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Jaye Jacobs

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Jaye Jacobs
Personal Information
Birth Name
Emma Jacobs
Birth Date May 27, 1982
Birth Place Street, Somerset, England, UK
Nationality British
Height 5'8" (1.73 m)
Occupation Actress
Total Fights 24 (B)   1 (F)
Wins 12 (B)   0 (F)
Wins by KO 11 (B)   0 (F)
Losses 12 (B)   1 (F)
Draws  0  (B)   0 (F)

BBU Career Highlights


Weight Division




Brit Boxing Unlimited

Foxfire Atlantic Boxing (09/16/11 to Present)


Titles Held


Major Rivals


BBU Fight History


2011 (4-3-0, 4 KOs)

03/23/11. (BBU Bout) Def Kelley Hawes (KO2)

04/08/11, (BBU Bout: Manchester U.K.) Lost to Kelli Young (KO5)

07/06/11. (BBU Bout: Bristol, U.K.) Lost to Catherine Tyldesley (TKO5)

10/07/11. (BBU Welterweight Tournament: Prelim. Rd by Vassago) Def Sophie Howard (KO4)

10/16/11. (BBU Welterweight Tounament: Quarterfinals by Abby Garnet) Lost to Sabrina Washington (TKO3)

10/27/11. (BBU Bout) Def Michelle Marsh (KO5)

12/11/11. (BBU Bout by Mike Hunt) Def Melanie Sykes (KO4)


2012 (3-2-0, 3 KOs)

02/23/12. (BBU Bout) Lost to Gena Lee Nolin (TKO5) 

05/29/12. (BBU Bout by Vassago) Def Sara Cox (KO2) 

07/01/12. (BBU Bout by Knowlesey) Lost to Michelle Ryan (TKO6)

07/31/12. (BBU Bout by Knowlesey & Technetium) Def Carrie Prejean (KO6)

12/15/12. (BBU Bout by Knowlesey Def Gemma Atkinson (KO6)


2013 (2-3-0, 1 KO)

01/05/13. (BBU Bout by Knowlesey) Def Alex Curran (UD10) 

01/31/13. (BBU Welteweight Title by Knowlesey) Lost to Ch Erika Heynatz (KO4) 

03/14/13. (BBU Bout by Knowlesey) Def Suranne Jones (TKO6)

04/24/13. (BBU  Bout by Knowlesey) Lost to Sabrina Washington (KO10)

10/11/13. (BBU/ACB by Vassago: "The Ashes 2013") Lost to Erika Heynatz (KO2)


2014 (1-1-0, 1 KO)

01/31/14. (BBU Bout by Luca) Def Miriam Leone (KO6)

03/06/14. (BBU Bout by Knowlesey) Lost to Delta Goodrem (KO5)


2015 (BBU: 0-1-0/FCBA: 0-1-0)

02/11/15. (BBU Bout by Knowlesey) Lost to Hayley McQueen (KO2)

08/28/15. (FCBA Bout by Simgrrl & Lookout) Lost to Catherine Bell (KO6)


2016 (BBU: 1-1-0, 1 KO)

03/02/16. (BBU Bout by Girls Friday & Knowlesey) Lost to Joan Smalls (KO7)

05/22/16. (BBU Welterweight Title Tournament Rd. 1) (Vassago) Def Hayley McQueen (KO5)


2017 (BBU: 0-2-0)

10/26/17. (BBU Welterweight Title Tournament QF) (Vassago & Archer) Def Nicola McLean (TKO6)

11/30/17. (BBU Welterweight Title Tournament Semi-Final) (Vassago) Lost to Joan Smalls (KO4)

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