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Foxfire Boxing

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Foxfire Boxing
Stable Information
 July 15, 2007
Owner Marvin Fox



When longtime FCBA fan Marvin Fox won a huge multi-state lottery it was only natural for him to use the money to start his own FCBA boxing stable. He began on 7/15/07 with veteran VIRGINA MADSEN as his Head Trainer. It will be noted that Mr. Fox showed and has continued to show a tendency to sign fighters cast off by other stables.

The initial line-up consisted of:

SARAH CARTER: Flyweight, former member of The Mountees
RACHEL MCADAMS: Bantamweight: former member of The Mountees
MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD: Lightweight: Unmanaged in her debut season.
NATASHA HENSTRIDGE: Welterweight: Ms. Henstridge, formerly with The Mountees, was a reluctant member, who soon (8/10/07) departed  to be replaced by:
MANDY MOORE (formerly with Kim's Krushers).

Also announced that first day was a “letter of intent” for:
HAYDEN PANETTIERE: Flyweight, At the time, Ms. Panettiere was only 17 and did not formerly join the FCBA until 8/16/10 at which time she also signed with Foxfire.
Coming with Ms. Panettiere was her personal trainer and friend, veteran street fighter DANIELLE HARRIS, who has since become an occasional fighter for Foxfire, and more recently (2010) Assistant Communications Director.

In September: Foxfire hired BETH HARNOIS as it’s Communications Director (she was given the additional title of General Manager in 2010)  Interestingly, although her previous ring career was mostly noted for it's publicity-gaining antics, Ms. Harnois has enjoyed a surprisingly successful 2010 ring campaign.

On 9/10/07, Foxfire signed former Ligthtweight champion  JENNIFER GARNER, after she had been released by the HISC organization..

On 5/18/08. Foxfire signed lightweight LAURA VANDERVOORT (who had begun her FCBA career in 2007 with the short-lived DRESDEN’S CRIMSON FURIES).

In June of 2009, Foxfire was pleased to enable the comeback of legendary bantam Dani FISHEL (who had retired in late 2007 when the TE stable dissolve) by signed . The organization also added former Tech Unlimited lightweight RACHEL NICHOLS in July of 2009 Also that month, former champion NIA PEEPLES was hired as Assistant Trainer for Foxfir's flyweights. (In 2010, Ms. Peeples begun consulting with other organizations such as RiRy Boxing).


In March 2012, Foxfire decided to augment its bantamweight ranks with the addition of ELOISE MUMFORD

Foxfire takes great pride in having won titles in all four FCBA divisions: (Flyweight: Carter & Panettiere; Bantam: Rachel McAdams; Lightweight: Garner & Winstead; Welter: Mandy Moore).

Being a large organization, Foxfire Boxing is not without it’s  internal rivalries: Carter & Panettiere at flyweight and Vandervoort and Winstead at lightweight. However, when the situation demands it, the Foxfire ladies know when to stick (and fight) together.


In 2012, Foxfire signed Eloise Mumford as a bantamweight prospect, while Jennifer Garner retired in early September, but later than month (9/21/12) was announced as the organization's new General Manager.


In 2013, Foxfire signed Clare Bowen as a flyweight prospect. Later in the year, Foxfire signed former Academy lightweight/welter Candice Swanepoel).


In January 2015 both Bowen & Mumford were released and replaced by new signing Alexandra Daddario from the defunct Rampant Fighting. In addition Adelaide Kane and Willa Holland switched over from Pretty Little Punchers Inc. as future title prospects.


In December 2016 the signing of young lightweight Sophie Turner formerly with Gemnini Boxing was announced. In addition, Rachel Nichols surprised many with her retirement from active fighting and her appointment as Assistant Trainer for Lightweights & Welters.


On 01/04/2018 Foxfire announced the signing of young bantamweight Natalie Alyn Lynd and the release of bantamweight Willa Holland.


On 07/03/19. Foxfire announced the signing of young flyweight Danielle Rose Russell.



Weight Division







Sarah Carter: (Flyweight) (07/15/07 - Present)

Alexandra Daddario: (Lightweight) (01/28/15 to Present)

Danielle Fishel: (Bantamweight) (06/24/09 - Present)

Jennifer Garner: (Lightweight) (09/10/07 - Present)

Natalie Alyn Lind: (Bantamweight) (01/04/18 to Present)

Rachel McAdams: (Bantamweight) (07/17/07 - Present)

Bailee Madison: (Bantamweght/Office Assistant): (2018 to Prsent)_

Mandy Moore: (Welterweight) (08/10/07 - Present)

Hayden Panettiere: (Flyweight) (8/16/07 - Present)

Danielle Rose Russell (Flyweight): (07/03/19-Present)

Candice Swanepoel: (Lightweight/Welterweight) (07/09/13 - Present)

Sophie Turner: Lightweight (12/17/16-Present)

Laura Vandervoort: (Bantam/Lightweight) (05/18/08 - Present)

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: (Lightweight) (07/15/07 - Present)


Former Members:
Clare Bowen: (Flyweight) (01/01/12 to 01/31/15)

Danielle Harris: (Flyweight) (03/08 to 09/16/11)

Eloise Mumford: (Bantamweight) (03/25/12 to 01/31/15)

Willa Holland: (Bantamweight) (01/31/15 to 01/04/18)

Adelaide Kane: (Flyweight) (01/31/15 05/28/18)



General Manager: 

Jennifer Garner (09/21/12 to Present)



Virginia Madsen: (07/15/07 - Present)

Nia Peeples: (07/23/09 - Present)

Rachel Nichols : (Lightweight) (07/10/09 -pRESENT)


Director of Communications

Elisabeth Harnois: (09/2007 - Present)


Assistant Director of Communications

Danielle Harris (2010 - 2011)


General Manager

Elisabeth Harnois (2010 - Present)





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