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19 January 2001 Sarah Michelle Gellar vs Kari Wuhrer

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Posted by Simguy on 1/19/2001, 7:04 pm.

Before: Popular and skilled Gellar always welcome for flyweight shots--but she’s been beaten back by the bigger girls who have a death grip on the belts, and who have managed to close the gap a little in terms of technique. Wuhrer a former bantam now campaigning as a fly champ (no pun intended) very confident her pop will overwhelm Gellar’s magic in celebrity version of Corrales/Mayweather. Gellar in white bikini top, white satin drawstring pants low on the hip--Wuhrer in dark brown bikini top, silk lingerie shorts slit high to the thigh.

During R1: Huh? Gellar loading up in the first minute, driving Wuhrer across the ring with looping right hands upside the head, stroking Kari’s jaw and putting Wuhrer wobbly butt. Rest of the round sees Gellar consolidate, unable to get Kari out of there early, she goes to the flicking, constant jab, drilling Wuhrer with opportunistic right hand potshots, stepping off to one side of the other with a hand at Kari’s hip. Nifty shutout with power for Gellar, but Kari already coming around in dying seconds.’

R2: Gellar nipping in and out, bending at the waist, dropping 3 or 3 quick-strike arm punches in combination then bailing. Wuhrer walking through it, starts to find the range with ba crunching left hand, polishing Gellar’s face with the jab and stepping in with a biting hook that starts to unravel the blonde by the midway point. Wuhrer’s power punching producing a sudden, startling turn around--Gellar wobbly butt, wide-eyed, taking punches as Kari rolls up on her--all Wuhrer at the bell, working Sarah over at the ropes with swinging lefts and rights.

R3: More of the same--Gellar okay early with the hit and run, but Wuhrer marching through it, applies decisive pressure, breaks her girl down, starts tagging the chin and midriff with hooks, and by the time right hands start landing--Sarah’s just trying to survive, Wuhrer doing a terrific job landing the one big shot that takes Gellar’s legs out of the round--Sarah nimble enough with upper body movement to avoid being stopped, but she’s taking a beating in these methodical rounds for Kari.

R4: Gellar lumping up under both eyes, but she stays focused, and puts together a brilliant Spadafora-like 2 minutes. Keeping the pesky jab on Kari’s face, stepping around the brunette, slinging in right/lefts to the waist then dipping away--it looks like a typical Gellar paint job until the final minute, A single left hook on the chin nearly drops Sarah and renders her helpless--Wuhrer able to square up and punish with her lanky rips to the stomach--chugging with both hands, curling from there to bash face at the bell, Gellar drops another round to Kari’s bone-crunching power--blonde sent reeling back to her corner for hollow words of encouragement.

R5: Kari now controlling Sarah with her drilling jab--Gellar forced to dip low, staying well outside rather than venturing in where she can be touched. Wuhrer walking her girl down all over the round--she’s the effective aggressor as the smaller woman runs.

R6: Where a little overconfident walks in and takes a lick along her jaw line that has her stepping in fence post holes early. Gellar showboating, wind milling her right hand then stuffing into Wuhrer’s gut as the Kari covers up--Sarah disappearing rather than sticking around to press. After the first minute--it’s Gellar on the lamb again, bouncing along the perimeter, diving I n to clinch, tying Wuhrer up for breaks,. Kari makes the round, but Gellar’s opportunistic power carries the points.

R7: Mirror image round--Gellar playing that Ray Leonard stuff--showing Wuhrer the right hand wind up, then actually landing as Kari seems frozen. Working her way up Wuhrer’s torso, Gellar gets off a startling 7 punch burst that ends with a clapping left hook on the jaw to send Kari stumbling backwards. Once again. Sarah happy to take the points and run--bounding shamefully away from Kari as the champ seeks to cut down the ring. Its ugly, but Sarah’s bamboozling her way back into this fight.

R8: Wuhrer stalking, working behind that stiff jab--Sarah more flat-footed this round, bending low at the waist, and the best two-way action of the fight develops. Kari standing upright, trying to lance down with that right hand--Gellar more supple, moving in and out, up and down, getting off in clusters to shoe shine the stomach and breasts, then step over to work off a shoulder. Down the stretch, both girls land left hooks, Kari double clutches and land it again and Gellar is HURT! Sarah swooning out over her feet--Wuhrer grazing a right hand down across the blonde’s sleepy face, then coming back with a shattering left hook--head snap Sarah, mouthpiece flying--Gellar collapsing to the canvas face first out cold. KO8 Kari Wuhrer.

After: Gellar undone once again by the strength and power of her opponent--this time Kari Wuhrer baring the door to the title. No shortage of fireworks from Sarah who slugged smart, hurting Kari often, but the blonde unable to put anything close to a finishing run on the champ. Wuhrer pretty harsh in her assessment, telling reporters “Sarahs got nothing left.”

Reposted by Archer 3/11/11.

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