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13 Janaury 2001 Tiffany Thiessen vs Michelle Williams

Page history last edited by Archer844 12 years, 1 month ago

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Posted by Simguy on 1/13/2001, 5:52pm

Before: Tiff/Mish a great action match up--Williams maybe a little more hard nosed in the trenches, but Thiessen slugged it up with the best of the TC stars--Mish can’t afford complacency. Similar style breeds contempt--loser won’t have a lot of excuses. Mish in red push bra and panties, white lace, Tiff in navy push up style bikini, blonde hair.

During R1: Girls close to hooking range, then take turns dishing it up, rotating midring. Tiff putting her punches together better, timing Williams with a short right hand to set up clubbing left/rights--Williams landing the harder blows, especially a bludgeoning hook to the rightside ribs and ear of Thiessen to knock her off stride, Scored a draw as both girls get things done.

R2: Girls start to fall in now after punching--wrestling and pushing up top, then getting off in short, violent bursts. Mish wants it more--she’s pushing her way into Tiff, going to the belly and breasts with meanspirited determination--Thiessen competitive, but giving ground, drops the round.

R3: Girls body up, waltzing in close, pushing and straining for punching room. End of the first minute: Mish pulls a slobber knocking hooks across Tiff’s temple,. Putting Thiessen wobbly butt and Williams takes over. Gut wrenching beat down all round long as Mish stays on her girl, hammering the hips, sides, arms, breasts and jaw--Tiff wilts around the ring, covering up, grimacing. Big shutout Mish Williams.

R4: Williams has that look in her eye--she lumps up off her stool and goes right back at Thiessen, camping out I the busty blonde’s trunks from bell to bell. Williams just putting leather on meat, swarming her foe into forlorn retreat. Thiessen getting seal puppied--staggering along the ropes, hunching forward, crying out whenever Williams twists repeated hooks into Tiff’s bulging bikini top. Another shellacking shutout Mish--Thiessen woozy, tremble-bodied as she stumbles to her corner for the break.

R5: Tiff bodying up again, comes out of the lock up clinch with a stuffing low blow left hand--Mish wincing, then Answering back with a 3 punch series to the groin herself as the ref pushes the girls apart and administers the warnings. Both girls with tear stained cheeks, but it’s Mish bullying her girl into the ropes, palming up on the shoulders, doing as much shoving and mauling as punching. Tiff breaking down badly, hunching forward,. Giving up curling uppercuts to the tummy and jugs as Williams starts to cruise. Mish working in close, routinely drags her head across Tiff’s face, or connects with forearm against the ribcage as Thiessen is brawled senseless this round.

R6: Mish bolts off her stool traps Tiff in her corner with straight lefts and rights, then plants her feet and starts winging. Tiff getting clocked as fists bounce off her head--Thiessen leaning into the turnbuckles, pushing back punches but getting herself battered in the process. Tiff’s legs look stiff--by the midway point she’s clinching or pushing Mish back just to get a second’s respite. Williams keeps pouring back in. A wild left hook misses over the top, allowing Thiessen room to stumble to her right along the ropes, but lunging right hand bashes into the side of her sending a thrill through the crowd. Tiff crumples sideways to the ropes--out on her feet, but propped up nicely for half a dozen overkill lefts and rights until the ref pulls pit bull Mish away/ Savage TKO6 Mish Williams.

After: Thiessen blown away in a vintage display of Williams ferocity. Tiff never a factor, unable to use her own compact physique with Mish on top of her all night--beat down looked inevitable after the third round. Tactical low blow in the fifth definitely backfired--Williams upping the ante considerably went from dominant to murderous with consistent rough lay of her own.

Reposted by Archer 3/1/11.



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