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9 February 2011 Model Tournament Round 2

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Posted by simguy on 2/9/2011, 4:47 pm


- All fights punctuated by walk-of-shame regardless of KO or UD
- Models walk to ring via cat-walk



Olga Kurylenko.jpg

Olga Kurylenko vs Candice Swanepoel

Olga Kurylenko (vibrant peach bra-style bikini with flapper-fringe on the top; black gloves; short, wild gypsy tousle)

Candice Swanepoel (black bra and panties with tiger-print cups; black gloves; long blonde hair tangly-loose)

Swanepoel's informal status as number one seed had long been a sore point between these two - a fact that Olga continually returned to in pre-fight maneuverings. "I am superior boxer to Candice," Kurylenko insisted. "I am untouched by Lima, while Swanepoel is badly worn down by hard fighting with Giselle. I will expose Candi; I will dig for truth about her and show you." After three vicious rounds, Olga's digging had produced a second round knockdown of Candice, while Swanepoel's limber-limbed slugging had bloodied Olga's nose and left her stunned on multiple occasions. And as luck would have it, the fight was only just beginning.

Hurting and gun-shy, both women dug in and focused themselves for a long struggle. Candice' legs showed improved balance and footwork, moving the tall blonde effectively around the ring and frequently obtaining good punching-solutions for Swanepoel. Candi showed the makings of a double-jab - the first stroke a true poke, followed by a flicking little half jab designed to keep Olga occupied while a slinging sidearm right slashed at brunette ribs. Candi also showed a withering buggy-whip right hand wide to the body - a punch she had developed under the guidance of Sarah Carter and one which repeatedly brought a pinched look of discomfort to Olga's face. Swanepoel's supple hips and bendy torso twisted smoothly into her power punches, generating remarkable swinging leverage that had Kurylenko ducking-and-covering throughout the fight. It was on many levels an improved and very effective performance by Candi Swanepoel as the rounds sped past.

And yet it was Olga who was mining hardfought rounds for points, and finding ways to rally when hurt, halting Candice offensives soon after they'd begun. Matching Candi's legs step for step - Kurylenko's stiff, stinging jab repeatedly scored to blonde mouth, or spurned blonde breasts with seeming impunity. Where Candi twisted-and-slung her power home - Olga looked to place straight, ringing right hands up the middle, routinely punching Swanepoel on her mouth and buzzing those lovely long blonde legs. Down the stretch, with the fight hanging in the balance, a battered and weary Candice Swanepoel faced groggily into a steady, tapping stream of straight one-twos, punched into a dizzy haze by a patient and cruel brunette over the last 6 minutes of the fight. It would be enough: in the end, Olga's slender arm was raised in triumph, as a badly scuffed Candice Swanepoel stared bleakly out into space.

UD10 Olga Kurylenko. NOTE: Olga fined for hard-elbow work through the fight, including one savage dagger-thrust in between Candi's shoulder blades after the second round.

Bar Refaeli vs Brooklyn Decker


Bar in rainbow-themed, pastel-hued bikini.

Decker in yellow bikini from upcoming movie.

Bar had surprised many onlookers with her robust performance against sleek Marisa Miller, but against Decker, it was felt the same approach would lead to disaster. "Bar can't trade right hands with Brooklyn," Charlize Theron would tweet. In the end, the golden goddess would prove a golden oracle as Bar would indeed try to belt Brooklyn to the sidelines, only to find that slugging's a two way street.

NOT that Bar wasn't very effective, especially early on. After absorbing a booming Decker right hand early in the third, a sustained walking barrage of Bar lefts and rights soon had Decker swooning - eventually sending Brooklyn to all fours just before the bell. After 4, it looked to be Bar's fight as a shellshocked Brookie D continued to back up under pressure, taking hard wide roundhouses to her ribs/flanks, and flinching away from even the hint of Refaeli right hands to the head.

But in the fifth, young Decker got her jab on Bar and spread the Israeli out, positioning Refaeli for right-cross chasers. Time and again, Bar's chin would turn aside as Brooklyn leaned in. Refaeli's legs held up well, but a staring, glassy aspect had crept into Bar's eyes. She was hurt, though doing a good job of disguising it. In the sixth however, Brooklyn unmasked her foe at last, raining down right hands from on high like the US Air Force on maneuver. Sorting Bar out with a reaching left, Brooklyn was able to extend-righty into Refaeli's chin, eventually pitching the stunned beauty onto her face for the KO.

KO6 Brooklyn Decker.

Your final then: Brooklyn Decker vs Olga Kurylenko (this will be a full write up)

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