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27 Janaury 2001 Paula Abdul vs Michelle Williams

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Paula Abdul.jpgMichelle Williams 2.jpg

Posted by Simguy on 1/27/2001, 2:18 pm.

Before: Paula 8, even 5 years ago would have been a big favourite in this match up, but years of rust have accumulated on that sporty little chassis--Williams knows she has a golden opportunity to add an important flyweight name to her roster of victims if all goes right tonight. Big question will one how much of Abdul’s mobility remains--in her championship days--Paula was the epitome of fire wagon boxing--a style that will be tough for Williams if Abdul can still execute. Paula makes weight no problem--fitness won’t be an excuse. Sturdy red leather bikini top, black boy cut bottoms for Mish, gold lamme sports bra, purple high cut trunks for Abdul in a nod to her Laker Girl days.

During R1: Role reversal--both girls throw change-ups as Abdul comes out stalking, looking to load up, mish bouncing, circling clockwise to hook off the jab. Both girls get things done as Williams puts together snappy 3-punch combos to land more--Abdul dipping at the waist and reefing hooks to the liver lands harder--round scored a draw.

R2:  Girls revert to form--Mish walking in now, having had her look, Abdul stepping side to side, changing from orthodox to southpaw as she retreats, looking to walk Williams into something. Paula getting off with quick shoe shining bursts, then jumping to one side--Williams snapping hard right rights and lefts across the dusky belly meat of the former champ--another draw--this time Mish getting in the heavier payloads, Paula getting more touches.

R3: Mish emerges from the stalemate, bodying up and giving Paula a bell to bell rub  down in classic TE style. Abdul laying in flat footed, bending at the waist, but not using her legs to open up the canvas--Mish can get on top, work unmolested, Hard licking rights and lefts across the belly start to break Abdul down--Mish snapping her punches in and bringing her hands back to the centerline of her torso to stay in perfect slugging position. Paula clinching, trying to tie up, but instead of allowing the smother--Mish cracks hard left elbows against Abdul's face, chugs rough uppercuts to the chest to back Paula off, then sinks it in to the body again as Abdul is beaten back. Ref issuing repeated warnings to Mish for use of the head and elbows inside--Paula sent back to her corner starry-eyed--she’s all banged up.

R4: Mish out like a young Mike Tyson, hopping at Paula as the brunette stumbles in retreat--blonde leaping in with heavy rights to the body, snapping lefts up top--rag dolling Abdul all across the ring. Mish using a stubby jab at close range, then turning her hips into a crushing right uppercut--head snap Abdul--she folds  helplessly into the ropes with nobody home. Mish able to pile on, scoring the clouting left across the face, the clubbing right from her hip against Paula’s unprotected temple until finally, Abdul crumples to a seat on her haunches, propped up against the turnbuckles, mish storming away with bloodlust evident as she thumps to her chest--KO4 Mish Williams.

After: A very rough Mish Williams turns a potentially dangerous contest into a mugging, working Abdul over, then out with a brutal main force. Paula feeling used, cheated--whines bitterly in post fight about Mish’s sharp practice while Williams shrugs off any criticism with a rubbin‘; is racing attitude. Bottom line--Paula’s legs weren’t there, and she couldn’t take it toe to toe from the rugged blonde.

Reposted by Archer 3/16/11.

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