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18 July 2005 Apartment House Boxing Tournament 1977 - Round 2

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Posted by Simguy on 7/18/2005, 1:14 am.




Pamela figured to be the stronger woman in her pairing with Tiffany, and many thought a replay of Pam’s victory over Cynara a likely scenario. But Tiffany was as well-schooled as any fighter left in the tournament and moreover, had shown heartless disregard for Madge, proving Tiff would do whatever she had to, to advance.


Kyla and Debbie were the best boxers left in the tournament, but there the similarities ended. Debbie could and would go to the body and she was the more compact puncher. Kyla had looked her best against opponents who had reached for her and fallen prey to her deceptive counters, but it was thought that if any woman would be immune to Kyla’s wiles, it would be the intelligent and sophisticated Debbie.


Pam KO2 over Tiffany: Pam never gave Tiffany a chance to work her magic, overpowering the slightly smaller brunette and beating her hamhanded into carpet. About as pretty as a blacksmith working on an anvil, Pamela simply shoved Tiffany to the wall and battered her until the heiress sank shellshocked to her knees.


Kyla KO1 over Debbie: The crowd had barely caught its breath when the second fight of the evening came to an abrupt end. With the girls working at medium speed, jabbing and feinting each other, Kyla innocently hooked Debbie's tummy, ducked over to the right to slip the receipt and came back a slinging right hand behind the ear to send Deb face-first into the shag. Lights out - Debbie simply lay still, mouth open, eyes closed as the crowd struggled to voice its shock.

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