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16 May 2008 Charisma Carpenter vs AJ Cook

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Posted by Simguy on 5/16/2008, 12:04 pm.

Before; “I’m going to be around for a few years yet,” a jovial Charisma smiles in prefight. “I’m not getting embarrassed in there--I just fought Kaley Cuoco to a standstill and she’s the best in the game right now, so I’m feeling good about that. The thing is: I've had championship gold around my waist and I like it--I’m not ready to walk away when I know I can still compete at the highest levels.”

Cook building mo--flirting with a ranking: Carpenter arguably the most skilled fighter she’s ever been in with. “I thought Lopez was a huge step,” Grins AJ at the mic, “and here I am again, stepping up huge all over again. Everything Carpenter says is right: her body is amazing; she’s fighting incredible; she’s at the top of her game . I’m so pumped to be testing myself against her--I can tell you!”

AJ in simple baby blue bra top; green bikini bottoms; white gloves; hair long, blonde straight and tucked in behind the ears. Charisma in black “Veronica Mars” bikini, black gloves.

During R1: Midring, double jab from cook as she’s steppin’ left--Carpenter startled at the stiff, quick stick. CC backpedaling, then setting down, pointing her left shoulder at AJ,. Left hand low, then snap-jabbed hard up off the hip. AJ double-jabbing Charisma’s left breast and ribs--pivoting left: Carpenter pivots-with, up-jabs and EATS A HOOK! Big swiping blast--AJ turning her shoulder in behind the tidy delivery and CARPENTER GOES DOWN! CC shook and dropped to her buttocks--eyes wide in astonishment, Wobbly-butt 8, Carpenter: she earmuffs up as COOK WADES IN! AJ strides into wide stance, prodding the left into CC’s guard and STRAPPING her a fat right hand wide to the midsection. Carpenter grunting, lurching forward, but SHE  steps her left foot forward, dragging the right hand around thick and wide to AJ’s gut. Pounding blast rocks Cook, but she stays with it: return of serve wide right hand smiting Carpenter amidships, spanking off the firm curve of her paunch. Carpenter back with a right--lips curling off the teeth: AJ soaks it, then sweeps the ¾ sidearm right into Carpenter’s tempting jugs. CC--AJ--CC--AJ--they’re just walloping each other’s lungs, tummy and jugs insane right hands and COOK GOES WOBBLY BUTT! Suddenly distraught--AJ’s belted off her stance, bumbling backwards into ropes, Carpenter edging in behind her left shoulder: quick two-fisted flurry touches up Cook’s paunch; ringing left hook pounds blonde mouth as Carpenter’s easing weight to right foot. Carpenter so supple--turning torso-right with her hook, bending over in her right side to slip AJ’s desperation hook-receipt. On tempo, Carps tips to her left, sloshing the whippy right hand into AJ’s left flank, punching Cook into ropes. AJ thunderstruck--staring at Charisma--blonde’s hands stacked right atop left at her tummy: CC’S GOING’ TO TOWN! Carpenter leaning side to side, pulling disguised wallops off her hips to stroke AJ across her chops. Cook sagging into ropes, face toggling: bell sounds to prevent a juicy Carpenter finishing run as ref jumps in. Carpenter SEETHING en route to her corner: rally-off-the-canvas sees her turn the big 10-8 blonde first into a more manageable 10-9, Cook.

R2: Carpenter surprisingly aggressive--prowling to midring and spitting jabs down into Cook’s stomach, Spanking leather drives AJ back with a frown: she’s back with a hard right hand, easily slipped by Carpenter. CC making Cook pay for the miss: counter-hook tight n’ swiping takes AJ in her gut; Charisma doubling up the hook smites AJ in her mouth, driving her all the way to ropes at the stagger, Cook ashen-faced--really getting swelled--but hanging in there: she raises dukes to cheeks, digging in at apron, Carpenter: right at her chin, left at her thigh, left shoulder angled towards AJ; snapping up-jab spanks against Cooks guard, keeping her occupied. Right cross scrapes across the guard, spooking Cook; Charisma flowing with the punches, comes back a sumptuous hook that rings off firm blonde tummy, cramping Cook up “UHHHH!” AJ debilitated: CC exulting in the tummy shot, smiling brassy as she shifts weight to right foot, leaning away from her foe, AJ tilts forward, trying to paw the left hand onto Carpenter: CC backhands the jab hard to AJ’s face, startling her, then POURS into a right cross, leaning it in to fetch it sweet, COOK IS ROCKED! AJ shellshocked--reeling upright at ropes: CC loose--weight in her front (left) foot as she’s bending forward at the waist, feeling the shock of that shot in her back, CC’s head in close to AJ’s body: Carpenter knuckles her mitts against Cook’s tummy, nudging blonde into ropes, then jerks up with a clipping left uppercut, smiting AJ’s face, Left hook flows forth as CC shifts weight to curvy right leg: Carpenter’s powerful glutes taking turns bulging in relief as she’s shifting weight. Right uppercut off the bright foot punches mouthpiece off AJ’s mouth: Cook swooning--torso lolling forward--arms out/hands down. CC shifts weight to left (front) leg while chop-swiping a short right hand across AJ’s sleepy face; shifts weight to right leg while swiping a left hook/uppercut across. Precision punishment cruelly applied, pasting pretty blonde out on her feet and PUTTING AJ DOWN! Cook pooling to her knees and face--buttocks raised until she flattens out tummy down. Carpenter struts away grinning before count is finished: KO2 Charisma Carpenter.

After: Carpenter reveling in a big-punching win over a strong-bodied blonde: many doubted the capacity of this particular brunette to climb off the canvas and get a result like this. “AJ hits hard,” CC admits, rubbing her right hand across her tummy, “but she’s wide, wide open for a sharpshooter like me, She rung my bell early, but that was probably a mistake for her: it really woke me up and put my mind right for this fight. After that, I didn’t hang back like she was expecting to, I was always being first, backing HER up, getting on her and hitting her hard, I’m really loving  the fact that I out hit this girl, because she really does have a ton of potential, and this is exactly the kind of fight people said I couldn’t get into with AJ.”

Reposted by Archer 1/25/11.

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