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20 October 2000 Title Nia Peeples vs Charlotte Ross

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Posted by Simguy on 10/20/2000, 10:38 pm.

Before: Peeples out of retirement AGAIN, paired with Ross for a matchup that has all the makings of a Somme-like toe-to-toe struggle. Pick ‘em bout at this stage of Nia’s career, she’s maybe lost the half step she once had on Charlotte, making for what should be a crowd pleasing slugfest. Nia with hair back in tight ponytail, slick back two-piece track outfit--Charlotte in teal sports bra, navy track trunks, ponytail.

During R1: Both girls want to establish themselves inside--fierce struggle for dominance explodes midring as they hunker down and rip it up to body to body. Taking turns bashing away with short 2 and 3 punch bursts, shouldering one another in a tight circle, it’s Ross emerging slowly the stronger as peeps starts to take. By the final minute, Charlotte the boss--Nia covered up and turning her body to take punches on her obliques--round ends with Peeples’ bottom touching rope while Ross gets off with grunting authority. At the bell, Charlotte all sweaty smiles and confident swagger--Nia grimacing and hurt, slumping on her stool in evident discomfort.

R2: Shutout Charlotte Ross and another bruising 3-minurte body punching clinic for Nia. Peeples covered up, elbows in tight, rolling her chassis to take punches in her sides as Ross steps with retreating brunette all around the ring. Charlotte hunting solar plexus, then curling her punches around Nia’s elbows to dig at her ribs, works busily to carve out the brunette’s midsection with short, crunching blows.

R3: Peeps turns the tables, dancing to her left, alms out and showing Ross a sick and move look to finesse the shutout. Charlotte not adjusting, assuming Nia will settle down at some point--Peeples hooking off her jab, turning the blonde midring and fighting from angles, winning the round with her underrated skills at distance.

R4: Another shutout Nia. Peeples still boxing, pumping out double jabs, dropping the right cross, then stepping left with her left hand on Charlotte’s elbow for neat Spadafora-like turns. Nia not punishing Charlotte much, but she has the blonde contained, and is sinking in the odd calling-card hook to the stomach. Ross frustrated at the bell--corner tells her to pick up the pace.

R5: Ross getting the jump, stuns Nia in crashing exchange of hooks and Peeples wobbles groggily to the ropes to cover up. Bruising beat down from Ross as she stays squared up on top of her foe--Nia sliding along the ropes, hunching forward and giving it up along her tender sides. Ross really turning her hips into withering body shots, has Peeples crying out on occasion as the brunette’s legs spasm threateningly throughout the bombardment. Ross leaving Nia trembling at the bell, but Charlotte’s arms are humming as well--Peeples soaking up the blonde’s hardest shots in this round.

R6: Nia pours it on, going shoulder to shoulder, digging furiously at the blonde’s waisttline--right hand curling outside the blonde’s elbow to splash loudly against the kidney, left hand jerking up the middle to bang that sternum. Ross goes wobbly butt, mouth open in astonishment as Nia punches her into a daze and Peeples feels her foe buckling! Nia pouring it ion as Ross crumples t the ropes, lefts and rights ripping in to the stomach, then coming upstairs to clout the blonde’s jaw. Charlotte overwhelmed, goes limp after a flush hook on the chin drops her hands numb to her waist--tardy ref lets this go WAY too long as Nia pounds Ross into a stupor with almost a dozen follow up bombs at the ropes. Nia finally pushed away, leaps for joy as a battered Charlotte Ross collapses, out in the Ref’s arms. KO6 Nia Peeples.

After: Brutality on demand, but Peeples showing great versatility to turn things around after Charlotte’s fast start. Boxing and slugging, Peeples worked angles, used her legs and head to offset the surprising power of the blonde’s inside game. Heartbreak for Ross as she had landed the harder blows up until he fateful sixth.

Reposted by Archer 1/11/11.

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