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23 December 2006 Kelly Brook vs Estella Warren

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Posted by Simguy on 12/23/2006, 2:08 pm

Before: Estella one motivated blonde--taste of victory in her last outing has Warren hungry for more. “We see a lot of Kelly at HISC,” warren relates in preflight, “she’s definitely someone you need to be able to handle here, because she’s on all our watch-lists, She’s strong, but I think I’m stronger, and I know I’m the better boxer. I’m winning right now and I’m not about to let Kelly steal my thunder--she’s definitely going down.”

Brook resplendent in preflight photoshoots--coming in with nicely toned tummy to compliment her Rolls-Royce jugs--absolutely no “problem areas” o on buxom Brit for this one. “I’m taking care of myself now,” Kelly says, referring to the days when she may have gotten by on her zaftig superstructure and neglected the rest of the chassis. “I’m eating right, I’ve got a new trainer--I’m hitting harder and looking better than ever, I think it’s cute that Estella wants to win--that’s so darling of her, When I put her to sleep, it will be exquisite to watch her come ‘round and realize her dreams have been shattered. Again!”

Brook in white underwire bikini; soft white boxing moccasins with fur-lined top and pom-tassles. Estella in tan suede western motif bikini with fringes; soft sheepskin boxing moccasins, White gloves, both vixens.

During R1: Warren a little startled to be out-jabbed in early going: signs of improvement from Kelly as she steps her poke I hard, pounding it to blonde face and upper chest. Warren legging away, eyes narrowed in concentration--Brook able to step-over, cut off the ring and sweep a thudding right hand roundhouse thick against Estella’s flank. Middle minute sees Kelly work Estella in stages to ropes: blonde covers up dukes at eyebrows--brunette leans in with her noggin, fists stacked one atop the other at her belly, elbows out wide for a rousing shove-and-slug sequence. Brook nice and brawny here--bumping Estella with either shoulder, nudging her the elbows, gouging punches into her with flat-knuckle, bandy-armed delivery. Warren baring her teeth in grimace as she’s soundly body-beaten--finally spinning off the ropes as crowd applauds Kelly’s efforts. Estella hopping to her right--Kelly swings a wide, gathering hook--clouting blonde across her mouth--Warren shunted off balance, clatters into a fresh set of ropes as Brook hungrily wades in. More smashing ribs and tummy work, then a sparkling right uppercut to Warren’s chin: Estella suddenly  limp, sags hurt against the ropes--desperately clinching up around Kelly’s head, Brook working hard to keep hands free--Warren knock-kneed, staring as she bogs Brit down at the bell. Kelly pounding mitts together as she struts confidently to her corner--Estella shaking her blonde curls, trying to clear her head after sponging bell to bell.

R2: Estella doesn’t shrink from Kelly’s pressure--blonde committing to her own jab with renewed vigor, pounds back Brook’s face as girls edge in together. Both willing to lean forehead-in, hands bumping and elbow-budging inside--both girls punctuating sequences with scraping right uppercuts. Warren starting to back Kelly up,, and as Brook steps back--she’s taking a fat, clouting hook in her breasts as Estella steps-with. Strong blonde pursuit rights the ship--Kelly out jabbed, outworked as girls set a surprisingly busy pace through 2.

R3: Similar stuff--Warren deciding ro be aggressive, jabbing-with Kelly early--little extra blonde reach starting to tell as Brook’s getting pre-empted. Kelly able to work when girls lean in--b ut Estella not shrinking--she’s lashing at Kelly’s body, putting a wan grimace of hurt on beautiful Brit’s face/ Not a jug-mugging per se, but Estella’s always in there--parting Brooks breasts with thudding jabs; hooking Brook’s breasts whenever Kelly steps back; putting a little side to side scrubbage on ‘em as Estella stacks her mitts right-on-left, leans forward and rubs away back-and-forth, Brook still standing very loud, thudding single-shot left hooks in behind Estella’s elbow on occasion--but Kelly’s right hand basically quiet as Warren dictates the terms through 3.

R4: Warren back on top with the jab, really punishing Kelly, knocking her head back with authority, buckling Brook’s knees, Kelly lumping up nicely, looking a little frazzled--she’s just not the same fighter when she can’t come forward and be first. Warren calm,. Colour high, breathing through pursed lips as she steps in hard jabs, leans into short right hands, carves back into Kelly’s body that lanky hook. All starting to add up as Kelly visibly deteriorates, stumbling wobbly but away from blonde heat. Midway through, Brook’s pawing her jab, trying to load up her right hand--telegraphed intentions as well read by Warren. Kelly cocks the right, but she’s tapped a jab in her mouth and beaten to the punch as Estella dives in all long and lean with her pre-emptive right--Brook corkscrewing, right hand waving limp through the air as she twists gloriously to the mat, sprawling to her back, Crowd roaring to its feet: Kelly relaxing into the KO--arms outstretched, heavy breasts sloshing gently to a stop as Warren struts past, nostrils flaring. KO4 in spectacular fashion--Estella Warren.

After: Warren circling fallen Kelly, staring in fascination at Brook’s helpless repose--crack HBO camera staff zoom in, neatly capturing Estella’s nipples hardening into relief beneath her swimsuit top. Precision whack has Estella 2-0 in her last two starts, looking like a new woman at welter. “She started strong, VERY strong,” a fresh-faced Estella admits in post fight. “Two rounds of me pounding her body took care of that though--I really broke Kelly down tonight. I knew she wanted right hands--that’s all she ever wants--so I was basically looking to punch-with and knock her out once she started loading up. When I catch you like I caught Kelly tonight--you’re definitely going to go. Putting Kelly on her back was huge for me--I’m loving what I was able to do with her tonight.”

Reposted by Archer 12/24/10.

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