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20 October 2000 Title Sarah Michelle Gellar vs Kelly Packard

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Posted by Simguy on 10/20/2000, 11:51 pm.

Before: Classiest fighters in the division square off for the Reebok belt--purists rejoice, but slippery blondes have the wherewithal to make this a tedious chess match. Black string bikini for Kelli, white string bikini tight ponytail for Sarah.

During R1: Dazzling display of defensive sorcery, but plenty of punches thrown as girls work hard midring. Packard lankier, shooting right hands then bending down to put her head in close to Gellar’s right elbow to slip receipts--Sarah trying for combinations, stepping around her punches and giving the taller blonde angles. Packard scores the majority of the few blows that land--nobody even close to hurt.

R2: Kelly more authoritative--Gellar clearly puzzled by Packard’s reach and sinewy bobbing torso--Sarah forced to retreat, getting nicked as Kelly finds the range with the jab and spearing right cross.  Final m minute, Packard lands the first real punch of the fight--a juicy lick across the chops that catches Sarah looking-clean right hand lifts Gellar’s lead foot off the canvas and has her clinching at the bell.

R3: Packard stalking now--Gellar busted up slightly and looking tentative as the lanky blonde walks her down. Kelly feints and catches Gellar leaning back with another spearing right at the end of the first minute, driving Buffy awkwardly backwards. Packard putting long slinging combinations together rights and lefts licking to the breasts and face of her optioning--Sarah shining up facially as Packard’s nibbling adds up.

R4: Brilliant round of boxing goes as a draw as neither girl can impose her will. Sarah fades the right hand, countering with rights of her own and turning Packard midring with her toreador sidestep--Kelly adjusting and lashing the left hook more often, doubling and tripling it up to make contact. Nothing but shoulders and elbows are struck as both girls pitch shutouts.

R5: Kelly starting strong, missing the first swatting hook, but backhanding the left jab to disrupt Sarah;s timing and catch her with the reloaded hook. It’s arm punching from Packard however, and midway through, Sarah sets down on gut-busting rips to the tummy that have Packard bending forward to clinch. Gellar stepping back, walking Kelly into rising licks up against the ribcage and KELLI’S HURT! Packard groaning, stumbling forward as Sarah swabs the black bikini cups, fighting through the grappling arms--Gellar backing to the ropes has Packard swooning. Sarah spinning, puts Kelly’s back to the ropes, and NAILS the hard right hand to beat Packard ro a half-hearted right of her own. Kelly’s legs give out and she sags to her haunches, staring in shock. AND PACKARD CAN’T BEAT THE COUNT! Numb from the waist down, Kelly sobs in disbelief as she is counted out--KO5 Sarah Michelle Gellar.

After: Packard giving up another knockout, pounded out this time by weatherized Gellar--Kelly’s prestige really taking a pummeling as the losing streak extends to a slump. Gellar hugging herself after the decision, happy to be back on top and equally happy to have sorted out the numerous comparisons between herself and her closest stylistic rival.

Reposted by Archer 1/11/11.

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