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26 May 2006 Ali Landry vs Jenny O'Dell IV

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#4 Best of 7

Posted by Simguy on 5/26/2006, 8:41 pm,

Before: “Jenny was getting too big for her britches,” Ali explains-away the post fight jug smother finale of Landry/JOD III. “Her ego was way out of control--ask any girl in boxing: Jenny O’Dell got just what she deserved. I’ve broken her now--everyone could see it it’s going to be me on her, minute after minute, until this thing is completed.” O’Dell set in her trademark angry pout, glacial eyes flashing. “When we shook hands before the last fight, and Ali said she respected me--I thought things were going to be different. I thought that finally, I was going to compete with someone in an atmosphere of mutual respect and honour--but Ali showed she’s just another tramp after all, At bottoms, she’s just another Krista Allen--a cheap shot artist, a real tuff-girl against the helpless. Well, it’s a new fight, and I’ve got debts to pay. And Ali: I ALWAYS pay my debts!” Ali gold bikini, Jenny in baby blue. White gloves, both vixens, Staredown: Landry smirking, head coked to one side; Jenny seething, nostrils flaring.

During R1: Ali up off her stool…and she’s tackled hard into ropes by hurtling jenny! O’Dell pushing, scrounging, then punching--chugging, lusty lefts and rights bump Ali’s tummy and lungs, shaking her at the ropes. Jenny marching up-torso, cashes in a clouting hook to chops--Ali stung, ducks down, reaches in to clinch around tanned blonde waist. Jenny crooks her arms in 90 degree bends at the elbow, snarling as she digs stiffly in above Ali’s hips; Jenny just hammering outside Landry’s outstretched arms until ref issues break. Jenny no pushed back, chest heaving: Ali blinking , open-mouthed, leaning up against the ropes for a breather--BUT HERE COMES JENNY!! O’Dell rushing in with a flapping screen-left jab and a DRIVING right hand flat underneath Landry’s triumphant left breast--bruising hearty punch yanks a cry of shock from Ali as she craters into ropes, once again looking to clinch, JENNY POUNDS JUG! JOD keeping hands free, rotating her shoulders to shrug in clinch-rejecting jug muggage--Landry’s world-class mounds hammered and stamped, bunching beefily up--poor Ali abandons her clinch attempt to double over and show her back instead, Jenny snarling--hardhearted--she reefs hooks to Ali’s right flank, ripping the punches so hard her right foot skids off canvas. JOD dips down, reaches under Ali’s arms, chests her so hard into ropes, Landry’s head whiplash-bobbles and her mouthpiece pops off her teeth! Jenny shifting weight, riding the left arm across Ali’s upper back, slumping Landry forward for pumping right hands belly and breasts--thumping work out of the wrap has Landry gurgling in swoon! Ali desperate to clinch--but Jenny busing her right hand to palm Landry’s left shoulder back, keeping her open for business. brutal, cudgeling stuff: Jenny’s teeth bared, right elbow cranking back then right fist thrusting forward deep to tanned brunette tummy, or pancaking Herculean brunette jugg; Ali crying out, eyes grimacing shut as she takes, butt back, torso stooped forward, left knee cringing slightly up as Landry soaks body-shock. Mauling blonde vindictiveness to the bell--Ali suffering against the ropes, can’t keep Jenny off. Goes 10-8 Jenny without a knockdown as SEETHING O’Dell stomps back to her corner, chomping at the bit!

R2: Ali shaken, but serviceable--goes to the jab to douse Jenny’s fire: O’Dell immediately responds in kind. Clockwise rotation, both girls pushing off the ball of the right foot to thrust home hard stick to pecs and mouths, both beautiful faces being banged back with cold-blooded authority, Both girls scoring stick, then ducking down, stepping left--rangy, classy stuff over the first couple of minutes--stalemated midring, Final  minute, Jenny changes-up, fading Ali’s jab, walking her in and clouting her a nifty check-hook off the hip--Landry sputtering to her left, takes a follow up hook against the ear to send her staggering to ropes. JENNY POURS IN! O’Dell surging, pancaking Ali into the ropes with a splashing body-press then DIGGING both hands amidships to bunch Landry forward: JENNY WANTS JUGG! O’Dell stands up in the stirrups, back straight, shoulders shrugging as she CHUGS away at Ali’s beef! Landry sobbing aloud, eyes distraught: she’s awestruck at the savagery, unable to answer it. Jenny putting crop to haunch, punishing Ali to the finish line: ref has to reef Jenny off by her biceps from behind, spinning her away as Ali cringes, hugs her battered chest. Jenny stomping back to her corner all angry-butt, eyes glaring: intensity!

R3 Ali tries boxing: Jenny boxes-with, jabbing the pageant princess to a standstill. Ali reaches in to clinch and smother--Jenny wrestles with her, working hard to put Landry’s back on the ropes for the ref’s breaks, establishing superiority in the judges’ minds with roughhouse mauling. Frustration creeping into Landry’s expression, Plans A,B, and C all seem to be coming up short against Jenny’s relentless assaults. Final  minute--Jenny breaks up the stalemate with a drifting right cross, penetrating Landry’s guard and smashing her face o the side--walking O’Dell barrage of lefts and rights punches Ali ropeside, where she covers up earmuff. Jenny into Ali’s midsection with right hands, riding her left on Landry’s shoulder for leverage--stuffing in hurt at the bell.

R4: Landry shopworn, disheveled, taking a beating--she comes out with her crispest, sharpest jab of the night to finally suppress Jenny’s fury. Ali pivot-stepping left around hard poke, eyes wide: she’s aiming stamping right hands to Jenny’s breasts, looking for hooks off that ramrod stick. O’Dell’s weight back, hands up--she scowling, parrying shots, rotating her torso to slip punches, but hanging around at the end of Ali’s extension. Final minute, both women commit to heartfelt jabs, punching one another stiffly in respective mouths; Jenny stands her ground, chopping a short right to Ali’s jaw, jerking a muscular left uppercut to chin and LANDRY’S HURT! Jenny sidesteps as Landry reels past, hitting ropes face-first, bleary-eyed! JENNY PUNCHES! O’Dell back on that throbbing midsection with beefy right hands, crowding in close with her left on Ali’s right shoulder, leaning in on Landry for CRAMMING delivery, LANDRY’S CRYING! Ali blubbering under pressure, all cramped up--Jenny shifts weight, pushing Landry upright, squaring away and POUNDING LEFTS AND RIGHTS! Jenny just stacking Ali up out back the woodshed--hooks and straight right hands, HOOKS AND STRAIGHT RIGHT HANDS! Ali facing groggily into damage, staring into Jenny’s punches, head flinging back, torso tilting back into the ropes, hands limp at her chest, and THE REF STEPS IN! TKO4 in sensational fashion--Jenny O’Dell!

After: Ali staring in stupor, swaying out on her feet, dimly aware she’s been stopped yet again by Jenny O’Dell. Jenny roaring, flushing with KO-lust--she climbs the nearest corner ropes to pound her chest and exult in victory as poor Ali swoons, eyes wide with shock. AND JENNY WANTS MORE! Gloves removed from both vixens--Jenny snarling as she stomps to groggy Ali, coming at Landry from the side as Ali’s hobbling to her corner, Jenny pulls a whimpering Ali off the ropes, turns her square and crams a heartfelt right hand to the pit of Landry’s stomach! Ali bunches up with a fresh cry, hugging her tummy: Jenny takes brunette by the hair and her swimsuit bottoms for a quick spin-around, then bum-rushes her out of the ring!

Jenny jumps down off the apron all bug-girl jock, pulling groaning Landry up off the floor by her hair and stacking her limp against the apron. Jenny jumps back up onto the apron to take a seat, legs dangling over the edge--she scootches her rump back to get comfy and reaches for Ali, drawing the devastated brunette into the embrace if tanned arms and legs, Crowd roaring in approval--Apron Demolition coming up for Ali Landry as Jenny pulls her girl in, face first.

Moist, whimpering struggles--Ali’s face in a tight grimace as she strains to push at Jenny’s chest and arms, fighting off the smother. O’Dell’s lips pressed tight together, her ankles locked to secure a restraining scissors-hold around Ali’s hips, Jenny writhing her arms in patient, outside-in swipes--Ali doing the same--but blonde has position leverage; Landry has to stand there, getting worn down as Jenny keeps at it. Finally, Jenny’s able to fix her breasts to Ali’s face, securing the hold with the left arm round back of Landry’s head. Jen’s left hand grips at her right bicep; right hand tightens into a fistful of damp brown curls atop Landry’s scalp; blonde legs stiffen and constrict, quads jumping into view as O’Dell gives Ali a blast of spin-honed legs, Landry’s breathy cries barely audible as a boom mike hovers close; Ali’s hands reach up behind O’Dell to pull at her brawny shoulders Landry’s backside heavy, sullen as she shifts weight from one foot to the other.

Jenny just stays in her girl, pumping with the legs, cinching up with her arms, keeping Ali’s head snuggled tight. Ali’s long, dark curls drape sadly across Jenny’s clutching forearms, or cling in sweaty clumps to her breasts. Landry’s hands become distracted--now she’s pulling at the bottom rope behind Jenny; now she’s banging her left palm in exhaustion against the apron. Ali tries muscle, snaking her arms around Jenny’s brown waist, but brunette is too weakened to hug her way out of this. Ali reaches back to push down on Jenny’s thighs, reaches in to push at Jenny’s pulsing tummy, but there’s no hope. Finally, Landry relaxes into it, her hands still, lightly hugging at Jenny’s hips and rump as blonde wrings the last of Landry’s defiance from her proud body, Jenny releases slowly--arms and legs gently spreading wide; Landry slides down, her KO’d face tracking damp brown hair and parted lips across Jenny’s torso en route. Landry sprawls on her back, head lolling side to side as she mutters KO’d little whimperings: Jenny absolutely heartless, glaring down as if she just might help herself to seconds. O’Dell moves to a commanding 3-1 lead in the series: one fight away from eliminating arguably the best brunette fighter of the decade.

Reposted by Archer 2/11/11.

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