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24 December 1999 Cameron Diaz vs Carey Lowell

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Cameron Diaz 04.jpgCarey Lowell 02.jpg


Posted by Simguy on Friday, 24-Dec-1999 11:42:53

Thanks to FightFan for this repost

Before: Cam trying to fight her way out of depression reportedly haunted over the last few weeks by her let down against GLN. Lowell not a big threat, but a solid girl you wouldn't want to have a let down against. Carey looking more or less in former Bond girl shape, hair a little longer, ponytail. Both girls in Jantzen athletic bikinis - green and yellow striped for Cameron, red and white for Carey.

During R1: Cam out circling, bouncing, licking lazily with a slapping jab, and taking Lowell's measure. Carey with a high, robotic guard, huffs and puffs around the ring, finally banging away with lefts and rights to the waist at the bell in a tactical first.

R2: Cam with loose limbed power, clouts Carey coming in with a rising, double left hook on the chin to put Lowell funky. Carey stopped in her tracks, covers up, and circles the wagons as Diaz steps around and launches lead rights, left hook potshots to the bell. Lowell coming up cut over the left eye - tastes the power of Diaz handspeed this round.

R3, 4, 5: Virtual shutouts for Diaz as she works on Lowell's eye with the jab, mixing it up with jolting lead right hands on the mouth or bridge of the nose. Lowell getting picked apart, degenerating more with each passing minute as her guard begins to droop, eyes begin to swell, legs begin to plod. Diaz always in motion, fists banging hard against Lowell's skull, and never once venturing to the brunette's body. Carey getting discouraged, just doesn't have any answers.

R6: Cam completes her destruction of Carey's left eye, closing it with banging lead right hands to open the round. Diaz wheeling around Lowell, stopping to whip and lash her combinations, then stepping out to circle. Midway through the round, bouncing left, hands down, Cam stops and strides into a right hand from the hip, bouncing the shot hard off Carey's mouth as the brunette plows forward. Lowell stunned, hands at her waist, and Diaz turns her lanky body into wide lefts and rights, smacking the confused brunette senseless as she stands right there. Lowell sinking to her knees as her head is smacked back and forth, and Carey gives it up - Cameron struts away with the KO6.

After: Good return to form for Diaz - crystal chin never came into play as she treats Carey shabby in this one. Lowell not getting any younger, may be doomed to this sort of thing when contenders are looking for girls to give them a few rounds.

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