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16 August 1999 Naomi Campbell vs Gena Lee Nolin II

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Posted by Simguy on Monday, 16-Aug-1999 18:49:59


Thanks to FightFan for this repost.


Before: Headlining a super-model card at the Moulin Rouge in Paris - promoter's bill this a "Parental Advisory" bout, with tongue in cheek reference to the contestant's will to foul. Gena Lee with some good performances since punking out against Campbell - looks to put the boasting Naomi in her place. Campbell with absolutely no respect for Nolin is reportedly outraged to be listed a 2-1 dog on the night. Campbell in leopard print string bikini, Nolin in electric pink thong bikini. Campbell with a ring walk that takes over 20 minutes, has Nolin steaming by the opening bell.

During R1: As advertised, bout quickly degenerates into anarchy as both girls clinch and immediately look to pull one another's arms out of their sockets. Both fighters end up on the canvas as long legs get entangled in the interminable clinching. What few punches are thrown are delivered by Nolin from in tight - and she is given credit for at least trying to box early.

R2: Naomi stuns everyone with a more than passable display of boxing, swatting at the tall blonde with the backhanded jab off the hip and circling counterclockwise around Nolin. Nolin looking right hand wary, keeps her fists on her cheeks, and concedes a shutout with overly defensive attitude.

R3: Back into the gutter - more clinching and fouling including elbows from Nolin and a bite on the shoulder from Campbell. Long bodies hold each other tight, staggering around the ring, forcing the much shorter referee to work hard, straining to push the women off one another inside. Campbell after the bell, reaches over the ref to land a cheap right hand on Nolin's eye - prompting a 10 minute delay in the fight as both corners jump the gun.

R4: Gena Lee shakes off the clinching this round and finally spanks some hard lefts and rights to the flanks of the nasty brunette. Campbell beaten in a random pattern around the ring, looking hurt as Gena leans and sweeps her fists at the model's ribs.

R5: Best 2 way action of the fight as the girls square up in wide stances, exchanging right hands. Dangerous action as each leans straight back, then tries to come back with her own right before the other can recover -plenty of flush blows landing from long distance as a result. In the final minute, Campbell tags Gena Lee with several well timed rights, seemingly finding the rhythm as the lanky bodies sway back and forth, dragging and slinging punches in wide arcs.

R6: Gena Lee sees it coming, starts to turn away, but Campbell's bombing overhand right to open the round crashes hard to the side of Nolin's head and GLN is HURT! Nolin with a disconnected expression, skips wobbly-legged to the corner as Campbell hunts her down. Naomi leaning in with a crashing right hand on the chin, knocks Gena out with the single blow, and the blonde actually folds forward onto the brunette's back as Campbell's momentum carries her low. Nolin tumbling to the canvas in a clutter of arms and legs - and Campbell with delight in her cruel eyes, drops down to pin the dazed Gena Lee, slapping her glove against the canvas for a quick 3 count before the referee can heave her off. Nolin counted out as pandemonium explodes in the ring, and security is called as both corners erupt into a Bowe/Golota type brawl.

After: Fines and criminal charges levied against members of both women's entourages as fight ends as wildly as it began. Bottom line - Campbell stops Gena Lee for the second time, and maintains her impressive credentials as a big name blonde killer.

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