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26 August 2001 Natasha Henstridge vs Estella Warren

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Posted by Simguy on 8/26/2001, 10:00 am.

Before; 2 big, blonde, sci-fi warriors of the summer, square off in hopes of securing a number one contender status at welterweight. Towering Canadian girls can both make middleweight easy and often come through the ropes as such after making weight. Size aside, two completely different fights: Estella relying on her athletic background, Natasha a fairly well-schooled big woman who looks to set up her power--both are frightening new entrants into an increasingly competitive welterweight bracket. Nat in tight pale blue cotton tank top and panties, ponytail (see “Ghosts of Mars for the look). Estella in leopard print cotton tank suit.

During R1: Nat flat footed, standing upright, shooting jabs tries to dictate pace early, but Estella difficult to corral. Warren looping her punches, walking side to side around hens ridge--Estella appears to be lighter on her feet. Midway through, Natasha fails to pick up a wild right hand that crashes high on her head, putting her wobbly butt and Warren has a nice final minute. Estella walking Natasha down, jumping in to wrap up Nat’s right arm and cramming rights up into the blonde’s long torso at the bell.

R2: Another awkward pushing, pulling, brawling round. Girls get big on each other, attempting to lock up on one arm of the opponent and lash away inside with the free mitt.
Girls tumbling and turning, brawling around, levering each other into the ropes--it’s as much test of strength as it is boxing match. Henstridge finally creates distance late, spiking her jab effectively to Warren’s face to contain Estella and secure the round.

R3: Natasha doing it with a combination of messy brawling out of the clinch, and more r less clinical boxing whenever she has room to work. Estella gets her licks in when they lock up and ad-lib, but the set-piece fighting outside favours Natasha who can pick and choose her targets on Warren.

R4: Estella bodies Natasha to the ropes and gets beefy to the gut, jamming in a series of crude right hands that have Natasha helpless early. Warren starts to open up--palming Nat’s chest with one hand while clocking her with the other, and Henstridge busts up, falls apart defensively as Estella has her way.  Big right hand sends Natasha sprawling sideways to the ropes then down to her knees--bar-room stuff definitely favouring Warren, although Henstridge reluctant to stop once they get to slugging.

R5: All warren as Natasha stubbornly tries to play Warren’s game. Estella too good and capturing one or the other of Natasha’s arms and beating her body with the free hand, finally riding Henstridge into the ropes and getting ion top with both hands. Again, the propping and punching has Henstridge breaking down--she is belted side to side as Warren stands her up, shakes her down for a shutout this round.

R6: Natasha wises up, starts to rivet her jab to Warren’s face, pre-empting Estella and keeping her from getting off. Henstridge mixing in spearing right hand and the round becomes a series of stalking one-twos from Natasha as she punishes a shiny-face Warren all around the ring.

R7: More Natasha strong arm tactics from outside--nothing fancy, jabs setting up ramming right hands to the chin or stomach as Nat drops low to spear the gut, Warren busting up-she’s not much defensively and she’s taking too many flush shots to the head and body--legs start to wander as she looks to tie up rather than fight. Down the stretch, Henstridge beats Estella to the ropes with a series of straight right hands to the stomach as Warren holds her mitts too high--winded, Warren hunches forward on the ropes, Nat slams the right hand off the chin and DOWN GOES ESTELLA! Warren on all fours, looking shabby--Nat’s starting to pull away.

R8: Reckless brawling round sees the girls careen to all four corners--Warren making sure she clinches and forces Natasha to slug away out of the wrap, Inconclusive round, but good strategy for Estella--she gets some time to clear her head after a punishing 7th.

R9: Nat dials in and soon has Estella lolling helpless on the ropes courtesy stamping one-twos on the face. Warren staring back unable to gather herself and Henstridge stays on her, potshotting from outside, starting to really bend into those right hands and getting terrific skull-movement on Estella as the punches add up, Midway through, Nat changes focus, sending that lancing right hand skidding hard off Estella sternum and the wavy-haired blonde starts to fold up her tent. All big and brawny from Natasha as she starts to budge a fading Warren back with crossed arms and her chest, then clocking away with blockbuster lefts and rights--Estella’s face slipping into swoon as the beating goes critical. Ref steps in--it’s over. TKO9 Natasha Henstridge.

After; Curious mixture of the crude and clinical from Henstridge as she finds a way to handle the very strong and athletic Warren--perhaps a bit of an upset to many pundits. Cumbersome walk of shame punctuates the bashing victory--stumbling Warren barely able to get it together as she is tugged mercilessly around the ring by a cold-eyed Henstridge.

Reposted by Archer 1/28/11.

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