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9 December 1999 Christina Ricci vs Leann Rimes

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Posted by Simguy on Thursday, 09-Dec-1999 08:28:58

Before; Least experienced member of TE takes on a solid pug in Ricci. Ricci itching to bludgeon one of Dani’s assets in payback, makes no bones about taking the fight as a way to get at Fishel, Rimes in light blue adidas terrycloth trunks, white sports bra, Ricci in black sports bra, red trunks, black hair.

During R1: Christina going forehead to forehead with Rimes, making the singer slug at close range and it’s no contest. Ricci with cudgeling fury batters Rimes to the ropes, curling her punches in on Leanne, and midway through the round has Rimes hurt from a pounding right in the cheek., gritty effort from Leanne down the stretch sees her stuff right hands into Ricci’s bra, but she leaves the round wobbly, and don the points.

R2: Ricci continues to feast, bodying up, digging left hands to the soft midsection of her foe, and shoulder-shucking Leanne onto her heels early. Midway through the round as the girls kiss clubbing lefts and rights off one another, Rimes drops an overhand right onto Ricci’s face, stunning the brunette and knocking her backwards several steps. Rimes rushing in, pushes a groggy Ricci up against the ropes and SAILS into the gut with wide lefts and rights, AND RICCI GOES DOWN!! Christina up at 8, but wide-eyed and wobbly-butt, covers up and takes to the bell.

R3: Both girls looking shaky, and Ricci slows the pace bodying up on Leanne, holding her close and slugging to the singer’s hips and midriff with short right hands out of the clinch. Rimes content to lay in and take the odd shot, keeps her chin on Ricci’s shoulder and gives away the round.

R4: Ricci continues to dominate in close, fighting off Leanne’s chest, putting punches together at the belt line. Rimes giving ground, begins to fight long stretches with her back to the ropes, unable to clinch,, just covering up and taking, Ricci working both sides of her opponent, reaching in, pulling the arms away, then reefing double lefts or rights ala Tyson. Another shutout, with feeling, for Ricci.

R5: rimes opens with a stunning overhand fight, following up clapping lefts and rights to the jaw as Ricci stumbles back in retreat. Ricci hurt, covering up, and Leanne goes to town with big booming left and right roundhouses, turning her whole torso into the blows, then coming back the other way as Ricci looks to bob underneath. Chris with a bleeding lip, looks a little shellshocked this round--clearly not anticipating this kind of fight from Rimes.

R6: Big swinging shutout from Rimes as she lets her hands go, and Ricci has trouble with the flood of haymakers, Rimes abandoning good balance and technique, often swings herself off stride, but Ricci doing nothing to counter. Rimes with some stuff left hands to the gut has Ricci hurt at the end of the round as she sits pouting on the ropes.

R7: Rimes continues to swing away, growing in confidence each and every minute,, Ricci giving ground, doesn’t look comfortable moving backward, and Leanne once again slugs her to the ropes. Rimes missing over the ropes with the right hand, comes back with the left hook from behind her back, but Ricci times her perfectly, twisting into a shorter hook off the teeth that drops Rimes for a sweet 8. Leanne up but devastated, comes out looking to trade in desperation. Ricci showing some cool, punches with the hurt blonde, beating her to lefts and rights, snapping back Rimes’ face, and the blonde plunges past the brunette to land face first in the ropes. Ricci stepping in with murderous right hands, pounds Rimes into oblivion as the blonde is entangled and can’t go down, Ref steps in as Rimes slips into slumber--Ricci pulls away snarling in victory. KO7 Christina R.

After: Better effort from Rimes as she had Ricci hurt and confused at points. Ricci with shorter punches, and good killer instincts, finishes off the kuid with bad intentions late.

Reposted by Archer 12/23/10.

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