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15 January 2001 Jennifer Lopez vs Gena Lee Nolin

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Posted by Simguy on 1/15/2001, 8:15 am

Before: Dangerous bout for both girls, but Nolin with the comfortable margin in size and reach with the edge. Intriguing because Lopez should be able to get inside of Gena and work--Nolin has to make the Latina pay for the trip. Gena in light blue bikini top, yellow bottoms, Jennifer in red and white vertical striped bikini, highlighted golden brown hair.

During R1: As expected--Lopez coming forward with a Frazier bob and weave, moving her head, crossing her arms, swiping at the body and head as she barges inside. Gena with her hands low, tries to time the Latina for the sweeping right uppercut, or bludgeoning right to the side--both girls effective. Nolin will punch, then push Jen back with both palms, effectively keeping the shorter girl on her heels--Gena takes a close, action first.

R2: Jennifer having a good first minute with Nolin’s back against the ropes, working with methodical digs to the waistline, when suddenly the Latina cries out, pulls away dabbing at her eye--Nolin stalking away for a breather as the ref checks Jen out. Action resumes and Gena builds on the thumb--palming up on Jen’s shoulders, then plunging in with low right hands to the crotch. Nolin drawing some severe finger waggles, patiently takes the lecture, then sails back in to work her foe. Lopez beaten into sullen submission this round, goes back to her corner, grimacing, mincing as Gena hears it from the ref during the break.

R3: Nolin reaching with her left to keep Jen at arm’s length, then shooting down with spearing right hands, POUNDIONG on that thumbed eye with vicious determination. Lopez busting up, taking right hands flush, but continuing to surge forward, and by the final minute. Jen’s fighting off Nolin’s chest, palming up on the blonde’s hips, then punching in bursts to the midriff. Nolin takes the round, but she finishes up cringing ropeside as Lopez is pulled away.

R4: Gena loping around the ring, using her legs somewhat, still extending that left to palm Jen’s head, then leaning in with downward streaking right hands. Nolin resorting to headlocks as Jen forces her way inside, bogging the Latina down in a series of brawling clinches. Midway though--referee orders a break and Nolin claps Jen with a fouling right hand on the face as Lopez drops her hands--Jen turning, staggering into the ropes as Gena mauls her from behind. Order finally rstored, but Lopez is getting broken down and beat up by Nolin’s constant cheap practice.

R5: OH, GENA! Nolin finally lands a sweet right uppercut on the point of the chin, catching Lopez perfectly on the way in--Jen ROCKED, wobbly butt, staggers backwards half a dozen steps with wide eyes as Nolin walks her down with a leer. Total war breaks out with Lopez reeling at the ropes, but refusing to wilt--Nolin storming the gates. It’s the sweeping, condor rights and lefts from Gena being answered by Lopez’s short right uppervuts on the inside of the body, and left hooks to the head. At one point, a blistering right hand to the sternum has Nolin’s legs buckling, at another a crashing right cross on the swollen eye nearly puts Jen through the ropes. Gena imposes her will late as she ties Jen up, bulls her into the ropes, then jams her right hand in between Lopez’s legs while bodied up tight. Lopez sobbing out, clutching herself at the bell--Gena smiling, glistening with hard working sweat.

R6: Lopez responds like a Latina, soaking up the damage, shaking it off, and give Gena 3 minutes of hell this round. Lopez palming up on Gena’s biceps, heaving the big blonde back into the ropes, then sinking in 2 fisted barrages to the body as Nolin crumbles. Gena wilting along the ropes, grimacing, trying to clinch--Lopez fighting through and piling on. Jennifer twisting into hooks  behind the elbow, but also scoring with a chopping right, getting her body behind these short shots, and connecting with the side of her hand to the chest of Nolin--it’s brutal cudgeling stuff at its finest--Nolin whining, carrying on without an ounce of dignity this round.

R7: OH GENA! That ruinous uppercut nails Jen early, lifting the Latina onto her toes and sending her sprawling backwards again as Nolin’s demeanor goes all sunny again. Gena at her marauding best, hounds the hurting Latina all around the ring, loading up ion right hands and sweeping away at the body and head as Jen collapses. Lopez fielding BOMBS, refuses to go down, but she is horribly abused this round--crowd moaning as the pretty singer takes right hands off her head with splattering impact. Lopez slugging back in the dying moments avoids the shutout, but Gena sends her to her corner HURTING.

R8: All Jen Lopez! Jen won’t be denied--her pretty face swollen and sore--Lopez gets her head under Gena’s chin, palms working inside Nolin’s shoulders and she puts the blonde’s butt on the ropes once again for more shove and slug. Nolin cringing as jen lands those illegal hammer-blow right hands to her chest, and trembling whenever Lopez gets her hips in behind that fearful left hook. Lots of clinching and holding for breaks from Nolin--she’s helpless when she’s on her heels, and Jen’s on her chest.

R9: All Nolin! Gena gets a thumb into Jen’s eye to open the round, quickly consolidates with a head lock, and has many good moments holding and hitting as the girls meander around the ring in one another’s arms. Ref constantly struggling to pry the bodies apart--Nolin nickle and dimeing Jen with cheap shots, getting her elbow up into Lopez’s mouth on the breaks--it’s ugly, but effective. Lopez looking worn down, discouraged at the bell as Gena roughs her up this round.

R10: Lopez bending at the waist, bobbing under Gena’s left, Nolin launching that looping right uppercut from too far out gets NAILED across the face by Lopez’s sweeping hook and DOWN GIOES GENA! Nolin scooting to her butt as the crowd goes wild and she’s HURT! Gena swaying at the ropes, lifts her mitts to her temples and cringes as Jen Lopez marches in. bell to bell beat down for Jen as she jams her head in between Nolin’s mitts and WORKS! Clubbing lefts and rights to the jaw, ripping lefts and rights across the belly as Lopez puts her face on Gena and pours it on. Gena Lee soaks it up, beaten into a blubbering ruin by the bell, but refusing to give it up. Decision comes back after a long delay a one point margin for Gena Lee Nolin!

After: Scattered booing. Lopez in shock, hands on hips, face battered unrecognizable as Gena lifts her taped fists and struts. Nolin takes Lopez for the walk of shame--Latina sullen, shaking her head as she is pulled to all four corners--Nolin beaming with her prize. Both girls gave a tremendous account of themselves in this pitched battle--Nolin gouging out a win when a lot of other fighters would have had to succumb to Lopez’s pressure.

Reposted by Archer 3/2/11.

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