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14 November 1999 Charisma Carpenter vs Fabiana Udenio

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Charisma Carpenter 1.jpg

Posted by Simguy on Sunday, 14-Nov-1999 16:52:51

Thanks to FightFan for this repost

(You will have seen Fabiana in Austin Powers I, and currently on the soon-to-be-cancelled cheesefest Amazon. She's had the usual round of bimbo guest shots: Baywatch, Seinfeld, Babylon 5. Imagine a tall, very thin, grossly overendowed Salma Hayek, and you've got her.)

Before: Fabiana best known for on set brawls with Pam Anderson and Liz Hurley, is chosen by Team Carpenter as a confidence builder following the wreckage of the Dunning debacle. Carpenter similarly built, but more muscular, and possessed of superior technique is well set up for victory and can make some money on this tune up as Udenio is a crowd pleaser. Fabiana in blue and pink pastel push up bikini, Carpenter in black beach volleyball 2 piece, slicked back ponytail.

During R1: Udenio with outrageous side to side hacks, setting her Sable-esque jugs into motion, nevertheless gets the better of Carpenter who looks tentative to start. Fabiana getting away with easy-to-counter lefts and rights, has her slugging way with Charisma early.

R2: Charisma jabbing, then dropping the hook onto Fabiana's chest, but getting churned across the face as Udenio keeps up the amateurish attack. Fabiana fighting with clenched teeth, swats left and right, pasting Charisma's face this way and that in between Carpenter's straighter, sharper punches. Late in the round, a single Carpenter hook turns Fabiana's head and the exotic brunette scoots to her butt with a stunned expression.

R3: Carpenter yet to go to the body in a serious way, continues to lay down the single jab, splitting Fabiana's lower lip early. Udenio useless at cutting off the ring, only effective when Carpenter stands to trade, and late in the round, Fabiana rocks the brunette with a short right hand off the cheek.

R4: Fabiana lights Charisma up with a jolting short right hand, then follows up with clubbing hooks to stagger the former champ. Charisma gets out of dodge with upperbody bobs, scoring with counter hooks behind the movement. Down the stretch, Carpenter is steering Fabiana with the jab, but Charisma shakes her head at the bell in frustration.

R5: Charisma switching focus to Fabiana's slim waist, and the girls stand and bang at close range. Fabiana picking Carpenter up with tight uppercuts, but Carpenter slowly imposes her
will, pitching in that sidearm right hand from the hip to Fabiana's sternum at the bell.

R6,7: Charisma Carpenter just sort of falls asleep, backing off, covering up, and inexplicably letting Fabiana go to town on her. Udenio working with her wide swinging lefts and rights, has carpenter covering up right in front of her, and the (Italian?) scores meaty sounding bombs up and down Carpenter's sides as the brunette leans in with gloves at her face. Udenio showing poor punch selection, would be well served with an uppercut, but continues to just pound around the guard - Carpenter doing nothing to discourage her.

R8: Carpenter still coming forward with that tight guard, but more useful with her torso, bodying up, digging with single swipes at Udenio's ribs, then covering up and leaning in again. Fabiana still swinging away, but Carpenter too close, and Udenio can't connect clean. Methodical beat down has Fabiana sucking wind as Carpenter wears down the midsection with heavy handed potshots.

R9: Charisma finally opening up, ripping the double left hook to buckle Fabiana's legs this round. Carpenter a little looser with her hands inside, able to snap off combinations, and stepping over to the left to sling that right hand into Udenio's solar plexus. Fabiana getting beaten up this round, looks deflated at the bell.

R10: Charisma covers up, letting Fabiana shower her with wide blows, soaking up Udenio's last reserves, then taking over on the inside. Charisma bodying up, slugs lefts and rights up into Fabiana's belly, beating the brunette to the ropes, and leaving her helpless down the stretch. All Charisma as she pounds away, using her bony shoulder to lever Udenio back for compact inside punches. Carpenter indulging in wicked little uppercuts to the breasts, has Fabiana sobbing at the bell - Carpenter awarded the unanimous decision.

After: Less than impressive outing from Charisma as she is extended by the beautiful, but limited Fabiana. Carpenter showing none of the killer instinct that allowed her to humble the likes of Gershon, Pressly and Theron, may still have lingering doubts from the Dunning bout

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