22 December 2001 Angie Harmon vs Molly Sims

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Before: Harmon on the hot seat again--she knows she’s being used--not just by Molly and her handlers, but by HBO, the fans, and she’s sick of it. “Molly Sims is not getting over on me. No way. I’m not just here to make blondes look good--some of them get stacked up by me and that’s what’s going to happen to Molly. I’m not looking for any favours. I’ll earn my trip up the ladder, but when I win--some of the things Molly’s been promised better come to me.” Hungry fighter. Heartbreakingly beautiful girls in this fight, slender, whippette physiques--Harmon with a slugger’s mentality inappropriate for her frame, remains to be seen what Sims brings to the dance, White clingy cotton tankini for Angie, pale blue clingy cotton tankini for Molly.

During R1: Girls step to one another, elbows in, lapping, licking punches spank back and forth as both want to mix it up early. Harmon eventually starts straightening her punches out and jams them in up the middle, backing Sims up and connecting with several jarring blows to the mouth down the stretch, Round to Harmon.

R2: Molly tastes a cut lower lip, elects to use her legs this round. Blonde has a fluid, gangy gait, hands nice and loose at waist level as she wheels around her foe. Angie stomping forward, moving her glove up and down, touching her eyebrows as she steps, punching straight lefts and rights, walking her girl down, Effective pressure from Harmon as she doubles up on the jab, taking away the lanky stick from the hip Sims is throwing and continuing to score to the blonde’s cheekbones with scrubbing rights up the middle.

R3: Molly continues to get leggy, gobbling up the ring lifting the jab off her hip and she does better this round, cuffing and steering Angie as Harmon fails to cut off the ring. Molly with some nice angles, pivoting left around her jab, then drilling Angie in the ear with a jamming right. Molly generating some nice whip-arm power when she gets her feet set and Angie cooperates.

R4: Both go back to lashing it up. Punching starts with elbows in, but as they lather up--long arms start to lick and drag, each stroking the other’s sides and clapping jaw with wide shots. Nothing liker seeing two lanky beauties whip crack away on each other--down the stretch, Sims starts to break Angie down. Molly with her right at her chest, weight on her front foot, just strafing Harmon with left hands, A sticking hook thick in the waist, cutting hook to the right shoulder, then a locking left uppercut skids across the brunette’s face, Sims vulnerable, but Harmon too stupefied to take advantage, molly stepping to her right victimizing Angie with the lavish left hand slashes and HARMON TAKES A KNEE! Angie breathoess, p0unchy, shakes her head and beats the count at the bell.

R5: Molly decides punching, not positioning Is the way to take Angie, walks right in and immediately pays the price. Harmon chugging away with those Wayne McCullough lefts and rights stepping forward, pushing punches into Sims’ face to back the willowy blonde up. Midway point, Molly’s lashing power starts to stake over as she steps back, extends on punches, getting her long legs and graceful hips into the leverage Harmon catching loving strokes on either side of her jaw, getting buffeted onto one foot, going glassy-eyed--Sims punching is ruining Angie. Down the stretch, Molly working her limber left hand, holding the right tight against her chest, licks at the belly, breasts and head--Harmon with her gloves at her temples, stoops forward to take the leather with a groan. Harmon again sinks to one knee after taking too many licking shots to the body and face--Sims starting to strut as Harmon lumps up, looks achy and punished.

R6: Molly showing some leggy defense sliding away from Angie’s aggressive assault early to make Harmon fan on punches. Sims showing the ability to time her opponent stepping back, then hoisting in a lanky right uppercut as Harmon walks in--Molly landing some firm counter shots this round with Angie getting impatient.

R7: Harmon’s turn to show some defensive skill--Molly seeping long strokes over the top--Angie forward in her crouch, bobs nicely side to side o escape underneath, comes up punching with the straight licks to the chest and head, molly turns it around late, standing her ground near the ropes and forcing Angie to slug--fists crack audibly against prominent rib ridges and cheekbones--both girls rattled in the sloppy give and take, Nobody knows how to clinch apparently as both take way too much punishment this round.

R8: Harmon seems the worse for wear after a tortuous seventh takes it out of both girls. Sims grimly walking her girl down, starts to lather away--those lanky left hands bits and lash into trim body, or bounce off the sweaty skull, putting Harmon wobbly butt to the ropes, Angie’s liquid brown eyes swimming--Molly’s really putting it to her getting the the hips and back behind side to side punching. Angie swooning, sliding along the ropes, Molly stepping with her and keeping it on--Sims savaging Harmon with that licking left hook, curling right uppercuts and wide right hands and HARMON GOES OUT! Angie beaten senseless, getting clocked routinely along the jaw line finally sprawls forward as Sims steps back, allowing the brunette to stretch out on her belly, Sweet slumber for Harmon--KO8 Molly Sims.

After: Sims just the latest in a long line of blondes to use Angie’s world class beauty and pedestrian class boxing skills to make a splashy FCBA debut. Angie sobbing and inconsolable when she comes-to, another winnable fight slips through her fingers as the slender blonde wanted it more. Sims able to crack a little, box a little, questions remain about her heart and chin, some pundits labeling her “just another model” while others reserve judgment for now.

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