hunting but Angelina knowing she can't win this by points anymore slugs hard into Hannah's head. Hannah totally surprised, staggering back and cxovering up while Angelina like crazy hammers Hannah's head. Hanah stunned taking in Agnelina's blows. Winona screaming at Hannah from the RiRy corner. Finally Hannnah wakes up and slugs into Angelina's sides and belly. Angelina finally breaking off. Hannah surprisingly easily shaking off Angelina's attack.

R10: Angelina trying to repeat her success from last round but this time Hannah lashes out with a wide right as Angelina's comes close. It banggs Angelina's
side of the head so hard she drops down into the sand. Angelina comming up fast but quite shaken. Hannah charging and after she delivered some more hard blows into Angelina's body Angie starts running, her spirit broken down. Hannah always behind her Angelina can still score some wide left jabs to Hannah's head but by not enough to turn this round. Comes back UD10 Spearritt as she pulls away in the 10th


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