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28 November 1999 Dani Fishel vs Leann Rimes

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Posted by Simguy on Sunday, 28-Nov-1999 11:45:29

Before: Strange bout as Rimes looks at the fight as a “career move”, Fishel looks at it an as “opportunity’ for young Leann. No indication that Rimes can fight, as reports of seasoned sparring partners repeatedly easing up on Leann during training camp filter out to the media. Rimes management insists these are the usual pre-fight rumours and that Leann is a gamer. Leann in white jog bra, pale blue adidas terrycloth trunks. Dani in teal sports bra, grey cotton stretch shorts.

During R1: Thrilling opening seconds see Rimes trade toe-to-toe with Dani, but Fishel soon takes the measure of her opponent, bobbing up and down with her looping punches, and Rimes backing off as Dani begins to land effectively. Rimes with zero defense going backward is punched to the ropes as Dani pursues, and Fishel sets up on the singer’s chest, going to the belly mound with short strokes, using the shoulder to stuff Rimes back against the ropes. Leann can’t get her butt off the ropes, and does a measurable job on defense, surviving on chin and pride alone as Dani marks her up.

R2: Rimes once again willing, but missing over the top as Dani dips down, comes back with thumping lefts and rights. Head to head, Dani batters Leann to the topes, and once again sets up inside. Fishel very patient, poking and prying at Leann’s defenses, ripping double right hands of whipping left hooks to the body as Rimes breaks down. In the final minute, Fishel digs a right hard across Leann’s waist, then doubles the punch into a vicious right uppercut through the mitts, rocking Rimes back against the ropes and nearly breaking her nose. Rimes slumping to all fours, bursts into tears, but manages to get back to her feet to survive the round.

R,3,4,5: Beat down rounds as Dani establishes dominance, moves her foe to the ropes, then works her body with controlled ferocity, never getting wild, but applying constant pressure, keeping her body on Leann and slugging with both hands. Rimes eyes swell into slits these rounds, and she is reduced to sitting on the ropes, mouth pouted open,. Gloves at her chest as Dani folds her up with withering body shots, in the fifth, after long sustained beatings, Dani steps in and asks the ref to stop the fight, but Leann always comes back with instant effort to prolong the affair.

R6: Dani advancing with that riley approach, winging right hands, crouching, then exploding with the left, catches Rimes on the jaw as the blonde steps back, and Leann crashes to her back. Incredibly, Rimes up at 8, but the ref finally steps in, rescuing the little singer from further torment. KO6 Dani Fishel who is more concerned about her opponent than the victory afterwards.

After: Rimes showed heart, but little else in soaking up a sustained, dangerous beating from Fishel. Despite the honest effort, critics are harsh, pointing up the fact that fighting should be more than a business decision, and if rimes is to continue, it will be a long, hard road to proficiency.

Reposted by Archer 1/25/11.

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