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25 June 2008 Robin Meade vs Denise Richards

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Posted by Simguy on 6/25/2008, 8:52 pm.

Before: Meade making her FCBA debut--gorgeous, buxom brunette newscaster a little too short for the Pageant circuit, but a hard-hitting regular on East Coast executive boxing nights--she’s looking forward to Denise.

“I’m excited,” Robin beams.. “I’m not about to make a career of fighting at this point, but I love the competition and Denise is exactly right for me. She’s very experienced, but she lacks class and discipline: I know my pageant precision is going to give her a ton of problems!”

Richards sour on the topic of Robin, “those who can, fight--those who can’t, read the news,” D sneers., playing the ‘real’ celebrity card. “Anyone who thinks Meade can go rounds with me is living in a dream world. Being a true celebrity in 2008 means defending your turf in the apartment, in the boxing room, in the lounge, and wherever girls wan t to take a shot at you. Robin’s never faced that kind of pressure before, and you’ll definitely see the difference between a real celebrity fighter and someone who should be reporting on the action from the sidelines.”

Malibu beach fight--outdoors: standard ring set up on a beach volleyball court with bleachers. Robin in lemon yellow bikini; white gloves; stunning white smile. Denise in teal bikini, white gloves; scowling features. Fight to be edited and shown on Denise’s reality show. Special guest referee Courteney Cox--a Malibu fight-scene regular: she;s in scarlet bikini/tightly bunned hair. Fight!

During R1: Girls scoot to midring, set up at medium range. Wide-eyed Robin split’s a pair of jabs, leans into the right crops: Denise leans back on right (back) leg to fade the jabs, turns her left shoulder against Meade’s front: Robin quickly covers up peek-a-boo. D shifts to front (left) foot, clubs a hook to Robin’s jaw around her guard; dips left shoulder, clips a neat left uppercut to split Robin’s mitts--Meade retreats. D forward with a pai of stiff jabs smudging Meade’s mounds: hard right cross pastes across bulging broadcaster jug; left uppercut really picks up Robin’s chin--she stumbles hurt to ropes, D hops in, pawing her left to Robin’s jugs, then leans in with fat roundhouse right taking Robin loud in her flank. Left hook takes Meade under her right breast; right hand clubs Meade’s ribs; left hand pounds the ribs: D just squaring away, going at Meade’s ribcage unopposed until Meade clinches. Robin visibly shaken, hanging on until Courteney can pry ‘em apart. Den right back on top with crisp, heavy, clubbing rights and lefts. Robin covers up, sits in ropes to soak: all Richards as Denise squares up, works hard, beats Meade without mercy to bell.

R2: Similar stuff: Meade trying to work behind her jab early; Richards weaving the stick, getting her range, then answering wirh thudding power specializing in Meade’s magnificent torso. Robin steadily giving ground, beaten eventually to ropes: she covers up earmuff, lips parted in grimace as Denise settles in. Richards cleans up: she’s getting big--pushing and knuckling Robin into ropes after pounding on her--blonde systematically bludgeoning the arms, breasts, pecs, ribs and waistline. Denise exhaling through pursed lips, just working hard, keeping Robin covered up and suffering. Bell: Meade flushed, frowning--getting her glutes polished through 2.

R3: Meade engaging Denise: both girls throwing hard right crosses, pounding away to breasts and chins, tit for tat. Both girls taking a good solid clout to chin: Denise finally forced to take backward steps, starts yielding canvas to heavy handed Meade. Robin working hard, exhaling through pursed lips: she’s banging away with both hands to Denise’s waist, then coming up top to finish. Richards out-hit, bit stepping back in good order, then trading lustily as Robin steps-in: healthy two-way thumping going ion as Robin walks Denise down and punishes her for points.

R4: More midring, hard-working punching: girls set in strong stances, looking to hit heavy. Denise gets to Robin at the minute mark: pair of scraping left uppercuts sets up a pounding straight right, punching Robbie onto her heels. Meade hurt: D walks her down, punches her to ropes with a pair if slamming rights to jaw--Robin covers up peek-a-boo at ropes. Richards able to square away again, get strong and comfy, then lambaste her brunette with thudding, muscular strokes, body and head. Meade sits in ropes, absorbing, occasionally reaching to pull Denise into punches. Bell: Denise beaming as she pushes off Robin; blonde leaves brunetet shaken, scuffed up through 4.

R5: Hard, pounding exchanges--girls covering up and crouching as the opponent loads up and turns into lusty right hands or clubbing hooks. Both girls sacrificing speed for good solid stances and healthy punches; backsides and breasts jostling about with the steady activity. All even until late: Robin beats Denise to right hands, buckles blonde knees. Richards dismayed, wobbly-butt--she pushes her hands out to ward Robin off, but Meade turns over a tidy hook, neatly clipping D to chin. BLONDE GIRL DOWN! Richards legs stiffen--she’s bouncing on her glutes before she knows what’s hit her, Glorious smile back on Meade’s face: heavy hitting broadcaster finally gets Denise off her feet in the fifth.

R6: Denise picks herself up, goes right at Meade: Robin hardpressed by re-invigorated blonde punching. Denise baring her teeth, twisting into slugging lefts and rights, showing no respect. Meade smitten hard across her mouth, across her jugs, pushed and slugged to ropes: more clinching from Denise as blonde buckles brunette legs with sheer determination. Courteney working hard to break the clinches--pushing Denise back with  a palm in sweaty chest: Richards stepping back in--fists ready at her chest, elbows in. D strapping it to Robin: Meade groaning in pain as Richards belts away to flanks and ribs, taking Robbie’s breath away before moving on to breasts and jaw. D working hard, slugging, then pushing Robin off, rebalancing, then getting back to work Meade limited off the ropes--she’s basically ear muffed up, crouching forward butt-in-ropes, absorbing punishment on a very sturdy, curvy chassis and strong-looking arms. Denise methodically going at her girl, occasionally scraping uppercuts to mix up the wide, shellacking pattern.
R7: More Denise engaging Robin, outworking her, backing her up, then working her over whenever Meade’s glutes hit cables. Grunting, meaty work at the ropes: Robin leans forward behind her mitts; Denise pops her hips,. Lifts the left/right uppercut into Meade’s Mounds, then hooks the waist, then pushes Robin off with the left shoulder/extended left elbow to reset. Denise setting a firm, steady pace--getting aught the odd counter as a result, but she’s right in front of Robin, ignoring Meade’s proven power. Robin not the same girl with her back to the ropes--she hasn’t been able to lean in and test Richards’ chin with any consistency.

R8: Midring boxing--Meade doubling up the jab, stepping to her left, starts to make headway. Richards tamed--she’s lifting mitts to her mouth, turning on the spot and waiting for openings: Meade keeping the jab on, denying Denise opportunity. Robin driving in with straight right hands down into Denise’s body--shaking her: as Richards cramps up, Robin doubles up hooks flank and rear. Robin stepping around her punches, touching Denise, occasionally hitting her hard to the body--Richards compliant, facing into punishment through 8.;

R9: Hot-pounding action: girls gritting their teeth, setting their feet, then hooking away shoulder-to-shoulder, Tummies tested, then jugs--girls doubling up hooks and working each other, then looking to clean up the chopping right hand in close. Ringing blows to torso and chins--neither girl taking a backward step: this is glorious stuff, Crowd roaring as jugs jump and flatten from impact: nice, tight professional hooks and right hands as both women commit at point-blank range. Pounding 9th just non-stop, workmanlike whacking--Cox has to leap in and enforce the bell as both girls keep working.

R10: Same again--girls get shoulder to shoulder, set their feet and start working hard. Both leading with hooks thick to the tummies, then doubled to the jugs; both cleaning up with short, chopping right hands ticketed for jaws, Both keeping the right hand bear the cheek--very compact nudging and bumping going on as girls work off the front (left) leg. Non-stop work--not rushed or wild: girls maintaining balance, keeping punches compact, getting backs, legs and glutes into the delivery. Bell: fighter still sapping angry hooks to trembling midsection--Cox once again forced to push ‘em apart. Comes back one, one point duke--Denise Richards.

After: Girls puffy, drained--Denise shouting “YES!” and raising both mitts when her name is called. Robin blinking as though stunned, nice little shiner blossoming under her left eye: she’s clearly rocked by the decision, hugging herself in confusion. Meade accustomed to fellow broadcasters wilting and succumbing to her hamhanded  pressure: Richards proving FCBA veterans made be made of sterner stuff as she turns back highly touted news-vixen.

Reposted by Archer 1/23/11.

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