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25 June 2008 Anne Hathaway vs Gwyneth Paltrow

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Posted by Simguy on 6/25/2008, 8:57 pm.

Before: Annie looking to get back o track, refocusing ion who and what she is in the ring. “Knocking Navi Rawat the way I did--thundering KO1--that was a negative for me,” Hathaway explains in preflight. “After that--I tried to take EVERYONE out KO1. I’m healthy, young--I’ve got great heels--but I’m not a knockout artist--I’m a boxer. I’m just going to get back to basics, work on my fundamentals and reposition myself. If I’m going to get back to basics, work on my fundamentals and reposition myself., If I’m just going to bring girls like Katherine Heigl into line, I need to polish up my skills, and that’s what Gwyneth’s here for.”

Paltrow under siege these days--grueling wrestling rivalry with Maggie Gyllenhaal has thinking man’s blonde grumpy with upstarts in general. “I look at Anne, and I see a ho-hum brunette with good--NOT great wheels--who’s about to get a rude awakening. Annie’s the kind of girl who comes at me strong, but goes away whimpering; look for that pattern to continue!”

Pastel blue bra and panties for Anne; small black workout mitts; hair in messy ponytail. Pastel pink bra and panties for Gwyneth; small white gloves; battle braided hair.

During R1: Thoughtful place--girls close cautiously, dukes up, eyes blazing, Annie jabbing from the shoulder, keeping right hand at her jaw as left hands getting off; bringing the left back quick and reforming guard. Gwyneth similar, but rangier in delivery, a little pushier, not as crisp/snappy with her poke, Girls stepping clockwise, thighs quivering as they plant on left (front) legs, Annie’s busier, jab punching through Gwynnie’s guard, sprucing up Paltrow’s face, Hathaway deploying choosy right hands: some sharply crossed up top; others swing into Paltrow’s ribs or tummy with a tart small-glove PAK!

R2: Similar stuff: clockwise, textbook boxing between nervy, upright thinking man’s fighters. Gwyneth frowning at Annie’s tart poke--blonde starting to scuff up some--she;s extending hands to push off Anne’ shoulders and biceps. Hathaway making the fight, stepping forward behind her jab and rigid guard, being patient, She’s picking spots to go at Gwyneth in earnest: snatching tart small-glove right/lefts off Gwynny’s firm tummy when blonde’s covering up; driving in right hands, finishing up hooks off the jab up top, Paltrow good defensively, blocking a lot of headshots--she’s pouting from the rugged tummy-touches, however

R3: Paltrow sheds rust, outclasses Anne midring. Gwyn’s jab pounds at Anne’s brow/left eye, startling brunette, throwing her on the defensive, Hathaway keeping her hands very high--opening up her torso and tummy to vengeful blonde right hands. Paltrow stepping to her left, looking Anne over after scoring, using feints and timely clinches to disrupt brunette attacks. Hathaway blinking her left eye, looking uncomfortable at the bell: shutout Gwyneth.

R4: Annie answers class with power, doubling up her jab, ringing a fine right hand off Gwyneth’s temple a minute in to buckle blonde’s knees, Paltrow to ropes with concerned expression: Anne stepping-to, setting up strong, shelling G with heavy jabs outside. Hathaway pounding at Gwyneth’s prepared defenses with poke, then driving in righty off the shoulder: straight, plowing crosses spank off pale white midriff or bust apart Gwynny’s guard up top, Down the stretch, Anne settling in--deploying both her hands to work Gwyneth’s waistline in robust, snatching action, really chopping up that paunch. GWYNETH COUNTERS! Tasty little left clouts Anne’s chin as she’s focused downstairs: brunette put wobbly butt, has to fall in and clinch to avoid going down at the bell.

R5: tables turn--Gwyneth over to offense. Blonde stalking her brunette, stepping Anne down behind a good pounding jab, working Hathaway’s left eye over. Slinging rights talke Hathaway in her side; straighter, driving rights spear down into her tummy. Gwyneth hardhearted, patient--extending on her shots, getting g her bodyweight into ‘em. Hathaway showing some class in retreat--pinging out a don’t-hurt-me jab, ducking down, walking G into snug body-clinches for ref’s breaks.

R6: Gwyneth continues to walk Annie down, Hathaway grimacing, keeping  hands at her brows to defend against Paltrow’s pounding poke. G able to work the midsection with some consistency, showing a slinging, slightly sidearm right and a hurtful chopping hook/uppercut as she dips her left shoulder. Small gloves making a bright, PIK! PAK! Noise as they dig at the thickness of Anne. Midway through, Anne breaking down from the body work: Gwyneth ripping right/left to waist, then catching Annie the hesitation left uppercut to chin just as Hathaway’s opening up to answer: ANNIE GIOES DOWN! Hathaway stunned, eases herself to her right knee, giving her head a shake as smug Paltrow jogs on past. Anne up at 8--shabby but serviceable: she ducks low, reaching to wrap up tight around Gwynny’s body as Paltrow rushes in to clean up.

R7: Anne shows her resilience, shaking off the Gwynny punishment and renewing her offense this round. Paltrow shying away from the sting of Anne’s determined jab--brunette able to come forward, fighting out of her educated, dukes-up stance.  Anmne grimacing, giving ground rather than answering. Anne emboldened--begins putting ‘em together: right/left to the midsection; left/right top as Gwyneth shudders behind tight peek-a-boo guard. Jab covers Anne’s step-left, then she’s ready t0 operate in combination. Paltrow turning on the spot, dukes at her temples as Annie’s ringing blonde up: Paltrow visibly discouraged through 7.

R8: Anne midring, methodical, circling to the left as Paltrow turns on the spot with dukes at temples, Hathaway pumping out single-shot poke to Gwyneth’s available torso and tummy, pounding that left hand home, then stepping to the side, PAK…PAK…PAK rhythm as Annie’s steppin’ and poking’-=-small gloves leaving pink blossoms on Gwynnie’s pale body. Paltrow sulking, grunting--each stiff jab to her body helping to chip away her reserves. G rarely moving her hands from her temples--Anne keeping Gwyneth covered up with the odd jab/right hand against blonde guard. Over the latter half, Anne spices up the offense--moving from systematic tummy jabs to quick hook/cross attempts upstairs. Rhythm changes to pik PAK…pik PAK; Gwyneth maintaining her guard, fearful of opening up lest she be smitten hard to chin. Bell: Hathaway looking feisty, determined: she’s lumped up, but clearly the more combative through 8.

R9: First minute--Anne with that relentless, methodical jab-and-step routine, concentrating in Gwyneth’s trembling middle. Small glove PAK..PAK impacts as Hathaway dots away--brunette stiff with the shot, stepping into the long, straight lefts off the front (left) foot. By the minute mark, Paltrow’s breaking down, guard loosening: she’s flapping back her own left hand and trying to drop rights to Hathaway’s chin. Anne crisper--keeping her hands up as she circles, punching her jab through to Gwynnie’s face now, dropping the right cross and DOWN GOES PALTROW! Ringing temple shot unhinges Paltrow’s knees--she backs away shaky, then goes to her right knee for a veteran 8. Gwyneth up, exhaling through pursed lips as ref cleans her gloves against his shirt--then Anne marches in to clean up. Patient stuff: Hathaway standing well off-shore just putting the jab on Gwyneth to get her covered up, then welting her thick, snatching right hands in under left breast or across the paunch. Gwynnie in dire straits--face punches as she leans against ropes: she’s hurting, breaking down under Anne’s relentless heat through 8.

R10: Anne stepping let against an almost stationary Paltrow: blonde turning to stay-square, keeping mitts up and sniveling miserably from tummy throb. Anne staying on the body with that Chinese-water-torture jab--PAK…PAK…PAK touching and touching Gwynnie. From the midway point on, Anne upping tempo--jabbing to the body, then quickly chopping the right up top in hopes of catching Paltrow’s guard drooping. Brisk  pikPak of Anne’s work sounds out from Gwyneth: blonde getting disorganized, head kicking back from the odd clean face-punch. Hathaway persistent, patient--never bodying up to get her tummy on Gwyneth, or allowing Gwyn to tie up. Paltrow demoralized--turning on the spot, cringing at the odd well-placed right hand to her lower ribcage: Gwyneth clearly relieved when bell sounds. Comes back UD10 Anne Hathaway.

After: Paltrow’s woes continue--she’s busted up and broken down in the ring by another up-and-comer, mirroring the defeats Gwyneth;s been suffering on carpet. “That’s definitely how I want to be fighting,” trumpets an upbeat Anne (despite the swollen left eye). “I outclassed Gwyneth, broke her down, took my time with her. I pumped my jab into her body and it really took the steam out of her. Looking ahead, you know, I really want Katherine Heigl. She’s bigger than Gwyneth, but not much quicker and a hell of a lot stupider. With Kathy and me both sort of  Emerging Hollywood right now, I’d love to separate myself from her in the ring, you know?”

Reposted by Archer 1/21/11.

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