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Jorgie Porter

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Jorgie Porter
Personal Information
Birth Name
Jorgina Alexandra Porter
Birth Date December 25, 1987
Birth Place Tafford, Greater Manchester, UK
Nationality British
Height 5'2" (1.57 m)
Occupation Actress
Total Fights 23 (B)    7 (F)
Wins 16 (B)    2 (F)
Wins by KO 15 (B)    2 (F)
Losses  7  (B)    5 (F)
Draws  0  (B)    0 (F)

BBU Career Highlights


Weight Division




Brit Boxing Unlimited

Kear's Kats (09/13/11 to Present)


Titles Held


Major Rivals


BBU/FCBA Fight History


2011 (4-0-0, 4 KOs)

03/22/11. (BBU Bout by Knowlesey) Def Frankie Sandford (KO4)

03/24/11. (BBU Bout by Knowlesey) Def Lucy Hale (KO4)

05/04/11. (BBU: Cardiff, Wales) Def Samia Smith (KO6)

09/21/11. (BBU: Cardiff, Wales) Def Vanessa White ((TKO4)


2012 (2-2-0, 1 KO)

02/24/12. (BBU Bout by Knowlesey & Technetium) Def Emily Atack (UD10) 

03/28/12. (BBU Flyweight Title) (By Archer) Lost to Ch Tiffany Mulheron (KO5)

08/01/12. (BBU Bout by Vassago) Def Jeanette Biedermann (KO6)

12/05/12. (BBU Bout by Knowlesey) Lost to Jenna Louise Coleman (TKO9)


2013 (3-0-0, 3 KOs)

02/12/13. (BBU Bout by Vassago) Def Yuu Tejima (TKO4) 

02/28/13. (BBU International Bout by Vassago) Def Ola Jordan (KO6)

12/29/13. (BBU Bout by Vassago) Def Isla Fisher (KO3)


2014 (2-0-0, 2 KO) (0-1-0)

08/04/14. (BBU Bout by Vassago) Def Lisa Gleave (TKO5)

12/07/14. (BBU Bout by Vassago) Def Heidi Range (TKO7)


2015 (BBU: 0-1-0 / FCBA: 0-2-0)

01/09/15. (BBU Bout by Vassago) Lost to Ola Jordan (KO6)

04/26/15. (FCBA Debut) (Lookout & The Wiz) Lost to Jane Levy (KO6)

11/30/15. (FCBA Bout by Lookout & Knowlesey) Lost to Anna Kendrick (KO7)


2016 (FCBA: 1-1-0, 1 KO)

05/23/16. (Boxing On The Beach from Bahamas) (Lookout & Vassago) Def Jessica Parker Kennedy (KO7)

12/30/16. (Lookout & Knowlesey) Lost to Lucy Hale (KO7)


2017 (BBU: 1-0-0, 1 KO/ FCBA: 0-1-0)

07/07/17. (BBU Bout by ABC & Girls Friday) Def Chloe Moretz (KO4)

08/18/17. (Fight Night Live: Beach Special) (Lookout/Girls Friday) Lost to Chloe Moretz (KO6)


2018 (BBU: 2-0-0, 2 KO / FCBA: 1-0-0, 1 KO)

01/04/18. (Celebrity Boxing After Dark) (Lookout & Vassago) Def Jessica Simpson (KO6)

04/20/18. (BBU Bout by Girls Friday) Def Adele Silva (KO4)

06/01/18. (BBU Boxing Blues PPV) (Girls Friday) Def Gemma Merna (TKO6)


2019 (BBU: 1-3-0, 1 KO)

03/04/19. (BBU Bout by Lookout & Girls Friday) Lost to Maisie Williams (KO6)

04/05/19. (Kear's Kats Flyweight Supremacy Bout by Vassago) Lost to Zara Holland (KO5)

09/20/19. (BBU/ACB: "The Ashes 2019" by Vassago) Def Rhiannon Fish (KO5)

11/27/19. (BBU Unbound PPV) (Vassago) Lost to Marnie Simpson (KO5)


2020 (BBU: 1-1-0, 1 KO / FCBA: 0-1-0)

01/20/20. (BBU Bout by Knowlesey) Lost to Vanessa Morgan (KO3)

03/01/20. (BBU Bout by Knowlesey) Def Lucy Fallon (KO6)

11/15/20. (Lioness Club "Autumn Harvest" Invitational) (Lookout & Vassago) Lost to Chloe Grace Moretz (TKO6)

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