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15 April 2001 Virginie Ledoyen vs Natalie Portman

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Posted by Simguy on 4/15/2001, 11:36 am.

Before: Portman somehow getting cleared by sanctioning bodies to face the devastating punching Ledoyen at sub 110, Natalie hopelessly inept at fighting, stubbornly continuing on with an ill-advised ring career--to her credit has been sparring with the likes of Rachael Leigh Cook, Christina Aguilera and other good flyweights--at least Portman’s in  shape, Ledoyen ducking all moral responsibility, answering accusations with, “I fight who my promoter tells me to fight--I don’t pick the opponents.” Yet--just following orders. Portman in tight ponytail, white push bra style bikini--sort of “Doctor No” look. Virginie in wet curls. Black leather push up bikini

During R1: Portman out with a kind of dog paddling, pawing attack, head turned to the sde as she comically churns away. Ledoyen more professional, right hand cocked, left hand at her side, strides away, circles, feints, steps to her left then JAMS an awkward looking right hand in on the right side of Portman’s face--crowd reacting with a loud “OH!” as the punch slams home. Natalie immediately queered by the punch, stepping wildly as she tries to hold down the ring with her feet--Virginie coy, circling away, looking for the next opportunity. Entire round consists of Ledoyen patiently stalking, simply looking for openings to spear in single right bombs to Natalie’s head--flush, vicious connects hurt Portman every time, but lack of follow up leaves her just barely on her feet. Tragic staggering throughout from Natalie as she reels to the bell, Virginie returning to her corner without expression.

R2: Virginie’s corner tells her to “quit screwing around”--she comes out more purposeful this round. Portman with her dukes up, but she’s still turning away from punches-Ledoyen slams straight right hands between the mitts to drive Natalie stumbling to the ropes, Reaching in with the left, Virginie measures Portman, then starts pulling in whip action right hands from her waist, slashing  in over the top onto Natalie’s face as brunette sinks into the ropes, propped up and unable to fall. Ledoyen HEAPS it on, Ringsiders screaming for the fight to be stopped as Virginie unleashes her lank body, plowing right hands over and over to the head and face of Portman. Referee FINALLY steps in, really more to save Ledoyen from a manslaughter charge then rescuing a battered Nat. TKO2 Virginie Ledoyen--Portman leaves via a stretcher for the nearest emergency ward.

After: Sickening mismatch surprisingly popular with growing legion of Ledoyen fans--brunette quickly developing an icy reputation for detached cruelty in the ring--she’d have been willing to keep drifting Portman for all 3 minutes. HBO not blind--they want a Ledoyen/mish Williams showdown for the remaining flyweight belt--contracts yet to be signed.

Reposted by Archer 1/19/11

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