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27 January 2006 Kristen Bell vs Laura Beckenridge

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Posted by Simguy on 1/27/2006, 7:11 am,

Before: Bell gleefully calling this fight a mismatch, calling upon  the ref to “keep a close eye on Laura”--blonde a deserved favourite and acting like it in a haughty preflight. Breckenridge classy, reserved, quietly confident: “I know what Kristen’s capable of in  the ring, and I know what I have to do to stop her. My team’s come up with a great fight plan: if I execute, I know we can take Bell down a notch or two and make her fight.” Bell in black cotton Hanes two piece--Laura in black push up bra, leopard print low-rise boy leg trunks, Small workout gloves, both vixens.

During R1: Bell grinning, going to work on Laura’s left eye with piercing jabs--blonde intent on outclassing the brunette from the outset. Second minute, Breckenridge setting feet wide, leaning forward, swings away rights and lefts underneath like she’s hoisting pails of water into Kristen’s breadbasket, doubling the blonde over with a gurgling cry. BELL IS HURT! Kris’ face ll cramped and pasty, toned little chassis shook by Breckenridge’s thunderous assault, Bell cringing forward, trying to clinch--Laura doing a nice job pushing in to stack, then stepping back for punching room and staying on that body. Brecks sends Bell mincing back to her stool, hugging a battered midriff--huge punching first stakes Laura to a 10-8 lead without a knockdown.

R2: Bell’s  eyes flat and icy--she shakes off Laura’s body wallop and goes about teaching brunette hard lessons in respect this round. Bell working off the jab, stinging Laura to the face, startling her, then turning her a crisp right cross onna chin; a silky left hook nipped tight to sternum; a biting left hook onna jaw--nice brisk pattern punching. Bell’s feet much more educated-she steps and pivots and swivels--occasionally walking away to her right with a scowl of assessment, then getting back to work. Laura just turning, keeping her dukes up, stoically accepting Bell’s hard fists on tummy and face in the second.

R3: More bell: she’s the faster, classier, meaner fox. Bell taking cruel delight in hooking Laura’s sternum--brunette bunching up, face grimacing, lips pursed, Short, choppy right hands off the shoulder pound past Laura’s left mitt, tapping brunette chin with gusto, Constant, spiteful jab--on the eye, in the mouth, against the breasts--Laura always being touched and knocked, prevented fro coming forward. Brecks still launching, thudding assaults against the ribs and tummy underneath--she’s very vulnerable to counters the way she sets her feet, lean forward and hoists--but the thunder down under enough to back bell off with wincing glares of hate.

R4: BOMBASTIC body punching Brecks to bell as Kris tries to bull Laura back and pays the price. Breckenridge lugging lefts and rights up underneath--big gaudy swings; splattering, smashing impacts-Kristen’s sturdy-fine legs won’t give, but they’re buckling plenty. Blonde breathless, agonized, crumpling forward--Brecks able to put shoulder into bell, stack her, step out on her and heave away to that tortured midsection wsith thumping malice. Laura susprising onlooker with her brutal singlemindedness: she’ll ride her left hand on Kristen’s shoulders while plowing blonde gut right hands underneath--really digging into her girl with 100% commitment, Kristen sobbing, reaching to clinch: this just wasn’t what she bargained fr when this fight was signed.

R5: Bell trying to rally but Breckenridge’s relentless, hamhanded body attack starting to wear out blonde advantages in class and mobility. Kristen skirting the perimeter, casting baleful glares, but her throbbing body makes her gunshy, unwilling to mix it up. Breckenridge stalking, dukes up, chin tucked: she’s just trying to cut off the ring, hound bell to ropes and sail into her. Laura landing a few more concussive blows to Kristen’s pink and blotchy torso--sensational stuff as brunette underdog beats the stuffing out of an increasingly overpriced blonde chassis.

R6: Laura quickly crowding Bell, taking the fight to her now--brunette putting her body on blonde and dragging Kristen into the gutter. Laura using her left hand/small mitt to grab at Krissy’s right arm or shoulder, constantly holding the smaller vixen whule plugging her thick right hands underneath. Bell groaning, sagging into ropes--she’s pushing and wriggling, trying to disengage, but unable to separate herself. Bell forced to fight--digging in at ropes and busting sudden sharp bursts of quick-licking lefts and rights against her foe’s rampaging torso. Good stuff grom bell, but not enough of it as Breckenridge’s low-tech smothering assault prevails once again.

R7: Laura’s corner reminding her not to get cocky: “That’s Kristen Bell over there,” trainer says, “you stay in her--don’t let her breath!” crowding, smothering pressure--Laura stalking, then bodying up, pressing Bell to ropes and smearing her. Brunette warned again and again for holding and hitting, but it’s what she has to do: Bell can’t disengage and user her legs as Laura piles on more and more hurt. Brecks on top--Bell’s back to ropes--brunette will cuddle up, tuck shore right hands in behind the elbow or snug to gut as bell reaches around Laura’s hips to clinch. Bell open mouth-breathing now, eyes glazing over: she’s got those blistering quick mitts, but Laura’s quicksand tactics minimizing their effectiveness in the seventh.

R8: Bell standing her ground midring, dips her shoulders and rings tidy right/left uppercuts off Laura’s sternum, backing brunette up in pain for one of the first times tonight. Blonde with a little breathing room looks a different fighter--spearing in with her jab to knock back Laura’s head, then biting into pale waist with some meaty right/lefts. Laura grimacing; Kristen’s punches still tart as blonde tattoos brunette combinations in a shutout 8th.

R9: Bell with short, choppy lead right hands, stuns Laura early, then rings her up--brunette stumbling to her right under a tasty barrage of clanging chin-checks. Bell marching forward, knows she’s got a lot of ground to make up: walking barrage of muscular lefts and rights curled up into Laura’s underbelly puts brunette in a bad way at the ropes. Brecks gasping, reaching to clinch--Bell bobbing her torso, shedding herself of Laura’s limbs--blonde stays on her girl with short, nipping combinations. Hooks PIK! PAK! PEK! Up and down Laura’s right flanks. Ringing right hands shave across Laura’s chin or tuck in sweet beneath the left breasts. Rub-a-dub-dub mugging: Kris rotating her shoulders and clobbering Laura’s bra. At the break, Laura cramped up, mouth wide open, left hand on the top rope for support and KRIS JAMS IN THE CHEAP FLYWEIGHT ELBOW! Bell lunging in from the side, depositing the tip of her right elbow deep hard against Laura’s sternum: brunette sobs aloud in shock; ref jumps in; blonde snarls as she’s dragged away from behind by both elbows.

R10: Kristen hoping to land more lead right hands, but Laura trumps her with the same strong-swinging lefts and rights out of the wide stance hat have devastated blonde midsection all night long. Bell cramping up with a whimper, folding forward--Breckenridge immediately riding her left arm across Kristen’s back to anchor her for plowing rights. Laura bogging Kris down, holding and hitting her, working out of the wrap--poor bell stumbling forward, sponging it up downstairs--she’s a helpless vixen. All laura b as she works bell over--pushing blonde to ropes, smudging her sideways, then bashing away at the goods. Kristen rag dolled, sullen, sluggish--she’s pushed and bullied, all her class and skill coming to naught as relatively primitive brunette onslaught hammers away to the finish line. Come back UD10 Breckenridge in dramatic upset fashion.

After; constant workmanlike effort, thudding commitment to the body, toughness and poise under moments of adversity: Laura’s honest, straightforward approach overwhelms all Kristen Bell’s bells and whistles. Kris blubbering, wiping at her eyes and bickering with her corner: this just wasn’t supposed to happen tonight. Touchstone developing a rep as an upset-minded stable--girls rarely favored, but they’ve turned back some classy name in the short time they’ve been together.

Reposted by Archer 1/18/11.

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