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18 July 2005 Apartment House Boxing Tournament 1977 - Round 1

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Posted by Simguy on 7/18/2005, 1:14 pm.


The final 8 had a distinctly different look than the anointed octet chosen by Moll and his associates. Gone were favourites Cynara, Marguerita, Tara and Olivia - all of whom could reasonably have been expected to form the eventual final four. Instead Pamela “Big and Strong,” the unlikely Bibi, the underrated Madge, balanced Tiff, rangy Lois, supple Kyla, roughhousing Jenny, and crafty Debbie made up the list.


Pam KO7 over Bibi: The Cinderella story for Bibi ended at the unforgiving fists of Pamela as the two strongest girls in the competition squared off. Pam’s pulverizing jab was the difference, and although Bibi’s clobbering right hand would put Pamela on her back in the second, the more consistently effective girl was Pam. After firmly taking control in a shutout fifth, Pamela would go on to batter Bibi from long range courtesy crashing right hands off the jab. The Cynara slayer advanced to the final four with the cocky swagger of the champion about her, and the floating book promptly made her the odds-on favourite immediately after stretching delightful Bibi flat in this one.


Tiffany TKO2 over Madge: Tiffany came out to hurt Madge and establish dominance from the opening moments, tattooing the overwhelmed blonde with a torrent of hooks and crosses. Tiff hooked Madge’s groin, dug to her body, checked her chin - pushed and bumped and stampeded Madge about the room. The first round ended with Madge cringing behind her gloves, buttocks smooched against the wall while a tight-lipped Tiffany jammed away straight criss-crossing one-twos at the bell. The second round saw a panicked, hurt and rickety Madge run for her life and sustain another dreadful beating as the routed blonde lost any semblance of organized defence which could have saved her. Battered, stunned and shaking, Madge quit in her corner rather than come out for a third round of vigourous Tiff.


Kyla UD10 over Lois: As she did with Olivia, Kyla bamboozled and smoothed her way around the stronger, more physical Lois in yet another surprising episode of brains over brawn. Using a closed stance, holding her left hand low, keeping her right cocked beneath her chin - Kyla bedeviled Lois with slips, shoulder-rolls, clinches and counters, neatly checking Lois repeatedly throughout the match, Lois would win a measly two rounds - as shocking in its own way as any of the KOs to this point.


Debbie KO4 over Jenny: Sweet revenge for Debbie, who had once been bludgeoned and steamrollered by Jenny in one of the first ever apartment house boxing bouts. This time, Deb answered Jenny’s ferocity with hard, short, well placed punching, standing her ground and imposing her size on the feisty blonde. There would be no wilting from Debbie this time, and although Jenny won the first and third rounds handily with her volume punching, Debbe was sewing the seeds of victory in her opponent’s curvy waist and available chin. Deb’s accurate right hands began to take a fearful toll to open the fourth, and Jenny responded with desperate thunder, surging at her foe and backing her up behind a barrage of wild swinging blows. Under siege and taking hits, Debbie maintained her composure, stayed in the pocket and ended Jenny’s night with a single chopping right on the chin.

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