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9 January 2001 Title Ch Peta Wilson vs Debra McMichael

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Posted by Simguy on 1/9/2001, 9:00 am.

Before: Peta taking on all comers, gives the venerable McMichael another kick at the cat, but most think Wilson’s got too much mobility to go along with the firepower. Debra undaunted: “When was the last time you saw me favored in a fight? Boxing doesn’t like the fact that I’m associated with wrestling and Vince McMahon, they don’t like the fact that I don’t fit their tiny-minded definition of celebrity, and they don’t like hat I keep knocking out everyone I get I with” Deb coming in chippy--that’s a good sign, McMichael in lavender twist tie sports top, purple boy cut trunks, ponytail--Peta in black aerobics two piece.

During R1,2: Shutout rounds for Peta. Exacting fight plan--Wilson punching in bunches, stepping around her foe, and getting Debra on her heels--McMichael virtually powerless fighting in reverse. Peta sacrificing power to speed, raking the crowsfeet with slicing right hands, and almost finishing up a sequence with a sweep across Deb’s puppies, McMichael unhurt, but taking boatfuls of punches through 2.

R3: Deb on board, finally, grazing Peta’s cheek with that right hand, but Wilson continues to execute brilliantly, Lead right hand on the face, fall away left hooks across the bulging cleavage, step to the side--Deb doesn’t have the answer.

R4: McMichael again scoring early as the girls trader right hands, but Wilson steps it up, hooking and uppercutting the jugs as she steps left, then drilling the right hand as Deb turns into it. Down the stretch, Wilson stands Debra up at the ropes and for the first time McMichael looks to be out of her depth. Hands crossed at her chest, leaning into the ropes, a grimacing Debra McMichael is clouted roughly across her face as Peta wails away two-fisted to the bell.

R5: Debra busted up around the eyes, comes out like a lion, but a few well-placed straight right hands on the mouth back the challenger ropeside for increasingly frightful punishment. Peta so hungry, eyes never leaving Deb’s pain-wracked face as champion pours it onto challenger with both hands. McMichael standing straight up, arms crossed pathetically against her body, leaning back into the ropes just gets BLUDEONED! Ref finally steps in as McMichael swoons out on her feet--TKO Peta Wilson.

After: Very professional outing for Wilson, taking care of the division’s most dangerous dark horse with a precise breaking down period followed by determined power punching to finish. Debra simply outclassed, unable to time the much quicker blonde, and fighting from her heels he entire night got herself stacked and racked against the ropes. Wilson showing an unexpected mean streak, getting after Debra’s breasts with vindictive glee--McMichael didn’t like the constant jug mugging.

Reposted by Archer 11/15/10

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