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19 January 2001 Title Ch Peta Wilson vs Stacey Williams

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Unified Middleweight Title

Posted by Simguy on 1/19/2001, 8:54 pm.

Before: Peta making good on promises to be a fighting champion takes on the scourge of Sports Illustrated Stacey Williams, Big brunette can’t be taken lightly--SI’s used her as gatekeeper for years protecting the approaches to Ireland, Banks and other big name stars. Peta quicker of hand and foot, but Williams as savvy as any big girl in the game only has to get Peta fighting the wrong fight to make this close. Peta on black sports bra and aerobics bottoms, Stacey in gold bikini top, white bottoms.

During R1: Cautious feeling out round--girls reaching with jabs, trying to establish range and openings. Sure enough, Williams lulls Peta with slow pace, getting the blonde to circle flat-footed and Stacey scores with some heavy right hands between the breast late to nick the points.

R2: Wilson a little crisper--bouncing early and snapping off the jab, but Williams uses repeated clinches, grabbing Peta’s biceps and pulling the blonde down to her level for the balance of the round. Good licking action late as the girls lean in, lift mitts up into one another’s long torso--Peta gets a lecture in her corner despite edging out the round.

R3: Frustrating pace continues. Stacey pawing the jab, clinching, tieing up Peta, but willing to trade on the inside, so Wilson takes what’s offered, Girls stand on locked legs, leaning in on one another, just letting their hands go, bouncing 2 and 3 punches off shiny ribcages and taut tummies inside. Williams cagier--palming up on the shoulders or biceps to break up the rhythm, sometimes sliding a right hand in over Peta’s shoulder to clout the jaw,  and not afraid to connect with forearm on the follow through. Banging action round goes to Williams as she outworks the actress.

R4: Back on the inside--Wilson’s corner screaming at her to box, but it’s falling on deaf ears. Midway through the round, Stacey leans back into the punch she’s been working for: a clean right uppercut that puts Peta wobbly butt for the first time in the bout. Williams taking over from that point, stepping back, walking Peta in harmful clouting right hands on the chin, tieing up, turning the blonde and scrubbing her gut with lanky lefts and right sin close,. Champ busting up slightly as the punishment adds up--she’s dropped 3 of the first 4.

R5: A happy, smiling Stacey Williams uptempos like a veteran, sensing the blonde’s confusion, Big right hands straight in an d down set up hurtful double left hands--Williams getting her hips and legs into the hooks as Wilson looks ill. Stacey having her way, dragging her fists and forearms across Peta’s face as the blonde stumbles forward, licking the hooks low and into the belly at will, and midway through--Williams lights Peta up with the hardest punch of the fight: a spearing right hand over the left shoulder that leaves Wilson staring. Williams finishes up the round with Peta’s back on the ropes--blonde covering up, sullenly taking long armed licks to her sides and ears at the bell.

R6: Empire strikes back. Wilson hooking with Williams, both girls getting tagged, but suddenly Stacey’s legs shake and Peta chops the follow up right hand high off the temple to drive brunette to her back. Wilson steam rolling from there--Williams wide-eyed and sluggish, retreating to the ropes and trying to slide away from the heat--Peta staying on her, punishing the hips and shortribs on either side with vicious hacking blows. Peta pumping her fist as Williams looks shaky at the break.

R7: Peta feints Stacey out of her bottoms then drops a crashing lead right around the guard to put Williams wobbly butt. Stacey reaching out to clinch, but Wilson’s stepping over, using angles now to punch in clusters at Stacey’s head. Williams a step behind, turning, getting hammered as Peta drills short right hands, chopping left hooks and bashing left uppercuts on the teeth to post another withering shutout.

R8: Peta pouring it on--she’s out jabbing Williams and constantly making the brunette move her feet. Peta can land the right hand at will by stepping to her right and catching Stacey mid-pivot. Williams breaking down, starts to gamble, nailing Peta with the odd slinging right hand as action gets loose, wild. Down the stretch, Peta punches Williams into a daze with vicious intensity, setting down on everything and beating Stacey about the ribs and head to the bell.

R9: Williams butt rides rope most of the round as she digs in and fights a desperate, losing battle this round. Peta marauding now, busting open the left eyebrow with crunching lead right hands, rocking out of range with a fall away hook that has Williams sleepy by the midway point, Final minute is all Peta putting it to Stacey, getting her body on the brunette, bullying her into the ropes, ripping it up the gut and turning her over clubbing shots on the jaw as Williams breaks down completely. Stacey trembling, teary-eyed after another one-sided beating breaks her heart. Corner talks her out of quitting during a jolting, emotionally-charged break.

R10: Bell to bell, Peta Wilson climbs on board and beats Stacey Williams unrecognizable this round. Wilson clanging foreheads with Williams has the brunette up against the ropes--and it’s bludgeoned big woman beat down at it’s finest. Left/right/left to the gut, then pressing forearms against Williams to straighten her up. Slashing lefts and right around the drooping guard snap and twist Williams head side to side. Stacey woozy--unable to get off the ropes--she pushes Peta back ion occasion, but Wilson wades back in to keep up the beating. At the bell--Peta thrusts her gloves into the air and glares as a shopworn Stacey Williams lolls forward onto her chest--goes as a hard working UD10 Peta Wilson.

After: After 5, it looked like Williams had caught the blonde on a flat night and a new champion seemed imminent. 5 dizzying rounds later, Stacey Williams had been down, beaten ragged and battered into submission as Peta Wilson reaffirmed her status with a vengeance. Wilson warming to her reputation. Takes the stupefied brunette on a cruel walk of shame--Wilson with that crooked Aussie grin, practically holding Williams aloft as the brunette stumbles badly during the trip.

Reposted by Archer 3/11/11

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