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27 January 2001 Title Ch Jaime Pressly vs Lucy Liu

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Posted by Simguy on 1/27/2001, 6:45 pm.

Before: Highly anticipated rematch--Pressly anxious to erase the horrific loss suffered in challenging for Liu’s flyweight belt. Shoe on the other foot--Jaime’s the champ, and more importantly, she comes off a trash canning of Kiana Tom--a woman Liu undeniably has had problems with. Pundits split down the middle--some like Liu’s bug fight experience, some like rangy Jaime at the higher weight--it’s another solid bantam showdown. Jaime in orange bandeau top, light blue bikini bottoms, Liu in black push up, leopard print boy cut trunks.

During R1: Liu illustrating her biggest advantage early--the unorthodox  defense that gives a slugging Pressly fits in the first minute. Lucy with her hands low, bending back on her hips, bending very low to the ground, skipping right and left around the blonde, manages to slip several Pressly slinging bombs as the blonde fires wrap around lefts and rights. Building off Pressly’s wildness--Liu starts to reach in with the jab, stuffing it to the belly and jugs, pivoting around to her left, jumping in with the cuffing left hook, bending low and escaping on follow through. Jaime unhurt, but badly outclasses as liu keeps something on the blonde to the bell.

R2: Liu all loose, sliding her left nonchalant outside, hands at her side--suddenly skips in and jolts the champ with the left uppercut, catching Pressly looking and sending a jolt through those dancer’s legs. Liu pushing off, pivoting to her left, starts to tune Jaime up--jumping in with the lead right off Jaime’s face--darting past the blonde on follow through, then jumping in again with another right as Pressly reverses field and walks Jaime into the slamming right on the eye. Pressly avoids the shutout late with some whip action lefts and rights rising from her thighs to splatter up and down Liu’s torso--but Liu hurt the champ that round and sends Jaime wobbling to her corner.

R3: Liu flat footed, hands low, standing in front of Jaime and tempting the blonde to slug as Pressly walks straight in. Lucy bending at the waist, using supple defense to set up her offense, waiting on Jaime’s licking right, slipping it and nailing Pressly at will with return right hands from the thigh. Pressly forgetting the lessons of the Kiana fight--she’s fighting big, trying to stand and slug, and she’s getting countered to death as Liu reads her like a book. Third straight round for Lucy as she imposes her will on this fight--Pressly looking frustrated as her corner lets her hear it.

R4: Liu staying on her girl-standing right there, making Jaime miss with slick upper body undulation, then ramming the straight right hand or cutting left hook as Jaime over commits. Midway through, Jaime makes a subtle adjustment, getting up on her toes, stepping back and jabbing--Liu gambles on a running uppercut and gets ropes. Jaime Pressly loping in--BANGING that right side with whip action hooks, then curling left up and in to catch 100% chin with the uppercut and LIU GOES DOWN! Liu dropped to all fours at the at the ropes--Pressly standing there insolently , pressing her tanned thighs against Liu’s drowsy face until referee intervention. Liu beats the count, but she sags into the ropes--Pressly standing there insolently, beats the count, but she sags into the ropes with a dazed expression. Vicious pounding to the bell as Jaime steps up greedy for Asian midriff--lashing at the body from both sides, then curling punches against the face as liu breaks down. Lucy making it to the bell on guts alone--Jaime struts back to her corner with gloves held high.

R5: Jaime now using the jab liberally--Liu bending back away and sliding under it--but the point is she can’t get off with Pressly’s stick in her face, Liu still shaky, but defensively brilliant--middle minute sees her pivot and retreat around the ring, bending up and down, turning her shoulders as she makes Pressly miss countless sweeping punches. Final minute--Liu backpedaling, stops, leaps in with that left uppercut and GETS BEAT A LEFT HOOK FROM PRESSLY! Violent head snap Liu as straightening as she flounders forward. Jaime with a heartless digging left hand to the pit of the stomach, doubles into another clipping hook along the jaw--Liu out ion her feet, stumbling forward--Jaime with a neat pivot to her right, drives in off the back foot to crash a right hand in on Liu’s ear--Lucy staggers face first into the mat, rolling to her back under the ropes OUT COLD! Pressly leaping, cavorting over and around the fallen brunette as her people charge the ring--sensational KO5 Jaime Pressly.

After: Second straight vicious knock out loss for Liu as Pressly piles on with slinging power shits to overwhelm the snaky defense of the ex-champ. Speculation running rampant that Liu might have been ruined by Kiana--she got up from a Pressly knockdown, but clearly wasn’t the same fighter. Pressly branded an “Asian Assassin” by the press and LOVING it--not many bantams can say they’ve battered Kiana Tom and Lucy Liu back to back.

Reposted by Archer 3/16/11.

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