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27 August 2005 Natasha Henstridge vs Victoria Silvestedt

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Natasha Henstridge 01.jpgVictoria Silvestedt.jpg




Round Two

Posted by Simguy on 8/27/2005, 12:40 pm.

Black bikini, halter top and ring connection, Henny
White string bikini, Vicki

Nat Henstridge continued her economical ways--stalking Victoria with a nasty, bashing jab and throwing only half a dozen power shots en route to a devastating second round knockout. As with Warren, the end came off a diamond-cutter right--Henny spearing Vicki he stick to startle, then ending the big blonde Playmate’s night with the shearing finisher. Natalie surged to the forefront of the bettor’s lists with this performance, recapturing some of that aura of invincibility she had lost at the fists of Ali Landry earlier in the year.

Once again, a fight was marred as a slumbering huge-busted beauty lay out cold upon her back, vulnerable to a swooping Stacy Keibler cross body pin session. Clamping on and tossing her golden mane in histronic fashion, Keibler milked the moment for as long as she could until security could pry her limbs from Victoria’s moaning frame.


Stacy Keibler 2.jpg


Reposted by Archer 2/1/11.

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