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RiRy Boxing

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RiRy Boxing

Stable Information


May 22, 2010

Disbanded 2009
Owner Vulcan
E-mail contact  


RiRy Boxing was an active FCBA stable from 2009 to 2011.  Originally known as started as Starline Boxing, it ceased operation as it has only one manager and quite some fighters to attend to. Unknown rumors indicate the manager had a nervous brakedown.

After the demise of Starline two members of that stable - namely Christina Ricci and Winona Ryder - decided to move on creating their own stable. Hence the stable name - Ri(cci)Ry(der) Boxing.

RiRy later on took Hannah Spearritt and Elodie Frege on board. The stable also has regular friends at their gym for training but won't go to big after Starline's example. 


Sadly, the group announced its dissolution on 7/5/11.



Weight Division





Elodie Frege: (9/6/10 - 3/19/2011)

Christina Ricci: (2008 - 2009; 5/22/10 - 7/5/11)

Winona Ryder: (2008 - 2009; 5/22/10 - 7/5/11)

Hannah Spearitt: (2009; 6/5/10 - 7/5/11)


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