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23 October 1999 Gina Gershon vs Liz Hurley

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Posted by Simguy on Saturday, 23-Oct-1999 11:47:21

Before: Battle of two of celebritdom’s premier technicians--little to choose in terms of skill, but Gershon recognized as the tougher pug, both giving and taking a better punch than Hurley. Liz will gave to set down on punches and avoid slapping, because Gershon will no be mesmerized by the Brit’s subtle tactics. Gina in black push up and leopard print bikini bottoms, Hurley in purple push up and purple bikini bottoms, white lace trim.

During R1: Hurley tucking her chin holding her gloves at her face, gives Gershon the southpaw shoulder to shot at and neatly slips to the right off Gina’s jab. Liz doing a nice job of backhanding the right jab out off her chin, and slinging the wide left hand into Gershon’s mouth. Hurley with the scoring left hands takes the round.

R2: Gina attempting, breaks down Liz’s slick defense with hand speed, peppering the British brunette with shoe shining combinations to the waist and chest. Hurley on her heels, turning away from punches, can’t get off.

R3: Gina continuing to chase, polishing Liz’s hips, shoulders and face with brisk side to side combinations. Hurley stepping back most of the round, trying to slip and counter, and in the final minute, she cracks Gina with the wide left hand on the teeth. Gershon’s legs buckle and she tumbles to the ropes, Hurley following up like a bully, belting away with big lefts and rights as Gershon folds up sideways to the ropes, taking like a trooper. Liz with famous British arrogance, sneers at the bell, turns and flounces back to her corner as Gershon sags,, shakes her head.

R4: Gina G just looking to get her legs back, circles away from Liz Hurley posting a shutout this round, but unable to hurt Gina who isn’t shy about clinching or running while she shakes off the punishment taken in the 3rd. Gershon doesn’t give up any more big lays this round, Hurley content to dominate.

R5: Tactical retreat pays off for rejuvenated Gina. Gershon unable to penetrate the slick southpaw defense upstairs, goes to Liz’s body with heartless lefts and rights to the sides, breaking Hurley down by the midway point. A series of short, clipping right uppercuts at close range busts Liz up and she staggers back on her heels to the ropes with Gershon in measured pursuit, Double G pays back the beating in spades, lavish Hurley’s cringing form with wide lefts and rights to the body and head. After the bell, Gershon won’t let Hurley past her, bodying up and forcing eye contact until the ref intercedes.

R6: Liz responds to the American’s belligerence, sweeping with the left hand off a pesky backhand right jab, and midway through the round, a crashing left finds Gina’s mouth to send Gershon to the ropes, Gina g desperately hurt, and Hurley steps in, snapping her punches from wide angles to the breast and face of her opponent. Gershon cut insider the mouth, head jerking back dangerously as Liz dials in. Hurley with those smooth combinations, coolly puts a vicious beating on Gershon to the bell, and goes chest to chest with the hurting brunette at the break for intimidation’s sake.

R7: Both girls come out looking shopworn and puffy-faced, and each opts to slug at her hurting foe early. Hurley bending to the right, trying to bring that southpaw right uppercut into Gina’s chin--Gershon bending to her left and countering to Liz’s ribs with the left hook. Bitter give and take as classy fists flash back and forth, but a slicing lead right from Gershon rocks Liz at the minute mark. Hurley reeling, hands low, trying to bend away from Gina, but Gershon with running opunches hammers Hurley’s head side to side as the girls clatter across the ring. Side by side at the ropes, Gershon catches Hurley in the stomach with a wide left, gives the Brit a little shoulder shuck, and comes over with a curling right hand off the face. Liz drapes over the ropes for a moment before sliding forward, and Gershon smile wide for the cameras, pumping with both fists from underneath to the breasts and chin of the slumping Brit. punching as she steps back, Gershon simply lets Liz crumple to the canvas, and Gina G struts away the KO7 winner of this fight.

After: Bruising war saw Gina use up Liz Hurley, taking some big shots from the Brit en-route. Hurley forced to fight by Gershon, couldn’t employ her normal hide-and-seek techniques with consistency. For Gina, another strong performance, cements her rep as the class of the field.

Reposted by Archer 2/26/11.

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