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26 July 2005 Catherine Bell vs Molly Sims

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Posted by Simguy on 7/26/2005, 6:51 pm.

Before: High stakes fight for the lightweight division: blonde vs. brunette; youth vs. experience; burgeoning talent vs. established force. Bell enjoying her role as blonde stopper and expose artist: “It probably started with Jenny O’Dell,” cat muses in preflight. “I beat the bell out of her the first time stepped up--I beat the hell out of Tricia Helfer--guess it’s Molly’s turns, Sims is more poised now--she’s not really a rookie anymore, but she’s still technically flawed, I don’t want to give anything away, but this is one fight I think we’ve won in training camp--all I have to do is execute what we’ve worked on.” Sims hoping to outdo Helfer by climbing a mountain Tricia couldn’t, has big plans for Cat, “Honestly--I’ve trained to knock Cat bell out,” the blonde reveals. “I want a power fight and I won’t wilt the way Trish did, I’m stronger than Cat at this point, I’m faster--I’ll establish control with my jab, then start hammering her until she goes--that’s the plan!” Sims in silver/grey bikini, white gloves--Bell in electric blue bikini, white gloves.

During R1: Identical, relaxed stances--weight slightly forward, right hands at jaw level, lefts at chest or tummy level, gentle clockwise rotation. Cat fading Sims, sliding back and batting counter hooks as Sims tries to jab her way in. Cat also stepping right at times and diving in with lead right hands, grazing Sims and startling her. Tactical first to be Cat Bell as she picks and chooses her spots.

R2: Sims pumps the jab, doubling up on it to pester Bell during Cats fades, making it tough to counter. Midway through, Molly spicy-jabbing, drops in a chopping right hand to the top of Cat’s head as Bell’s bending forward--THERE GO CAT’S LEGS! Bell stepping in fence post holes, retreats  to ropes--Molly moves in, jabbing the mouth, leaning into belting rights up top, them back underneath with thick, ripping hooks. Cat treated to a mop-up beat down--covering up and taking hard in her ribcage.

R3: Cat calm, poised, shakes off the punishment, keeps whittling at Molly’s composure. Bell changing directions--jabbing when she steps left, looking for lead right potshots when she steops right. Molly not cutting off the ring much, following Cat, playing Cat’s game, bell leggier, using more of the ring than we’ve seen recently from her--she’ll retreat to and bounce off the ropes, spinning to fresh canvas, and she’s not too proud to walk Sims into tactical clinches. Bell winning the quiet rounds, answers Molly’s thunder with another professional stanza.

R4: Molly recommits to the jab, doubling up in it, stepping-with Cat as she retreats and flurrying to brunette ribcage as Bell covers up, Sims showing leg, closing with Cat to bust her, then hopping back outside--Bell waiting on counter-opportunities that aren’t materializing, Molly landing the jab, then right cross up top, hooking Cat to the body and breasts--Sims able to put her hands on Bell for a shutout fourth.

R5: Molly gets Cat in the first minute-right cross off the jab as Cat’s stepping back--Bell’s legs rebel, forcing her to set up hurt at the ropes. Sims attacking with gusto, feathering Bell jabs, then ROASTING her to the flanks robust rights and lefts, Cat bobbing forward at the waist, leaning back, she’s shabby with hurt, trying to manage the damage, Sims baring her teeth--she’s POURING it to Cat, lavishing harm to the body, getting inside wipe-hooks against jug, tagging righty to chin as bell’s guard falls apart and BELL GOES  DOWN! Queasy wilt as Cat takes in her chin, then pitches forward onto her face--she’s crazy hurt as Sims jogs to the neutral corner, Wonky 8 Bell--glassy-eyed, wobbly butt, she sets up dukes-at-temples to receive more Molly. Sims rushing in, going to the hips and flanks smartly, batting in behind the elbows, then curling her shots to swipe at jug, chin. Cat buffeted, tilted forward, not moving her head--SHE’S THERE FOR THE TAKING Oh, the PUNCHING--Sims’ tanned limbs lathering side to side, blonde hair tossing, long legs spread wide, weight shifting easily from front foot to back as she hauls in the hurt and CAT GOES DOWN! Bell tottering to all fours until heartless blonde avalanche and Molly CELEBRATES! Sims strutting to neutral corner hands high, face beaming--she’s taking Cat Bell apart! Minute and a half left--Molly a little winded--Bell able to punch n’ clutch her way off the ropes--mugging Molly to run the clock. Works until late--Sims stepping back catches cat a gorgeous little right uppercut, swiveling Cat’s head up and around, sending her reeling face-first into ropes, legs-a-tremble: unrestrained glee in the Sims corner as Mol posts a huge 10-7 fifth.

R6: MOLLY HURTS CAT! Scorching right hands off the jab--Molly leaning into Bell’s chin and driving her sideways to ropes--Cat all loose, foggy, covering up and stooping forward as Sims steps-to. Mol slugging freely now, licking at bell’s hips, lower back, reaching under to push Cat upright then walloping her upside the head, bell reaching under Molly’s arms, reaching behind her head--she’s starting to hold and hit, drawing warnings from as the ref won’t cut veteran any name-recognition slack. second minute less furious--Molly tiring, but still the boss, leaning in with her head on cat’s shoulder and just working the older woman’s midsection little tucking lefts and rights, Mol eases onto back foot to hook Cat’s tits: Bell hooks-with and MOLLY’S HURT! Sims suddenly forlorn, how-could-you eyes pleading--she falters backward as Cat steps-with and jams a right hand over Molly’s retreating left shoulder. Sims tottering out of control, staggering away to her right--Cat hopping after her, chopping right hands to the ear/neck and MOLLY GOES DOWN! Sims sent clattering her side at the ropes, rolling to her back--she’s ragged, pathetic as she tries to flop onto either side and get up but it’s NO GO! Ugly, clubbing KO6 Cat Bell!

After: War-weary Bell breathing a sigh of relief--young lioness had the cougar ready to go, was piling on, when bell’s slick counterpunching saved the day. Cat gracious in victory, recognizing a close run thing--she has a hug and some warm words of encouragement for a devastated Molly Sims in post fight. “That was wild,” Bell admits in post fight, face showing the mark of Molly all over. “I never expected that kind of ferocity from Sims--she’s always been a kind of tactical, tentative fighter from what I’ve seen. She really came after me, but she got careless--you can’t just flail away against the top girls when you get them hurt, that’s when we’re the most dangerous.” So cart, you fought’em both--who’s the better blonde. Tricia Helfer or Molly Sims? “Well…I beat them both by knockout, but Sims showed me things I wasn’t expecting. I think if Molly fights the way she fought tonight, she’ll batter Tricia. Molly’s the better all-around girl I feel.”

Reposted by Archer 11/9/10,

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