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Michelle Keegan

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Michelle Keegan

Personal Information
Birth Name
Michelle Elizabeth Benson Keegan
Birth Date June 3, 1987
Birth Place Stockport, Greater Manchester, England, UK
Nationality British
Height 5'4" (1.63 m)
Occupation Actress
Total Fights 45 (B)   47 (F)
Wins 24 (B)   23 (F)
Wins by KO 21 (B)   21 (F)
Losses 21 (B)   24 (F)
Draws 0   (B)    0 (F)

FCBA / BBU Career Highlights


Weight Division


JMD (30E)



Brit Boxing Unlimited (12/2010 to Present)

Beever's Babes (09/13/11 to Present)

Beever's Babes US (01/02/19 to 11/09/19)


Titles Held

BBU Flyweight Title (07/14/11 to 10/29/11)

FCBA "Jugs of Mass Destruction" Title (10/30/15 to 02/26/16)

    1 Successful Defense


Major Rivals


FCBA / BBU Fight History


2010 (1-3-0, 1 KO)

12/13/10. (BBU Flyweight Tournament: Rd1) Def Roxanne Pallett (KO3)

12/13/10. (BBU Flyweight Tournament: Round Robin) Lost to Adele Silva (KO3)

12/13/10. (BBU Flyweight Tournament: Round Robin) Lost to Dannielle Brent (KO7)

12/13/10. (BBU Flyweight Tournament: Round Robin) Lost to Cheryl Cole (KO4)


2011 (9-4-0, 8 KOs)

01/12/11. (BBU by Knowlesey) Def Brittany Snow (KO4)

02/12/11. (BBU by Knowlesey) Lost to Fergie (KO5)

03/11/11. (BBU by Knowlesey) Lost to Rachel Bilson (KO4)

04/08/11. (BBU by Knowlesey) Lost to Gemma Merna (KO8)

05/17/11. (BBU by Knowlesey) Def Selena Gomez (KO5)

07/06/11. (BBU by Knowlesey) Def Nikki Sanderson  (TKO7)

07/10/11. (BBU International Bout: London) Def JoJo (KO4)

07/14/11. (BBU Flyweight Title Bout) Def Ch Gemma Merna (KO4)

08/23/11. (Non-Title BBU: Dublin, Ire.) Def Emily Browning (KO6)

10/16/11. (BBU Stable Flyweight Tournament: Quarterfinals by Vassago) Def Heidi Range (TKO5)

10/22/11. (BBU Stable Flyweight Tournament: Semi-Finals by Archer) Def Kara Tointon (KO3)

10/29/11. (BBU Stable Flyweight Tournament: Finals. Title Fight by Knowlesey) Lost to Adele Silva (KO9)

11/17/11. (BBU Bout, Cardiff, Wales UK) Def Yuu Tejima (Split Dec)


2012 (2-7-0, 1 KO)

02/12/12. (BBU Flyweight Title) (Vassago) Lost to Ch Tiffany Mulheron (KO8)

02/26/12. (BBU International Bout by Knowlesey) Lost to Hayden Panettiere (KO5)

08/05/12. (BBU Bout by Knowlesey) Def Miley Cyrus (UD10)

09/17/12. (BBU Bout by Knowlesey) Def Hitomi Aizawa (KO6)

09/18/12. (BBU Bout by Knowlesey) Lost to Haruna Yabuki (KO3)

09/19/12. (BBU Bout by Knowlesey) Lost to Mikie Hara (TKO7)

10/02/12. (BBU Bout by Jeremy) Lost to Nikki Sanderson (KO10)

11/28/12. (BBU Ryder Cup) Lost to Nina Dobrev (KO4)

12/05/12. (BBU Bodysaddle Bout by Knowlesey) Lost to Miley Cyrus (KO6)


2013 (7-0-0, 6 KOs)

01/31/13. (BBU Bout by Knowlesey) Def Havana Brown (TKO8) 

03/14/13. (BBU Bout by Knowlesey) Def Tiffany Mulheron (UD10)

03/20/13. (BBU Bout by Knowlesey) Def Roxanne Pallett (KO2)

04/24/13. (BBU Bout by Knowlesey) Def Melissa Debling (KO4)

07/16/13. (BBU Bout by Knowlesey) Def Rose Byrne (TKO6)

08/31/13. (BBU Bout by Knowlesey) Def Jodi Albert (TKO5)

09/06/13. (BBU Bout by Knowlesey) Def Rhiannon Fish (KO9)


2014 (BBU: 2-2-0, 2 KO / FCBA: 3-3-0, 2 KO)

01/18/14. (BBU Bout by Knowlesey) Lost to Shona McGarty (TKO9)

05/19/14. (BBU Monday Night Boxing) Def Victoria Justice (KO8)

07/27/14. (BBU Boxing on the Beach by Vassago) Lost to Nikki Sanderson (KO8)

08/15/14. (BBU Boxing on the Beach by Vassago) Def Gemma Merna (KO6)

09/26/14. (FCBA Debut by Lookout & Knowlesey) Def Jamie Chung (UD10)

10/15/14. (FCBA: Lookout & Knowlesey) Def Adelaide Kane (KO9)

10/31/14. (FCBA: Lookout & The Wiz) Lost to Kristen Stewart (KO8)

11/28/14. (FCBA: Lookout & Knowlesey) Lost to Ashley Benson (KO6)

12/05/14. (FCBA: Lookout & Knowlesey) Def Willa Holland (KO8)

12/26/14. (FCBA: Lookout & Knowlesey) Lost to Sarah Carter (KO6)


2015 (FCBA: 5-2-0, 4 KOs)

02/06/15. (Lookout & Knowlesey) Lost to Jennette McCurdy (KO10)

02/27/15. (Lookout & Knowlesey) Def Jenna Dewan (KO5)

05/01/15. (Lookout & Vassago) Def Miranda Cosgrove (KO6)

06/26/15. (Lookout & Knowlesey) Lost to Hayden Panettiere (UD10)

08/16/15. (Lookout & Vassago) Def Emilia Clarke (UD10)

10/30/15. (JMD Title) (Lookout & Simgrrl) Def Ch Lindsay Lohan (KO5)

12/30/15. (JMD Title) (Lookout & OddManOut) Def Christina Ricci (TKO6)


2016 (FCBA: 4-4-0, 4 KO)

02/26/16. (JMD Title) (Lookout & OddMan) Lost to Jennette McCurdy (KO9)

03/28/16. (JMD Bout by Lookout & Front Street) Lost to Jenna-Louise Coleman (KO8)

04/29/16. (Lookout & Knowlesey) Def Demi Lovato (KO8)

05/27/16. (Lookout & Knowlesey) Def Helen Flanagan (KO8)

07/01/16. (Lookout & Knowlesey) Def Ashley Benson (KO8)

10/14/16. (Beever's Babes US vs Foxfire/PLP) (Lookout & Knowlesey) Def Sarah Carter (KO8)

11/18/16. (Lookout & Knowlesey) Lost to Hayden Panettiere (KO8)

12/09/16. (Lookout & Knowlesey) Lost to Kaili Thorne (KO6)


2017 (FCBA: 4-2-0, 4 KO)

01/01/17. (Body Paint On The Beach) (Lookout & OddMan) Lost to Selena Gomez (KO9)

03/01/17. (Lookout & Knowlesey) Lost to Briana Evigan (KO8)

03/31/17. (Lookout & Knowlesey) Def Cassie Scerbo (KO7)

07/29/17. (Lookout & Vassago) Def Allison Scagliotti (KO6)

08/26/17. (Lookout & Vassago) Def Kendra Wilkinson (KO4)

12/29/17. (Lookout & Vassago) Def Daniella Monet (TKO3) (Submission)


2018 (FCBA: 4-4-0, 4 KO)

03/02/18. (Lookout & Knowlesey) Lost to Lily Collins (KO7)

04/21/18. ("JMD(D) Queendom VI PPV") (Lookout & Vassago) Def Jessica Simpson (KO4)

04/27/18. (Lookout & Knowlesey) Lost to Miley Cyrus (KO7)

06/30/18. (Lookout & Front Street) Lost to Michelle Williams (KO8)

07/27/18. (Lookout & Girls Friday) Def Elizabeth Henstridge (KO5)

09/28/18. (Lookout & Vassago) Def Leighton Meester (KO4)

11/30/18. (Lookout & Vassago) Def Emilie de Ravin (KO5)

12/28/18. (Lookout & Vassago) Lost to Kristin Kreuk (KO5)


2019 (BBU: 2-4-0, 2 KO / FCBA: 1-3-0, 1 KO)

01/06/19. (Celebrity Boxing After Dark) (Lookout/Knowlesey) Lost to Demi Lovato (KO7)

02/22/19. (Lookout & Knowlesey) Lost to Mila Kunis (KO6)

03/28/19. (BBU Garden Of Wrath PPV) (Vassago/Caspian) Lost to Diana Korkunova (KO8)

04/17/19. (Babes vs Lionesses) (Lookout/Knowlesey) Def Mandy Capristo (KO6)

05/31/19. (Lookout & Knowlesey) (Body Saddle Bout) Lost to Selena Gomez (KO4)

07/12/19. (Fight Night Live: Worlds Collide PPV) (Lookout/Girls Friday) Def Anna Kendrick (KO6)

08/07/19. (BBU Grudge Bout by Knowlesey) Lost to Inna (KO7)

11/27/19. (BBU Unbound PPV) (BBU JMD Title Eliminator by Vassago) Def Holly Hagan (KO5)

12/19/19. (BBU Bout by Knowlesey) Lost to Mollie King (TKO6)

12/26/19. (BBU Boxing Day PPV) (BBU JMD Title) (Lookout/Vassago) Lost to Ch Charlotte Church (KO5)


2020 (BBU: 1-1-0, 1 KO / FCBA: 2-6-0, 2 KO)

01/31/20. (Lookout & Caspian) (JMD) Lost to Kyra Santoro (KO5)

03/25/20. (BBU Winter Thaw PPV) (JMD) (Vassago) Def Cheryl Cole (KO8)

03/27/20. (Lookout & Knowlesey) Def Jessica Chastain (KO6)

03/29/20. (Apartment Lingerie Boxing by cbr) vs Kristin Kreuk

05/29/20. (Lookout & Caspian) Lost to Emma Watson (KO4)

06/12/20. (Fight Night Live: Sin City Rollers PPV) (Lookout & Girls Friday) Lost to Scarlett Johansson (KO5)

06/24/20. (BBU Battlelines PPV) (JMD) (Lookout & Girls Friday) Lost to Sophia Bush (KO5)

06/26/20. (Lookout & Emilia) Lost to Odeya Rush (KO7)

09/26/20. (Lookout & Knowlesey) (JMD) Lost to Anna Nystrom (KO6)

10/30/20. (Lookout & Knowlesey) Def Debby Ryan (KO6)

11/30/20. (Lookout & The Wiz) Lost to Ariel Winter (KO5)

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