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26 June 2008 Jennifer Lopez vs Robin Meade

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Posted by Simguy on 6/26/2998, 5:28 pm.

Before: Lopez looking to right the ship, considering Meade to be a beautiful, well-built slugger who isn’t up to FCBA standard. Robin worked over by hard-nosed Denise Richards last time out--chance to erase that setback with a high-profile Jlo-busting too tempting to pass up. Jlo coming in blonde for the fight--midnight blue bra and panties; ponytail with bangs framing face; white gloves. Robin lavender bra and panties with faint floral print; hair in ponytail; white gloves.

During R1: lopez sets hard-working tone, stepping-to Robin and working on her. Jlo pumping left jabs from a slight crouch, stepping forward with her right hand at her cheek00very compact, Jab established, Jen’s snapping off the hook--deploying it thick to Robin’s breasts, right bicep, ribs and tummy. Meade suddenly bludgeoned to ropes: Jlo sets up good ol’ fashioned shove n’ slug to pound way on Meade at apron, Robin suffering--sitting in ropes, dukes at her temples: Jennifer able to slam away robust--both hands to torso.

R2: Meade slams back, meeting Jennifer midring with short lead rights and muscular left hooks. Girls bumping shoulder-to-shoulder--Jennifer covering up, absorbing bombs, hen re-establishing her her hook to Robins midsection. Lopez slowly taking the round away from Meade--backing the news vixen up, hooking her tummy, bumping her around. Fight drifts to the ropes--Robin slumps into peek-a-boo--Jennifer squares away to work her over big-girl. Good solid thump from Jlo--whacking either hand to waist, shouldering Robin into ropes, then working up-torso--hammering at the biceps and flanks. Bell: Jen scowling, forcing hardhearted eye contact; Robin rocked, blinking in astonishment

R3.4: Jen walking Robin down, jabbing her to chest, closing shoulder-to-shoulder, then simply outworking her brunette. Meade discouraged: she can’t hold her ground; can’t get off with authority, Meade reaching under Jen’s arms to tie up relentless Latina; Lopez squirming to wriggle HER arms down inside the clinch, then muscle Robin to ropes to continue the beating. Meade under constant, thudding press dire: Lopez pounding that torso with consistent, blunt lefts and rights in close. Lopez warned for head-scrubbing in close--Jen rough with her noggin, pushing Robin’s face to the side, always looking to impose will. After four, Jlo perky to her corner: Lopez smiling, turning back the clock as Meade struggles to compete.

R5: Meade unpacks the jab, shows a little lateral movement to her left, renegotiating terms with Jen. Lopez turning, getting her face spanked--her forward momentum slows as she has to work harder to get in range. Nice compact, methodical action--fighters circling in crouches, touching each other hard jabs, then edging in to break off hooks and blunt right hands. Great leathery whacks sounding out from opposing tummies and chests--each girl often finishing up with a tuff left shoulder-bump in the chest to muscle the other off. Lopez’s string of winning rounds broken: she’s outhit, outworked, and outboxed toe-to-toe in the fifth.

R6: Jlo firms, engaging Meade, forcing attrition upon her. Girls forehead to forehead, grinding; fighters reach in, pushing the other’s arms back or pulling her hands down, then clouting her tidy, Robin grudgingly giving ground, backing to ropes, digging in: effervescent morning news-gal growing groggy, looking disheveled. Lopez pounding Meade, pushing and shouldering her, squaring up on her, pulling her guard down, then swatting her., heavy clout about the head shutting Robin down--she stoops forward behind her gloves, butt in ropes, sopping it up down the stretch, Lopez methodically pushing off, then hooking Robin heartlessly to her waist, twisting torso0right to get every last ounce of leverage in, Lopez back in control through 6.

R7: Lopez: right hand at her mouth, left across her waist-she edges in with her left shoulder, pawing jabs at robin’s stomach, then hooking her short to chin. Right hand Lopez--nice n; tight--busting Robin’s face, stunning her. Lopez hooks the waist, then hooks the face off her right foot--punching Meade stupid with short, swatting shots, little tight uppercut, Lopez--splits Meade’s mitts; Lopez shifts weight to left leg, clips a nifty left uppercut, then BURIES the hook to Robin’s liver. Sob of agony, Robin Meade” she hugs her gut, doubling forward with her head up as she’s backing away and MEADE TAKES~ A KNEE! Robin cringing in pain, but bravely up at 8: Lopez walks in, reaches under Robin’s arms, walks her to ropes. Smothering beat down issued--Lopez bodying up, reaching in, pushing off, then clubbing away at all things Meade, Robin struggling to muscle Lopez into ropes and bludgeon her back: Meade getting the worst of it, but competing her little heart out. By the bell, Lopez’s terrible pounding of Robin’s biceps have the brunette helpless: Meade just sitting in the ropes, soaking it up to the bell.

R8: Lopez a little punched out--she pushes in, bodies up, but isn’t getting off with the vigor of last round. Meade wriggling her arms down inside Lopez’s clinches, clinching Jlo in turn around her ribs and turning the Latina into ropes. Robin starting to outwork Jlo in these moments, wrestling her to ropes, thumping away on biceps and midsection, then beating the fleshy Lopez chest until Jennifer can clinch. Lopez’s glutes straining as SHE twists Robin into the ropes; merciless punishment-in-kind doled out as Meade suffers in her turn. Down the stretch, jolting Meade right uppercut off the ropes puts Jen wobbly butt: as Lopez tries to clinch--Robin’s able to bounce a left/right uppercut off Jlo’s face. Lopez hurt, crosses her arms, turns her left shoulder towards Meade, standing stunned in front of Robin as Meade bounces lefts and rights off her foe’s head and shoulder at bell. late punching from over-excited Meade: ref rushes in.

R9: Hammer and tongs--two-way brawling along the ropes, it’s beefy: girls reaching in, arms writhing for position or pulling down defences--then punches chop and swat home from close range. Girls tummying up, trying to get on top at the ropes, then work systematically to simply batter the fight from her foe’s body. Grunting, panting breathes; groans of despair when either lands sumptuous to the body--this is heartless stuff. Lopez separates herself late with ba sudden pounding flurry of close-in lefts and rights to casrpet-bomb Meade’s impressive rack. Stunning jug-mugging sits Robin demoralized in  ropes, her mouth open, eyes bleak at bell.

R10: Hammer and tongs. Slow, grinding, push-pull pace. Buttocks trembling heroically with the effort of walking the opponent back. Heads in close, scrubbing sweaty; full shoulders rotating, clubbing home murderous punishment to aching ribs/throbbing tummies. Mindless body contact and slugging now--both girls just on autopilot, trying to subjugate the other. Final minute--Meade slowly turrrrrning Jlo into ropes, then smiting her a short right hand across the face: Lopez buckles slightly, not answering. Right uppercut, Meade--kicking Jens head back; left hook bit short, clouting Lopez’s jaw. Meade’s left shoulder props Jen up in her chest, sets up another clipping right uppercut/left hook. LOPEZ SWOONS! Jennifer out on her feet--curvy legs and glutes holding her up as her head droops forward, Meade shrieking in exhaustion, pushing Jens arms off, then applying shellack, wailing away to get Lopez out of there. Jen tottering, beaten, from one foot to the other, but she keeps her feet. Goes to the cards, comes back UD10, Jennifer Lopez!

After: Robin utterly spent, blubbering in disappointment as she sells her soul but just can’t get Jen to go. Lopez as puffy, as shopworn as her foe--she’s still dizzy, sitting on her stool as decision is announced. Good close-in brawl does both women proud; Lopez proving once again how hard she is to beat shoulder to shoulder. Upon recovery, a battle-worn Jen talks about her plans in post fight.

“I’m the only one of that group who could fight the other two., Everyone knows Britney lumbers around at 130 plus between fights--I’ll take her at lightweight if she’s willing. And I’m not afraid to move up and fight Carey on her own turf at welterweight. So those are the fights I want the most--big money, big name events, and a chance to separate myself from the pack a bit.”

Reposted by Archer on 1/22/11.

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