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23 January 2000 Lucy Liu vs Vanessa Marcil

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Posted by Simguy on Sunday, 23-Jan-2000 13:21:22

Before: Russell fight falls through when Keri demands stupid money--Marcil eager to keep the momentum going steps into the void. Liu the big woman in the fight, but Marcil’s demolition of Gellar gives her cred, and Lucy hasn’t been sharp of late. Vanessa already looking past Liu, talks about “cleaning up the division” during pre-fight. Liu in black push up, red bikini bottoms, slick ponytail. Vanessa in red spaghetti strap sports bra, red aerobics bottoms.

During R1: Vanessa out in a robotic, high guard stance, made nervous by Liu’s reverberant  wide stance, hands at her hips. Lucy playful at the start, swatting and poking jabs, leaning back on her back leg to make Marcil miss, but midway through the round, Liu lunges in low, ripping the right uppercut to the midsection, right uppercut to the head and has Vanessa hurt. Liu flitting in and out from all points on the compass around Marcil, bangs away with potshotting wide blows to the bell.

R2: Vanessa clinching, draws a warning for headhunting as she tries to rough up the Asian, Liu takes it I stride, spanking Vanessa’s crotch with an errant left, and coming over the top with a looping right hand to send Marcil reeling. All Lucy the rest of the way as she hunts Vanessa down, leans in and out, continuing to lift punches from her knees into Marcil’s chest and face with impunity.

R3: Marcil changes focus, going to Liu’s body, but Lucy able to dance out before Vanessa can out too much leather to work. By the mid way point, Liu puts the fire out, walking around Vanessa, surprising her wih sudden lunging potshots to the bell.

R4: Liu rings Marcil up with a dragging right uppercut from the floor, leaving Vanessa staggering mid-ring. Liu working patiently, slaps Marcil’s face with open palm lefts and rights top draw a warning, then slams the door with a pulverizing overhand right hand that has Marcil spilling along the ropes. Final minute sees Liu trap Vanessa on the ropes, just using the left to block Vanessa’s right, and pull the brunette’s head down onto Lucy’s own short right hands inside. Marcil going groggy, getting battered, and with seconds left on the clock, Liu twists into a curling right hand to the sternum to send Vanessa gurgling to her knees. Marcil spits out the mouthpiece and can’t continue--KO4 Lucy Liu.

After: Liu with a redemptive performance totally dismantles Vanessa who had fashioned herself as something of a too-tough brawler before the fight. Liu’s speed, and even size too much for Marcil, who rarely laid a firm glove on her opponent tonight.

Reposted by Archer 2/21/11.

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