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19 January 2001 Monica Bellucci vs Jeri Ryan

Page history last edited by Archer844 9 years, 7 months ago

Posted by Simguy on 1/19/2001, 7:02 pm.

Before: Bellucci making her American debut after a torrid trip through France/Italy/Spain saw her mop up B level comp with ease. Collision course with Sophie Marceau at 130 seems inevitable--fight with Ryan a calculated risk: Jeri’s got the big name, but she’s smaller--Bellucci can ride to victory into a title bout. Jeri unconcerned with the slight size disadvantage, looking forward to Monica’s baptism in American leather with characteristic confidence. Jeri in light blue thin strap sports bra, navy bikini bottoms--Bellucci in floral print push up bikini, red, white and black patterns.

During R1: don’t blink: Ryan nibbling with her jab out of the Louis crouch, dips nice to her left to slip a looping overhand right, rips a spanking hook to the ribs, doubles up on the left to the jaw, turns that right hand on the face and Bellucci spills senseless to the ropes. Monica with “don’t hurt me” eyes, hands at her chest, just stares as Ryan pours it on. Horrific left hands to the soft belly, doubled up to a swabbing blow across the chest, then that murderous right hand on the mouth and THE REF STEPS IN! Bellucci can’t  get out the first minute--TKO1 Jeri Ryan!

After: Crowd still finding their seats--stunned to see highly touted Bellucci go out with “European Tomato Can” written all over her. Not since Marceau’s hared to believe dump to Jennifer Aniston has an Old World prospect so bitterly disappointed the fans back home. Promoters in shock, publicists already set to blame everything from the food to jet lag. Ryan strutting the ring totally unmarked, beaming prettily--wiry body vibrating with the unique excitement only the total destruction of a beautiful opponent can bring.

Reposted by Archer 3/10/11.

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