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1 December 2006 Tyra Banks vs Mariah Carey

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Posted by Simguy on 12/1/2006, 7:01 am.

Carey in green bikini with gold filigree highlights
Tyra in purple push up, purple low-rise hipster bottoms

KO1 Carey

Tyra came in the biggest and curviest of her career in a fight that promised MegaCeleb Diva fireworks. We got the fireworks--brief, brutal and decisive as Mariah pounded Tyra senseless in just under 3 minutes.

Hurt in seconds by a crashing Carey right hand--Banks would sustain a pulverizing series of Mariah follow-ups, culminating in the fight’s first knockdown inside the minute mark. Tyra was stunned, rickety getting up--she simply couldn’t believe what was happening to her. Carey was seething, chest heaving, lips snarling--you couldn’t have hoped for a more picturesque zaftig beauty as she waded back into Tyra after her 8.

Banks spilled across the ring, unable to stand her ground. Another knockdown followed first as Tyra sprawled to her back under a haphazard avalanche of gonging power-punches--Mariah pitching forward behind the inertial weight of her jugs to trample her downed foe. A reeling Tyra fought her way off the canvas, but was soon staggering away from an enraged Carey--Mariah was simply irresistible, pouring her curvature at Tyra without mercy. Carey stepped into her right cross, smashing Banks across the face, turning her nearly 180 degrees to send Tyra careening into ropes--and there Mariah finished thing. A  monstrous beat down ensued--with Mariah pounding at Tyra’s belly and breasts--beating away at banks as Tyra relaxes into the ropes, her arms drooping uselessly before her, Helpless, defenceless-=-Banks was bludgeoned to the canvas where she laid down in a puddle of broken supermodel. Carey’s roaring celebration was almost as much a treat as the fight itself: always good to see Mariah excited and jumping around.

Reposted by Archer 12/26/10.

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